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All Podcast Episodes

Episodes 251 - 300

Episodes 291-300

Episode 295: Perfecting Your Haircare Routine, Plus a Look at TerraShield

Episode 294: The Yarrow|Pom Revitalizing Eye Mask

Episode 293: Life with Adaptiv

Episode 292: Spring Cleaning with doTERRA

Episode 291: Using TriEase Plus a Look at Citrus Twist

Episodes 281-290

Episode 290: How You Can Manage Your Toxic Load

Episode 289: Spring Into BOGOs!

Episode 288: Ditch the Toxins & Switch to Something Better

Episode 287: Massage and Essential Oils for Your Pets

Episode 286: All Natural Cleaning Plus the History of Lemon

Episode 285: Supporting Your Body Every Day

Episode 284: Practicing the AromaTouch Technique

Episode 283: Tips to Support Your Immune System and a Look at Tangerine

Episode 282: Introducing MetaPWR Recharge!

Episode 281: Understanding Vitamins and Supplements

Episodes 271-280

Episode 280: Creating Routines for the Whole Family

Episode 279: Supporting Your Digestion and A Look Into MetaPWR

Episode 278: Internal Use of Essential Oils

Episode 277: Enjoying At-Home Self Care

Episode 276: Oral Health with Dr. Chris Spelman DDS

Episode 275: Supporting Your Respiratory Health, Plus a Look at Douglas Fir

Episode 274: Introduction Shinrin-Yoku

Episode 273: New PB Restore and PB Assist+

Episode 272: Don't Miss Out on BOGOs!

Episode 271: Get to Know Holiday Peace

Episodes 261-270

Episode 270: Holiday Atmospheres and a Look at the History of Clove

Episode 269: Supporting Your Immune System All Year Long

Episode 268: Brand New doTERRA Sleep System!

Episode 267: Yoga and Oils

Episode 266: doTERRA Products for Hydrated Glowing Skin and A Look at Balsam Fir

Episode 265: Creating Healthy Habits

Episode 264: Back to School with doTERRA

2023 Convention (3 episodes)

Episodes 251-260

Episode 260: Showing Your Digestive System Some Love and the History of Hinoki

Episode 259: Can't Miss Convention!

Episode 258: The Importance of Self Care

Episode 257: Enjoying Natural Skincare

Episode 256: Diffusing Through Your Day and the History of Tea Tree Touch

Episode 255: Oil Life While Traveling

Episode 254: Summer Festivities with Essential Oils

Episode 253: Promoting Happiness In Your Life

Episode 252: Supporting Summer Skin and a look at TerraShield

Episode 251: Dr. Nicole Stevens on the MetaPWR Blend

Episodes 201 - 250

Episodes 241-250

Episode 250: Here Come BOGOs

Episode 249: The Beautiful Rose Duet

Episode 248: Dr. Hill on CBD vs Copaiba

Episode 247: Supporting Yourself with Antioxidants Plus the History of Kumquat

Episode 246: What Goes Into Making a doTERRA Product?

Episode 245: Exploring The Amazing Midnight Forest

Episode 244: Have a Citronella Summer and a Look at Niaouli

Episode 243: The Research Behind MetaPWR Pt. 2

Episode 242: Introducing Spanish Sage

Episode 241: The Beautiful Blooming Trio

Episodes 231-240

Episode 239: The Research Behind MetaPWR Pt. 1

Episode 238: Meet Our BOGO Oils!

Episode 237: Eucalyptus and the doTERRA Impact

Episode 236: Non-Toxic Cooking

Episode 235: Why Fiber is Essential Plus, the History of Ginger

Episode 234: Supplementing Your Diet

Episode 233: Valentine's DIYs for the Family

Episode 232: Using doTERRA Diffusers

Episode 231: Utilizing Yarrow|Pom and the Incredible Fennel

Episodes 221-230

Episode 230: What is an Essential Oil?

Episode 229: A Look at the New doTERRA SuperMint Blend

Episode 228: Parenting with Essential Oils

Episode 227: All About Cinnamon Bark, Plus the History of White Grapefruit

Episode 226: Making Positive Changes

Episode 225: Dr. Osguthorpe on the Yeast in MetaPWR Advantage

Episode 224: Gut Health for the Holidays

Episode 223: Utilizing Natural Hair Care

Episode 222: Creating a Holiday Environment and a Look at Balsam Fir

Episode 221: Protecting Against Environmental Threats

Episodes 211-220

Episode 220: Don't Miss BOGO's

Episode 219: The Incredible Malama Collection

Episode 218: Empowering Your Kids with Oils and the History of Clove

Episode 217: MetaPWR Advantage with Dr. Russell Osguthorpe

Episode 216: MetaPWR Assist with Alex DaBell

Episode 215: MetaPWR Blend with Dr. Nicole Stevens

Episode 214: Supporting a Healthy Immune System and the Oils Inside Balance

Episode 213: Importance of Supplements, Plus A Look at Healthspan with Dr. Osguthorpe

Episode 212: An Overview of the MetaPWR System

2022 Convention Podcasts (3 episodes)

Episodes 201-210

2022 Convention Podcasts (3 episodes)

Episode 208: Get Ready for Convention!

