Leader Account Management Team

Pacific Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-7961 Andrew Eide, Justin Heidemann, Shawn Gordillo, Karlie Gleave pacificsilvers@doterra.com 

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-356-5890 Alex Macias, Ashlee Baird, Tammy Bergau, Taylor Warner pacificgp@doterra.com 

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-342-4269 Jace Palmer diamonds@doterra.com 

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-437-4089 Rochelle Olson rolson@doterra.com 

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Rubi Leguizamon rleguizamon@doterra.com

Mountain Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-7940 Andew Barrus, Brooklin Brown, Jacob Pututau mountainsilvers@doterra.com

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-7945 Colton Ferre, Emily Christiansen, Kelly Hart mountaingp@doterra.com 

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-437-4107 Mallory Ash diamonds@doterra.com 

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-437-4089 Rochelle Olson rolson@doterra.com 

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Rubi Leguizamon rleguizamon@doterra.com

Central Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-4201 Hamlet Gordillo, Cheryl Anderson, Nathan Astle, Leslie Padilla centralsilvers@doterra.com 

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-4200 Beth Estrada, Michael Allen, Stephen Canaan centralgp@doterra.com 

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-437-4152 KyLee McAllister diamonds@doterra.com 

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-854-4742 Heather Burgener hburgener@doterra.com

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Rubi Leguizamon rleguizamon@doterra.com

East Region

SILVER TEAM 801-437-4083 Ashley Anderson, Catalina Salimbene, Paola DeAlba, Kacey Ries, Melanie Frisbie  eastsilvers@doterra.com 

GOLD/PLATINUM TEAM 801-437-4090 Kendra Nicolls, Kurt Liechty, Regan Gilbert, Blake Garrett  eastgp@doterra.com 

DIAMOND ACCOUNT MANAGER 801-356-5883 Chelsea Tressler  diamonds@doterra.com 

BLUE DIAMONDS 801-854-4742 Heather Burgener hburgener@doterra.com

PRESIDENTIAL DIAMONDS 801-437-4076 Rubi Leguizamon rleguizamon@doterra.com

Director Leadership Services

Shannon Bible

Regional Sales Managers

Director - US Sales Russell Buttars rbuttars@doterra.com

Pacific Region - Saimoni Lesu slesu@doterra.com
Mountain Region - Brenda Versluis bversluis@doterra.com
Central Region - Austin Ruff aruff@doterra.com 
North East Region - Andrea Gappmayer agappmayer@doterra.com
South East Region - Kendyall Guthrie kguthrie@doterra.com



Hannah Daybell Anderson

Esteban Villalobos
Flor Macias
Paige Davis
Emily Hunsaker


US Latino

Juan Gomez


How to Best Use Your Account Management Team

What can my account manager help me with?

  • Goal setting and strategic conversations
  • Explain and help maximize the compensation plan
  • Rank qualifications commission inquiries: qualifications, paid compensations and exceptions
  • Assist Silver and above ranks with their personal accounts

What can customer service help me with?

  • Process your personal orders
  • Process enrollments
  • Handle shipping issues
  • Returns, exchanges and refunds
  • Promotional inquiries and promotional exceptions
  • Assist consultant through Premier members with their personal accounts 

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