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Episode 161: The New Deep Blue Stick and Copaiba Touch!

In this episode we talk to Jessica Moultrie about the new Deep Blue Stick and Copaiba Touch. We'll discuss why these new products are so exciting and how Jessica and her family are looking forward to using them.


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doTERRA: Our bodies work hard for us every day, and sometimes they need a little extra support. doTERRA has two new products that are an incredible option for supporting your body. And today, we'll talk about why they are so exciting.

Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA, the podcast where you'll hear exciting, useful, and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field. If you like what you hear today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. We always appreciate hearing from you.

Today, we're excited to talk to Jessica Moultrie about the new Deep Blue™ Stick and Copaiba Touch. Jessica, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Jessica Moultrie: I am so excited to be here! I love this podcast, and so it's an honor to be able to join you today.

doTERRA: Now we have a really exciting topic to talk about. It's one of our brand-new products that we just announced: the Deep Blue Stick. So Jessica, can you tell us why you're excited for the Deep Blue Stick?

Jessica: Well, we all know that Deep Blue is a hero line of doTERRA’s, and I would say the only downfall of that line is many people, especially in our family, because my kids are all very active athletes, they just don't like getting it all over their hands.

So when I looked at this new application tool, and we happened to get a sneak peek to utilizing it for a couple of months before it was available, but I only had one, which was really problematic in this household. And what we found is I noticed they applied it more often and they love the idea, my kids especially, of not having to get it messy anywhere on their hands because they're—one of them is a basketball player. And so she doesn't want to have it all over her hands when she's going to practice and then it's still there. Or even putting in her contacts, and she had to have a little bit more of a prep to that because she didn't want to have anything on her hands while using her contacts.

And so just the convenience to be able to leverage the power of Deep Blue and this type of application, it's just allowed them to see greater results because they are using it more frequently because of the convenience of the application. So we're really enjoying that part of it.

doTERRA: I think that is absolutely true. So you mentioned a couple of ways your kids have enjoyed using it. Do you have any other ways that you are looking forward to using the Deep Blue Stick?

Jessica: Yes, I'd say just in general, what I found is that one is not enough. Everybody needs their own because we use it in different places, you know? It's like, I want to keep it in the car with me because on the go, I want to have access for anybody to use it. I also want to have one in my office, only because I'm sitting here at my computer a lot or I'm on phone calls and I'm sitting a lot during the day. And so it's so nice to just have the convenience to grab it. So of course, I'm going to have to have a couple on hand.

Whereas, my girls want to keep them in their bag, their sports bag. And so they have their own that they can apply before practice. And even my daughter who's a basketball player, she loves to grab it even like during halftime of her games, because it's so easy to just put on and get back in the game without having to touch anything. And so they all have it individually in their bags.

My husband, of course, I notice that he has been scoping out where everybody's keeping theirs so that he can get his own, and he prefers to keep his next to the bed. So he likes to use things as he's going to bed at night to just relax all his muscles and kind of get in that zone of relaxing.

doTERRA: I love all those ideas, and I think you're absolutely right. One is not enough. Everyone kind of needs their own.

Jessica: Yes, there's no sharing, really, in this house. There were some battles that went down between the siblings when I only had one. So that's a good thing to fight about because I know October 1, I’m going to be able to get everybody on their own.

doTERRA: Absolutely. The Deep Blue Stick, this new launch, has something very special, and it has the powerful addition of Copaiba. Now, why is that such a big deal?

Jessica: Oh man, I literally can have just one podcast on the power of Copaiba. There is this superpower that Copaiba has. And, you know, besides all the things that it can do on its own, it has this unique ability to enhance the absorption of other oils when you're using it topically. And better absorption is always going to yield better results.

So the fact that they have added Copaiba with our Deep Blue oil blend, which is phenomenal on its own, and the fact that we can get that enhanced absorption by combining the two, plus all the individual components and benefits of Copaiba on its own, it just makes this such a power-packed duo to have together in one application.

So when I saw the “plus Copaiba” on the label, I'm like, “You've got to be kidding me. This is this has gone over the top now.” So I'm really excited about that addition. I feel like I was doing that on my own already when I was using Deep Blue. And so I'm just like, they've taken that extra step out and made it so easy to be able to leverage the two of them together.

doTERRA: Yes! Now, speaking of Copaiba, I can tell that you're a fan. We also have our new Copaiba Touch. Why is that a game changer?

Jessica: Well, one of my favorite things about Copaiba is that we can so easily leverage all three pathways to take advantage of this oil. And I'll say, just for everybody who may not be aware, the main chemical constituent in Copaiba is the Beta-caryophyllene, and this is a phytocannabinoid.

And so when we have the ability to take advantage of this particular oil in the pathway of topical application, it simplifies it by having it in a roller, right? Because you're getting the power of Copaiba with some Fractionated Coconut Oil, which I always love to leverage when I'm applying oils topically because it increases the absorption of that oil to have a carrier, right? It’s kind of like dripping over an extended period of time instead of oil just flashing off because they are so aromatic. So it adds that heaviness to it that allows our skin to just absorb it and where it can last a little bit longer in the application.

And so all those things that we're targeting, right? We're able to like have impact in so many areas with one oil. And the other thing is, you know, Copaiba is so great for our skin. And so as we're coming into the cold time of the year, I know I find that my skin gets really dry in these winter months. And so I love that I'm going to have the Touch formula of Copaiba that I can easily just help hydrate my skin throughout the day in a very simple way, whether that's to my hands or to my elbows or to my face. Again, as that convenience increases that absorption because of the way it's packaged for this topical pathway. So I'm really excited for this to be an option. In fact, I'm looking at my Touch right now, sitting behind me at my desk. So I keep them very accessible.

doTERRA: Now you mentioned using it for your skin in the winter. What are some other ways that you and your family are looking forward to utilizing the new Copaiba Touch?

Jessica: Well, you know, of course, because in our family, we're very active. And so even though the Deep Blue Stick has the Copaiba with it, I see us leveraging the roller along with the stick on top. So I would take, if I have time, I would take the Copaiba Touch, and I would apply it first, and then I put the stick on top. So that's one way because we know again that it is going to help enhance that benefit. So I'm probably going to do them together.

A second way that we will use it is even along the spine or on the bottom of the feet. I also really love to use it topically just as a part of my skincare routine in the evening, you know? Because that's what I'm trying to get a ton of moisture in my face before I go to bed. And then, of course, having access to it just for those areas, specific areas of concern. As far as the skin goes, that's definitely going to be the way.

Now, the scent of Copaiba is also very mild. And so sometimes if you're wanting the benefits of an essential oil, but you really just don't want it to be too fragrant because of an area you're going to be around, Copaiba is such a great option for that because it's not overwhelming aromatically. And so I love that if you're looking for support, you can simply apply this on your chest, you can apply it on your feet, you can apply it on the neck or your spine on your wrists. And you're going to be able to target the pathway of topical, and so again, without overwhelming aroma. I really like having the convenience of this in a roller form with the Fractionated Coconut Oil that I can grab on the go any time.

doTERRA: I love all of those ideas. It sounds like you have got your family ready to use these two new products. Jessica, it's been so amazing to talk to you today, to learn a little bit more about these products and how everyone can look forward to using them.

Jessica: Well, everybody get ready because you are certainly going to want to have more than one of both of these. One thing about using these products is you got to keep them convenient and accessible, so make sure you get your own and put it where you're going to use it. And then you'll be able to experience all the benefits. Thank you so much for having me today! It’s been great.

doTERRA: Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you liked what you heard today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. Also, if you want to try any of the products you learned about, go to or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today.

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