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Episode 292: Spring Cleaning with doTERRA

In this episode we sit down with Jessica Moultrie to talk about how doTERRA can be your best friend when it comes to Spring Cleaning. She'll discuss why the products you use matter, how you can clean your home in a natural way, as well as how you can Spring Clean some other areas of your life.

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Historians estimate that the origins of spring cleaning date back over 3000 years. And today, we're going to give you some of our best tips.

Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA®. The podcast, where you'll hear exciting, useful and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field.

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Today we're excited to talk to Jessica Moultrie about all things spring cleaning with doTERRA.

doTERRA: Jessica, thank you so much for being here today.

Jessica Moultrie: Oh, thanks for having me. I always love doing stuff, so, we're going to have a good talk today.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And I know this might not be the most fun topic. Maybe everyone's passion isn't in cleaning, but I think it's something that people deal with every single day. We have our spaces, we try and keep them clean. It helps us feel better.

And so, we're going to kind of take a multifaceted look at spring cleaning at different areas of our lives to really get a whole view of the person. But to start off with, why are the products that we have in our home—that we're putting on our body—why do those matter?

Jessica: It's interesting because honestly, when I started my doTERRA journey, before doTERRA, I didn't think at all about that. I just used whatever was available. I'm sure that I had very synthetic fragrances that I put on my body and in the air. I mean, I was totally that person that cleaned with Clorox all over in my bathtubs. That's just how I was raised. And so, I didn't think about anything different.

But what's amazing is when you do that, and then all of a sudden you start removing those things from your routines, you realize how much better you feel. I knew that I got headaches and would have some respiratory issues after I was cleaning, or even the things that I put on my body, like perfumes, as they would sit for a while, all of a sudden I’d just get this baseline headache from sitting there. And so it's interesting that I never tied them together.

But it's crazy, especially as women, because we do utilize so many products on our skin, which is our largest organ. And how much of that we're absorbing, especially when most of those things are filled with endocrine disruptors. So, we as women especially, can rack a lot of havoc on that process, and on our hormones as we're putting so many different things in our body, because we're utilizing it on our body.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And I think it's so easy to—one: fall into a habit of just using certain products, but also to think, “Well, everyone's using these. They sell them in every store. They must be fine. They can't cause all these issues that I'm seeing in myself.”

Jessica: Oh, like I have three teenage girls. And the TikTok phenomenon of different products that are being featured there . . . And they want to go and buy those products, and I make them look at the label. I've become that person that I'm like, “Okay, let's look at what's in this. Like, this is super toxic.”

Or maybe, they'll buy something. Like, my oldest daughter bought something and it totally broke out her skin. And she's got perfect skin. I'm like, it's because we’ve got to pay attention to the ingredients.

And so it's been an opportunity for me to teach them so that they can go into their adult life very differently than I did. Where they have a baseline understanding of like, “Oh, this is why this matters, and this is why this is a better option for me.” But it's hard when that's all the fanfare.

doTERRA: Absolutely. So, along those same lines, are there key phrases or words to look out for when it comes to choosing the products that we're allowing into our homes?

Jessica: Well, it's interesting because I think that so many different products have—anytime I see a very long list on that ingredient list, that is an easy way for me to say, “Oh, no bueno.” Of course, when I see products that have essential oils labeled in them and they're not doTERRA, well, that's an easy “out” on my part.

And so, what I have found is that can be such an overwhelming process. I love utilizing tools that will rate products for you. Because we have so many tools at our fingertips now to be able to, even if we don't understand ingredients, we can easily scan labels to be able to see what rating that gets in terms of: should that be something I keep in my house.

But even more importantly for me, what I found is that I know doTERRA is a consistent choice for me that causes none of those issues, because I know the process and quality control that they have in every product they carry, and it allows me to feel safe. And knowing that so many of the products that I was using in my daily life can easily be swapped for something that I can guarantee is clean for me to add in to my bathroom, my kids’ bathroom, into our skincare routines.

And so for me, I just simplify it in that way. Instead of going and doing all this research, the things that I know I can use from doTERRA, I always replace with that because that's a guaranteed clean for me. I just simplify it in that way.

