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Our process for direct deposit has changed! Please follow the new process here.

We’re aware some of our members are having print issues with dōTERRA business forms. We know how frustrating it is to run a business when you don’t have the resources you need.

Here are a few suggestions that might solve the problem:

  • If you’re printing an Adobe PDF, review this help site:
  • If you receive a message or notice that your PDF file has damaged content (such as images or fonts Acrobat can’t process), try the following steps:
    • If you’re using Acrobat, print the file as an image under “Advanced Settings.”
    • If you’re printing from the internet, try a different browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and so on).
    • If you’re using a PDF reader, try another PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader, Javelin, and so on).
    • Print from another device and see if the problem continues.
    • Use another printer.

We hope some of these tips help. If you’re still having issues, contact and we’ll help to troubleshoot the issue further.

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