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Episodes 100 - 150

Episodes 141-150

Episode 150: Supplements and Kids

Episode 149: Supporting Respiratory Health with Amber Drake

Episode 148: Natural Support for Your Digestion and A Look at Motivate Touch

Episode 147: The Importance of Natural Products for Babies

Episode 146: Taking Time to Slow Down

Episode 145: Getting Your Best Rest

Episode 144: Breathwork and Essential Oils

Episode 143: Fun Summer Tastes and The New TerraShield

Episode 142: Taking Care of Your Skin Naturally

Episode 141: Supporting Your Body with the Best Nutrition

Episodes 131-140

Episode 140: Walking Through Midnight Forest

Episode 139: Oils for Relaxation and A Walk Through Wild Orange

Episode 138: Exploring Citrus Bloom

Episode 137: Supporting Your Sleep with Dr. Ashley Anderson

Episode 136: Combating Toxins in the Air

Episode 135: Using Essential Oils Internally

Episode 134: Nourishing Your Hair and a Look at Clementine

Episode 133: Is the Air in My Home Toxic?

Episode 132: Creating Your Environment with Aromatherapy

Episode 131: How to Manage Stress

Episodes 121-130

Episode 130: Essential Oils for Your Skincare Routine Plus a History of Lime

Episode 129: Creating Routines with Essential Oils

Episode 128: Cleaning Your Home Naturally

Episode 127: Why Take A Multivitamin

Episode 126: Using Essential Oils in Your Workout Routine and a Look at Cedarwood

Episode 125: Reducing Your Toxic Load

Episode 124: Finding Your Best Digestive Health

Episode 123: Doing Your Laundry Naturally

Episode 122: Supporting Your Immune System and the History of Lemon Eucalyptus

Episode 121: Essential Oils and Pregnancy

Episodes 111-120

Episode 120: Supporting Your Immune System Every Day Featuring Ashlee Jackson

Episode 119: Supporting Your Body with the doTERRA Nutrition Line

Episode 118: Supporting Clear Breathing Featuring Aryn Nolan

Episode 117: Promoting Digestive Health and a Special Look at Tea Tree

Episode 116: Creating a Relaxing Environment with Essential Oils Featuring Kelly Mallinson

Episode 115: Utilizing Essential Oils with Children Featuring Kari Richey

Episode 114: How to Start Using Aromatherapy Featuring Debbie Carson

Episode 113: Supporting Your Digestive System Plus All About Balsam Fir

Episode 112: Kintana: An Exquisite Personal Aroma

Episode 111: DigestZen Just Got Better

Episodes 100-110

Episode 110: Supporting Yourself with Essential Oils

Episode 109: Using Essential Oils in Your Mindfulness Routine Featuring Johanna Nichols

Episode 108: Supporting Your Clear Breathing and All About Litsea

Episode 107: Ancient Oils

Episode 106: Using Meditation to Overcome Toxic Thoughts

Episode 105: Supporting Your Mood and Mind

Episode 104: Am I Supporting My Immune System?

Episode 103: Pampering Your Skin and Clove

Episodes 1 - 50

Episodes 41-50

Episode 50: How Do I Know What Oils to Use?


Episode 49: Energy, Exercise, and Hinoki


Episode 48: Can Essential Oils Be Used During Pregnancy?


Episode 47: Beat the Brain Fog


Episode 46: Say Goodbye to Head Tension


Episode 45: Ask the Vets: Essential Oils for Your Pets


Episode 44: Breathe Easy at Night


Episode 43: Relaxing with Aromatherapy


Episode 42: Daily Stress Management


Episode 41: Ask the Vets: Essential Oils for Your Pets

Episodes 31-40

Episode 40: How to Cultivate Mindfulness


Episode 39: Adding Essential Oils to Your Meditation


Episode 38: How Toxic Am I?


Episode 37: Natural Self-Care


Episode 36: Soothe Your Body with Essential Oils


Episode 35: What is Toxic Load?


Episode 34: Care for Your Skin Naturally


Episode 33: Should I Give My Kids Vitamins?


Episode 32: How Can I Naturally Cleanse My Immune System?


Episode 31: How to Make Your Own Natural Perfume

Episodes 21-30

Episode 30: A Doctor's Take on Mental Detoxing


Episode 29: Toxic Load & Weight Management


Episode 28: Using Essential Oils with Animals


Episode 27: Identifying Toxins in Your Diet


Episode 26: How Can I Avoid Toxins In My Daily Life?


Episode 25: The Best Natural Cleaning Solutions


Episode 24: Why Should I Use Essential Oils Internally?


Episode 23: Incorporating Essential Oils into Your Meditation Practice


Episode 22: How Can I Incorporate Yarrow|Pom Into My Skincare Routine


Episode 21: 3 Fun Recipes with Essential Oils


Episode 1: Essential Oils for Energy

Episodes 11-20

Episode 20: How Do Emotions Play a Role in Our Weight?


Episode 19: CBD vs. Copaiba


Episode 18: What Can I Do to Protect My Baby From Toxins


Episode 17: What Does a Multivitamin Do for My Body?


Episode 16: How Can I Improve My Gut Health?


Episode 15: Using Essential Oils to Energize


Episode 14: Building a Positive Body Image with Essential Oil


Episode 13: Using Essential Oils in Your Yoga Routine


Episode 12: Clean Air in the Home


Episode 11: Natural Cleaning Solutions

Episodes 1-10

Episode 10: Natural Laundry Solutions


Episode 9: Essential Oils for Athletes


Episode 7: Daily Informed Self Care


Episode 6: Essential Oils for Mental Clarity and Motivation


Episode 5: Dave Stirling Interview


Episode 3: 5 Must Know Daily Habits with Essential Oils


Episode 2: Essential Oils for Sleep


Episode 1: Essential Oils for Energy