It can get very overwhelming in the world of non-toxic products.

doTERRA: I think you're absolutely right. And the reassurance and the safety that gives you, just to know I can pick anything off doTERRA’s website, and I know that it's going to be okay.

Jessica: Yes. And, you know, for me, because I didn't know anything about it, the first thing I was looking for was a non-toxic skincare line because my skin was so sensitive to everything. So, the first thing I purchased from doTERRA, in terms of anything outside of essential oils was the Essential Skincare line. And I realized how much better my skin responded to that, even having such sensitive skin.

So, then I was like, oh well, maybe I should try some of their shampoos and conditioners and some of their bath and body stuff, because my other skin also is kind of sensitive. So, maybe I can kind of just start replacing the things in my bathroom.

And then I started thinking again, like, what about the cleaning products? I'm thinking, there's research here that shows that's a much easier pathway, to just incorporate the abode® line, or the doTERRA On Guard® line into my cleaning products.

And then again, like you just start thinking about looking at a product like, “Oh, I wonder if doTERRA has something for this.” I think it can be overwhelming trying to get rid of everything at once. I recommend, as someone who came from the complete other side, to just look at the things in your life that you can swap and try one thing at a time.

And what I noticed is I had a ton less respiratory issues. As I started getting rid of this, I had a lot less reactions on my skin and I had more energy. I felt better, and it was weird that I didn't realize so much of how I was feeling was tied to those things. And now if I walk in the mall and I'm going past certain stores, it's going to be an instant headache. I'm like, man, I've got like a totally different nose now to smell things.

doTERRA: Absolutely.

Jessica: And I can feel the impact of that.

doTERRA: Yeah. You become so much more aware.

Jessica: It's crazy. Yeah.

doTERRA: So, I want to break it down a little bit for those people that are just getting into this, and don't know where to start. Let's break it down into a few different categories. So, with personal care routines you mentioned specifically women were putting a lot of different products on our body. Where do you like to encourage people to start, in cleaning up their personal care?

Jessica: Yes. I personally love starting with the skincare. I know that skincare is something that's really important to women because it's important in every facet. My girls that are teenagers, I'm teaching them skincare routines. And their skin is important to them, the way it looks. It's crazy how much it impacts your confidence and how you feel.

And then even as you get a little bit older, right, you might edit that skincare routine to look a certain way. And then even as you get even more mature in your years, your skin changes and your want to modify what you're doing. And what I love about doTERRA is that we have so many different product lines that you can pick and choose and mix and match things that are best for your skin at whatever phase of life you're in.

So, I absolutely love starting with the skincare. I mean, maybe because that's where I stepped in. But I think it's also because it provides great results and it's just a skincare that works and can do really well for many different skin types.

doTERRA: Yes, and I love that. Skincare seems like a low barrier for entry.

Jessica: Exactly.

doTERRA: Because you already use skincare.

Jessica: That's right.

doTERRA: You know what to do with these products. You're just buying a different product. And I love that you said how customizable it is. We have the different lines, but the mixing and the matching and figuring out what your skin needs and listening to your body, and seeing how it reacts. Such a big part of it for sure, for sure.

Now, if we look at our home, you mentioned you used to clean with a lot of chemicals and you would immediately notice the effects but not connect them.

Jessica: Exactly.

doTERRA: So how can we approach cleaning our home in a natural way, in a clean way? But one that isn't going to just provide a bunch more work for us or make it more complicated?

Jessica: Yes. So, for me, I love both product lines, but the abode product line is the primary line that I clean my home with. The multi-purpose spray can do so many jobs in one bottle, and so I love that it simplifies what I'm doing. The Abode Multi-Purpose Spray is one of my very favorite products and I think every home should have it.

The doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate: I love that I can take that and I can make two different formulations of that. Something that's super strong, maybe in a bathroom and then something that's more of also a different type of multi-purpose spray. And I can utilize those three things pretty much every place in my house.

I will tell you, I am not a DIY girl. I know there's a lot of people who will take their oils and they'll create their own formulations, and I think that's awesome. But for me, I need things to be very simple. Bold and accessible. So that I can just take care of business and know that it's clean. As clean as it could be.

