Leader Account Management Team

Pacific Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-7961 Andrew Eide, Justin Heidemann, Shawn Gordillo, Karlie Gleave pacificsilvers@doterra.com 

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-356-5890 Ashlee Baird, Tammy Bergau, Taylor Warner pacificgp@doterra.com 

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-342-4269 Jace Palmer diamonds@doterra.com 

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-437-4089 Rochelle Olson rolson@doterra.com 

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Rubi Leguizamon rleguizamon@doterra.com

Mountain Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-7940 Andew Barrus, Jacob Pututau mountainsilvers@doterra.com

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-7945 Colton Ferre, Kelly Hart mountaingp@doterra.com 

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-437-4107 Mallory Ash diamonds@doterra.com 

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-437-4089 Rochelle Olson rolson@doterra.com 

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Rubi Leguizamon rleguizamon@doterra.com

Central Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-4201 Hamlet Gordillo, Cheryl Anderson, Nathan Astle, Leslie Padilla centralsilvers@doterra.com 

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-4200 Beth Estrada, Michael Allen, Stephen Canaan centralgp@doterra.com 

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-437-4152 KyLee McAllister diamonds@doterra.com 

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-854-4742 Heather Burgener hburgener@doterra.com

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Rubi Leguizamon rleguizamon@doterra.com

East Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-4083 Ashley Anderson, Paola DeAlba, Kacey Ries, Melanie Frisbie, Brooklin Walker  eastsilvers@doterra.com 

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-4090 Kendra Nicolls, Kurt Liechty, Blake Garrett, Alex Macias  eastgp@doterra.com 

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-356-5883 Chelsea Tressler  diamonds@doterra.com 

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-854-4742 Heather Burgener hburgener@doterra.com

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Rubi Leguizamon rleguizamon@doterra.com

Director Leadership Services

Shannon Bible

Regional Sales Managers

Director - US Sales Russell Buttars rbuttars@doterra.com

Pacific Region - Saimoni Lesu slesu@doterra.com
Mountain Region - Brenda Versluis bversluis@doterra.com
Central Region - Austin Ruff aruff@doterra.com 
North East Region - Dan Gazaway dgazaway@doterra.com
South East Region - Kendyall Guthrie kguthrie@doterra.com



Diamonds and Above

Hannah Daybell Anderson




Esteban Villalobos
Paige Davis & Emily Hunsaker
French Canada 
Flor Macias

Juan Gomez




How to Best Use Your Account Management Team

What can my account manager help me with?

  • Goal setting and strategic conversations
  • Explain and help maximize the compensation plan
  • Rank qualifications commission inquiries: qualifications, paid compensations and exceptions
  • Assist Silver and above ranks with their personal accounts

What can customer service help me with?

  • Process your personal orders
  • Process enrollments
  • Handle shipping issues
  • Returns, exchanges and refunds
  • Promotional inquiries and promotional exceptions
  • Assist consultant through Premier members with their personal accounts 

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