Leader Account Management Team

Your Account Management team is here to assist Silver and above ranks with goal setting, strategic conversations, understanding the compensation plan, commission inquiries, and more.

Live Chat Hours: 8 a.m.–6 p.m. (MT)

Pacific Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-7961 Jimmy Schofield, Sydney Patterson pacificsilvers@doterra.com

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-356-5890 Amanda Gomez, Ashley Leatherman, Houston Trent pacificgp@doterra.com

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-342-4269 Rylee Hansen diamonds@doterra.com

Mountain Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-7940 Brayden Bird, Christine Sunada mountainsilvers@doterra.com

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-7945 Brooke Abdi, David Sefcik, Jackson Worsley mountaingp@doterra.com

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-437-4107 Andrew Barrus diamonds@doterra.com 

Central Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-4201 Ali Rackley, Karli Edman centralsilvers@doterra.com

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-4200 Shawn Gordillo, Tina Byrge centralgp@doterra.com

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-437-4152 Katie Lloyd diamonds@doterra.com

Northeast Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-4083 Logan Cobbley, Tanner Boberg  northeastsilvers@doterra.com

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-4090 Dallin Driggs, Nathaly Calevoso northeastgp@doterra.com

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-356-5883 Amy Ross diamonds@doterra.com 

Southeast Region

SILVER TEAM 801-371-3080 Ali Gomez, Katie Meeks southeastsilvers@doterra.com

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-4079 Kenyon Jepperson, Robin Uata  southeastgp@doterra.com

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-356-5925 Michael Allen  diamonds@doterra.com 

Executive Account Managers

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-437-4089 Brooklin Walker bwalker@doterra.com

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-342-4263 Chelsea Tressler Bronk cbronk@doterra.com

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-854-4716 Hayden Lane hlane@doterra.com 

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Hannah Daybell Anderson hdaybell@doterra.com 

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Rubi Leguizamon rubi@doterra.com 

Vice President Leadership Services

Vice President, Global Leadership Services—Shannon Bible sbible@doterra.com

Market Development Managers

Vice President, US Sales—Russell Buttars rbuttars@doterra.com

Director, US Sales—Saimoni Lesu slesu@doterra.com

Pacific Region—Jacob Reis jreis@doterra.com

Mountain Region—Saimoni Lesu slesu@doterra.com

Central Region—Taylor Warner twarner@doterra.com

Northeast Region—Sondra Kahawaii skahawaii@doterra.com

Southeast Region—Dan Gazaway dgazaway@doterra.com

North America Latino—Juan Gomez jgomez@doterra.com

North America Chinese Language—Shelly Chiang schiang@doterra.com​​​​​​​

Canada—Austin Ruff aruff@doterra.com

French Canada—Flor Macias fmacias@doterra.com

Other Markets


Blue Diamond and Above—Chandler May 801-432-4276 cmay@doterra.com

Diamond—Brittany Frey 801-356-5895 canadadiamonds@doterra.com

Gold/Platinum—Carla Nielsen & Starlee Crump 437-889-0000 canadagp@doterra.com

Silver—Chris Morrill & PJ Anniskette 437-889-1892 canadasilvers@doterra.com

French Diamond and Above—Flor Macias 437-889-2017 fmacias@doterra.com

French SilverPlatinum—Ethan Brown & Stephanie Kassegne 437-889-2017 frenchleadershipca@doterra.com

North America Latino

Diamond and Above—Priamo Morillas 801-437-7956 diamantesus@doterra.com

Silver–Platinum—Priamo Morillas 801-437-7956 uslatino@doterra.com

North America Chinese Language

Jing Feng, Branon Dodge, Jennifer Gu, Yulien Tsai 801-342-4275 nachinese@doterra.com

Support Roles

Diamond Support—Kelly Hart 801-437-4168 diamonds@doterra.com

​​​​​​​Central, Northeast, & Southeast Regions Gold/Platinum Support—Ashlee Baxter

Consultant–Premier Support—Business Advancement Team 801-370-2140 businessadvancement@doterra.com

Not sure who to contact about your issue? Click here for a directory of potential questions and which department to contact. 

How to Best Use Your Account Management Team

What can my account manager help me with?

  • Goal setting and strategic conversations
  • Explain and help maximize the compensation plan
  • Rank qualifications commission inquiries: qualifications, paid compensations and exceptions
  • Assist Silver and above ranks with their personal accounts

What can customer service help me with?

  • Process your personal orders
  • Process enrollments
  • Handle shipping issues
  • Returns, exchanges and refunds
  • Promotional inquiries and promotional exceptions
  • Assist consultant through Premier members with their personal accounts