I love the studies behind the abode line and how they came up with what oils to include in that blend, because it specifically targets the top pathogens found in our home. We literally have a product that is designed for the exact job we're looking for. I don't have to look further than that.

So, those are my two primary recommendations for people cleaning their home, that you can cover every job with. You can do glass with it. You can do devices, you can do kitchens and bathrooms and bedrooms. I just feel like so much can get done—and even your floors—with just those two products.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And I love opening a cabinet and having one or maybe two spray bottles and that's it.

Jessica: That's it.

doTERRA: And you can take it around your whole house. You don't have to feel like you have to be the scientist. You just know these products work and you know they're going to be good for your family.

Jessica: And they smell good. And guess what? After you've been cleaning, you don't have a massive headache. You feel good. I can tell a big difference when I walk in my house after I've cleaned it, and after I walk into another house that's been cleaned with chemicals. It is a completely different experience.

doTERRA: And other people walking into your home. Every time after I mop with doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, I have someone say, “Oh it smells so good. What is that?”

Jessica: Totally.


Jessica: Exactly.

doTERRA: You don't have to have your house smell like chemicals.

Jessica: It's so true. Because that lingers.

doTERRA: People don't realize.

So, this last part is maybe a piece of spring cleaning that isn't normally associated with spring cleaning. But what can I do to clean up what I'm putting in my body when it comes to food or supplements? How can I make sure I'm paying attention there?

Jessica: Well, everything about what we put in our body affects how our skin looks and how we feel. That's probably more an area that I focus on in my own life. And so, my favorite products to make sure that I am ingesting every day, that are helping me to clean up my routines . . . Three well, actually it's four things, so I'm going to go through them.

The first is I start every day off with doTERRA Greens and doTERRA Fiber. So, every day I am mixing a scoop of greens and a scoop of fiber with ten ounces of water and drinking that. And I know simply by doing that one act, I am kicking my day off in a very positive way. Fiber is so beneficial for our bodies and we don't get nearly enough. Many times our greens go bad and you know, we have good intentions, and then it goes bad. But it's so simple to just add a scoop of doTERRA Greens to get some of those core nutrients in our body right away.

The second thing I do every morning is I take doTERRA Lifelong Vitality® (LLV). Our LLV is going to give us the multivitamins we need in a way we can absorb. We're going to get all those omegas for brain health and to support our brain functioning at its best. And also the last one, which is Alpha CRS®, which is going to help us to have that cellular energy. So, taking those three, it's going to set us up to have a good day. And what I found is that you'll flush a lot of that toxic load even by taking those supplements every day.

The third thing is utilizing doTERRA MetaPWR® Advantage. So that's our collagen, plus. We've got a lot of brain energy in that. And so, again, I take one sachet of my collagen, put it in 20oz of water. And I like to drink it cold with a lot of water. Because we know water is going to help flush our bodies. And we need that hydration. I try to get half my body weight in ounces every single day, and so having those two things in the morning gets me a good start to that.

And then lastly is utilizing our PB Restore. We want to make sure that we are flooding the microbiome communities throughout our whole body and diversifying those. And the PB Restore gives us an opportunity to do that in a very simple way with one capsule. If you were to try to clean up what you're putting in your body, and you decided, “I'm going to do even three of those four things, or two of those four things every morning” to kick off your day, you'll be amazed at how you feel 30 and 90 days later of doing that habit consistently.

doTERRA: And what I love is it's contained to the morning.

Jessica: That's right.

doTERRA: You don't have to remember to do seven things throughout the day. It's do this in the morning. Set yourself up right.

Jessica: That's the easiest time. When you wake up, you're energized. You get give yourself ten minutes, right. You can knock all those things out and wait less than ten minutes. And you've set yourself up with four solid habits that will change your life if you do them every day.

doTERRA: So incredible. Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time for teaching us so much of how we can spring clean our lives and really feel the best that we can be.

Jessica: Well, thanks for having me.

doTERRA: Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you want to try any of the products you learned about, click on the link in the episode description or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today.

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