Episode 207: Your Best Calming Environment and a Look Inside Tamer

Episode 206: 7 Daily Habits with Essential Oils

Episode 205: Yoga and Essential Oils

Episode 204: The Homesteading Lifestyle

Episode 203: Seasonal Skincare and the Amazing Red Mandarin

Episode 202: Summer Recipe Favorites

Episode 201: Organizing and Optimizing Your Oil Collection

Episodes 51 - 100

Episodes 81-90

Episode 87: Finding Relief with Essential Oils


Episode 86: Supporting Your Mood and Mind, PURSUE 2020


Episode 85: Finding Relief from Discomfort, PURSUE 2020


Episode 84: Taking Care of Your Immune System, PURSUE 2020


Episode 83: New Products! PURSUE 2020


Episode 82: Sleeping Soundly and White Grapefruit


Episode 81: doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® and Clean Water

Episodes 71-80

Episode 80: A Look Into Stronger and Harvest Spice


Episode 79: Fun Summer Recipes with Essential Oils


Episode 78: Creating a Motivational Environment and Caraway


Episode 77: How to Increase Your Energy Naturally


Episode 76: Taking Care of Your Body Inside and Out?


Episode 75: The Fight Against Human Trafficking


Episode 74: 5 Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Life


Episode 73: Supporting Your Digestive Health and Fennel


Episode 72: Avoiding Toxins in Your Family's Food


Episode 71: doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and Disaster Relief

Episodes 61-70

Episode 70: Are Toxins Hiding in My Personal Care Products


Episode 69: Loving Your Skin and Niaouli Essential Oil


Episode 68: Sunny Summer Citrus


Episode 67: The Incredible Amavi Collection


Episode 66: Do I Really Need a Multivitamin?


Episode 65: Brand New Blend: Citrus Twist


Episode 64: Can I Use Essential Oils While Pregnant?


Episode 63: Five Special Oils


Episode 62: Building a Home Workout Routine


Episode 61: Homesteading Wherever You Are

Episodes 51-60

Episode 60: Precious Florals and Clementine


Episode 59: Exercise and Fitness in the Great Outdoors


Episode 57: Digestive Health with Sandra Pascal


Episode 56: What Are Essential Oils?


Episode 55: Managing Stress with Adaptiv


Episode 54: Beauty, Health, and Ravintsara


Episode 53: Aromatic Dressing


Episode 52: Healthy Food = Happy Life


Episode 51: Starting and Keeping Daily Wellness Habits

Episodes 1 - 50

Episodes 41-50

Episode 50: How Do I Know What Oils to Use?


Episode 49: Energy, Exercise, and Hinoki


Episode 48: Can Essential Oils Be Used During Pregnancy?


Episode 47: Beat the Brain Fog


Episode 46: Say Goodbye to Head Tension


Episode 45: Ask the Vets: Essential Oils for Your Pets


Episode 44: Breathe Easy at Night


Episode 43: Relaxing with Aromatherapy


Episode 42: Daily Stress Management


Episode 41: Ask the Vets: Essential Oils for Your Pets

Episodes 31-40

Episode 40: How to Cultivate Mindfulness


Episode 39: Adding Essential Oils to Your Meditation


Episode 38: How Toxic Am I?


Episode 37: Natural Self-Care


Episode 36: Soothe Your Body with Essential Oils


Episode 35: What is Toxic Load?


Episode 34: Care for Your Skin Naturally


Episode 33: Should I Give My Kids Vitamins?


Episode 32: How Can I Naturally Cleanse My Immune System?


Episode 31: How to Make Your Own Natural Perfume

Episodes 21-30

Episode 30: A Doctor's Take on Mental Detoxing


Episode 29: Toxic Load & Weight Management


Episode 28: Using Essential Oils with Animals


Episode 27: Identifying Toxins in Your Diet


Episode 26: How Can I Avoid Toxins In My Daily Life?


Episode 25: The Best Natural Cleaning Solutions


Episode 24: Why Should I Use Essential Oils Internally?


Episode 23: Incorporating Essential Oils into Your Meditation Practice


Episode 22: How Can I Incorporate Yarrow|Pom Into My Skincare Routine


Episode 21: 3 Fun Recipes with Essential Oils


Episode 1: Essential Oils for Energy

Episodes 11-20

Episode 20: How Do Emotions Play a Role in Our Weight?


Episode 19: CBD vs. Copaiba


Episode 18: What Can I Do to Protect My Baby From Toxins


Episode 17: What Does a Multivitamin Do for My Body?


Episode 16: How Can I Improve My Gut Health?


Episode 15: Using Essential Oils to Energize


Episode 14: Building a Positive Body Image with Essential Oil


Episode 12: Clean Air in the Home


Episode 11: Natural Cleaning Solutions

Episodes 1-10

Episode 10: Natural Laundry Solutions


Episode 9: Essential Oils for Athletes


Episode 7: Daily Informed Self Care


Episode 6: Essential Oils for Mental Clarity and Motivation


Episode 5: Dave Stirling Interview


Episode 3: 5 Must Know Daily Habits with Essential Oils


Episode 2: Essential Oils for Sleep


Episode 1: Essential Oils for Energy

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