Essential Oils Solutions with doTERRA—Podcast

Episode 18: Amanda Dumouchel

What Can I Do to Protect My Baby From Toxins

Episode 17: Mandy Sommers

What Does a Multivitamin Do For My Body?

Episode 16: Kristen Pardue

How Can I Improve My Gut Health?

Episode 15: Meaghan Terzis

Using Essential Oils to Energize

Episode 14: Mary Hyatt

Building a Positive Body Image with Essential Oils

Episode 13: Elena Brower

Using Essential Oils in Your Yoga Routine

Episode 12: Kari Coody

Clean Air in the Home

Episode 11: Julie Davey

Natural Cleaning Solutions

Episode 10: Sharla Snow

Natural Laundry Solutions

Episode 9: Liz Freeman

Essential Oils for Athletes

Episode 8: Betty Torres

How to Support Your Brain Function Naturally

Episode 7: Laura Jacobs

Daily Informed Self-Care

Episode 6: Mariza Snyder

Essential Oils for Mental Clarity and Motivation

Episode 5: Dave Stirling

Exclusive Interview

Episode 4: Dr. Brannick Riggs & Dr. Heather Pickett

Emotional Health with Essential Oils

Episode 3: Katie McGiven

5 Must Know Daily Habits with Essential Oils

Episode 2: Kateri Reyes

Essential Oils for Sleep

Episode 1: Nicole Moultrie

Essential Oils for Energy

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