Product Availability

Our supply chain has always been unique, and we know how important it is to have relationships of trust at every stage of our logistics. Despite the best planning, at times, the doTERRA supply chain will experience outages, shortages, and delays.

Our sourcing members, partners, and manufacturing teams located around the world are constantly working to keep up with demand, and do their best to keep your favorite doTERRA products in stock. We appreciate your patience as we correct out-of-stock situations without compromising the quality you expect from doTERRA.

If you have any questions, please call our Member Services team at 800-411-8151, or email

Last Updated: December 7, 2021. Bold text indicates most recent product updates.

Existing Loyalty Orders Only

The following products will only be sent out if already saved on an LRP template.

  • 5 mL Sandalwood
  • doTERRA Spa Moisturizing Bath Bar
  • Slim & Sassy® Gum
  • Essential Skin Care Kit
  • 10 mL Amber Roller Bottles (6-Pack)
  • Pore Reducing Toner
  • Oregano Touch
  • IQ Mega®

Currently Unavailable

  • Baby Hair & Body Wash
  • 15 mL Elevation
  • Invigorating Scrub
  • Oil Collectors Kit
  • A2Z Chewables and IQ Mega Pack
  • doTERRA Spa Lip Balm (Herbal)
  • doTERRA Spa Tropical (Tropical)
  • doTERRA Spa Lip Balm (3-Pack)
  • doTERRA Spa Luxury Kit
  • Total doTERRA Spa Kit