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dōTERRA®  abōde™ Hand Wash Dispenser

abōde Hand Wash Dispenser  Accessories

Your home says so much about you. It reflects your personality, and your style. The doTERRA abōde Hand Wash Dispenser is a beautiful, high quality, refillable amber glass container.

Can be used for home care

16 fl oz / 473 mL
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Created expressly for doTERRA abōde Hand Wash, this durable, reusable bottle is convenient and easy to fill. Perfect for the kitchen or the bathroom, the pump dispenser helps create luxurious foam to deliver a delightful hand washing experience. doTERRA makes it simple for you to reduce the use of plastic in your household, save money, and keep your home clean. Made for the conscious consumer, abōde delivers efficacy, sustainability, and aesthetic value…naturally. No compromises.

Directions For Use

  1. Pour doTERRA abōde Hand Wash Concentrate+ into glass bottle until it reaches concentrate fill line.
  2. Add purified water until mixture reaches water fill line.
  3. Attach pump securely to bottle and shake gently.
  4. Use as needed to wash hands.

+Not Included

Usage Tips

Primary Benefits

  • Supplies hand wash in a refillable, durable amber glass bottle that looks good in any kitchen
  • Provides a drip- and clog-free pump for easy use

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