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Essential Oil Science

Why Learn About Essential Oil Science?

Learning the science behind essential oils will allow you to better understand why essential oils work and how to use them more effectively in everyday life. Essential oil science can also be a powerful tool for growing your business. As you invest time into learning from the resources on this site, you’ll be able to cite reliable sources to validate the essential oil information you present and distinguish yourself as a knowledgeable essential oil leader.


Where Can I Learn More about Essential Oil Science?

doTERRA is equipping the leaders of the global essential oil community with the tools they need to continue sharing the latest scientific developments and information about essential oils. But we don’t expect everyone to be scientists. Our team at doTERRA Science works diligently to provide you with information and resources designed for everyday use. All you need is your passion for essential oils and the desire to continue learning. Among the many resources doTERRA has for learning about essential oil science, the Science Blog is a great place to start. 

How is doTERRA Involved in Essential Oil Research?

doTERRA’s mission hinges on discovering and developing the world’s highest quality essential oils and related natural wellness products. We accomplish this with a professional team of in-house scientists, as well as highly accomplished medical advisors. 
We also stay at the forefront of scientific advances by partnering with select academic, industry, and medical institutions. doTERRA’s scientists and research partners are constantly striving to learn more about the beneficial potential of essential oils by designing and conducting studies and clinical trials. 

Learn about doTERRA Research

doTERRA Scientists

doTERRA scientists are ever hard at work conducting clinical and experimental scientific research, discovering more evidence of the efficacy of the most tested and trusted essential oils. doTERRA scientists have published peer-reviewed studies on twenty-two single oils, three oil blends, and four supplements, with more studies currently in the works.

Meet the doTERRA Scientists

doTERRA Medical Advisory Board

doTERRA’s Medical Advisory Board is composed of board certified physicians from around the world who are leaders in integrative healthcare. Their experience with essential oil usage in their various specialties is a valuable contribution to doTERRA’s mission of educating individuals on the value of essential oils as an alternative method of care and wellness.

Meet the doTERRA Medical Advisory Board

doTERRA Research Partners

doTERRA has worked with over 100 different organizations to do research and implement essential oils into their facilities, including universities, hospitals, VA medical centers, hospices and care centers, and more. Thanks to our independent research partners and in-house scientists, doTERRA essential oils have been studied in relation to:

  • human genome biomarkers (that's 20,000 genes!)
  • various microorganisms
  • biochemical pathways in the body
  • simulated macromolecules

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