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Episode 38: How Toxic Am I?

In this episode, Joey Wyson will discuss how you can evaluate the toxins in your life. He'll cover how you can spot toxins in your life, how you can calculate your toxic load, and how doTERRA products can help if you have a high toxic load.


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Okay, hey, how's it going. I'm super excited to be able to talk to you guys today, my name is Joey Wyson, my wife and I are Blue Diamonds in doTERRA, and we have been in the company for about 10 years coming up now, so that's pretty exciting. We've been in for quite some time. 

And I get the opportunity to talk about our toxic load today, and I'm really excited about that, because I also just got to go through my own certification, I am officially a certified holistic health coach as well. So I got to go through schooling, I have a lot of really good information that I love to share. 

How Can I Spot Toxins in My Life? 

So just to get started, the first question I really want to talk about is, “How can I spot toxins in my life? Like what does that look like? What is a toxin?” 

So a toxin is something that shouldn't be in your life that's causing stress on your body that might not normally be there. And unfortunately, in our society and our world today, we are kinda surrounded by toxins, it's in our food, it's in our air, it's in our drinks, it's even in our water. And especially if we drink out of plastic water bottles interestingly enough. 

One thing that really stood at to me is that we were talking about this, as you see behind me I have an amazing doTERRA water bottle that is metal and it's metal for a reason, because those don't produce the toxins that plastic does. Plastic has a tendency to release a toxin in our system. So one thing I would definitely recommend is be careful as to how you are drinking your water, and what containers you're treating them in, so we can be very careful as to reduce some of that toxin. 

Also, some of the other toxins that we deal with is the air we breathe, the cars they produce toxins, they produce smog. Especially if you live in a city environment. In our food, unfortunately a lot of times when it's conventionally grown, it's conventionally grown with herbicides and pesticides, things that really we have to be careful of that can really do a lot of damage to our system. 

So one thing that I would recommend always is to try to eat organically as much as possible. To try and reduce the amount of what they call the dirty dozen foods. And you can look up on the Internet or Google that. There's the dirty dozen that you always want to eat organically. And then there are some foods that have a thicker skin, like an orange or a banana that you don't eat the peel, that it's not as crucial to be able to eat organically, but that is definitely one way to do that. 

The second thing is that whenever we are going through life we always want to try and do a detox if you will now and then, reduce some of those toxins and release some of that. 

How Do Toxins Affect Me? 

And so the question though is, is what do toxins do to your system as well? Well has anybody ever had issues with losing weight, that's one thing that toxins do, they make you gain weight. And we have to be careful of that. So we're gonna talk a little bit about all of this stuff. 

But one thing that's always important is if we want to reduce our toxic load and allow those toxins to flush out and so that we can rid them is we need to increase hydration with water and increase nutrition. And as we increase our nutrition and our hydration, what we learned in school which is really powerful, is we learned this thing called crowding out. And sometimes if we crowd out and we eat a lot of good things, or put a lot of good things into our body, what it does is crowds out, so there's no room for a lot of the bad things, and it allows our body to get rid of some of those. 

How Do I Calculate My Toxic Load? 

So how do we calculate our toxic load? Well one of the really cool things that we can use is that doTERRA is gonna give us a really cool tool to be able to use with that, and that is this toxic load quiz. And what this is, as it will ask you a few questions like, when you are cleaning your house, what kind of chemicals are you using? How well do you hydrate? Is your air clean, what's your air-quality like? How regularly do you do a detox of some sort? And how would you describe your personal care products, or how is your eating habits? Do you eat clean? 

And it's a really cool page and I really appreciate it, because it allows you to check different points and then you calculate your toxic load at the end of the quiz, and it tells you hey, you need to be careful because this is what you are looking like in your life, and we don't want to get to that point. So that's a great way to calculate your toxic load, and by using that quiz, and I believe there's gonna be a link at the bottom of this video so just click that link and it will take you to this really cool quiz with that. 

Lemongrass Essential Oil

As we are continuing on, some of the products in doTERRA that I love using to reduce my toxic load. Funny enough, first one is Lemongrass Essential Oil. 

Lemongrass essential oil emotionally allows us to rid ourselves and get in the mood of purging ourselves all the stuff in our life. And it's funny, because as we teach that to people, some of our friends have used this oil and they put it in their diffuser and they've turned it on, and then she said it was the weirdest thing, she said, "I all of a sudden got this urge to start cleaning "my house and de-junking and decluttering my home.” And it was so funny, but it's true. Lemongrass gives us the motivation to be able to do that, which is really powerful. 

Citrus Oils

Another one as I said, lots of hydration. Lots of water. I love my water with a little bit of citrus oil in it. And our citrus oils are very powerful to be able to help us to reduce those toxins. They allow us to flush those out, they are great detoxifiers, and Grapefruit is one of my favorites to be able to put in water. Some people like Lime, one of my other favorites is Lime. My daughter's favorite is actually Tangerine. Any of the citrus oils do a really great job at helping us to reduce that load. 

Slim & Sassy®

And the next one I want to talk about is Slim and Sassy. Slim and Sassy is super important. 

I mentioned a little bit about weight loss and holding on to excess weight. The reason we do that is because as we eat and drink toxins our body actually protects us, by just like a computer virus, when you get a virus in computer, that antivirus will actually quarantine that virus and separate it from the rest of the computer. So then it doesn't affect the rest of the computer. Well our bodies do the same thing, except with toxins. And so our bodies will take a toxin that has not been able to be flushed out of our system, and it will quarantine it by encapsulating it in a fat cell. And that fat cell will hold onto that toxin so that it protects your body. It's kind of like a safety layer. And when you go to the gym, and people will work out and they work really hard, and they are like why am I not losing more weight? Well the reason is because your body will actually burn muscle before it burns those fat cells that are holding onto the toxins. 

So Slim and Sassy has the ability to go in, and there's five essential oils in Slim and Sassy. There is Lemon and Grapefruit which are your citrus oils for a detoxifying effect. There is Ginger and Peppermint for digestion, and there's Cinnamon to help with healthy regulation of blood sugar levels and help with healthy cravings. That helps us to get rid of those nasty cravings as it increases and helps our metabolism rate, which is really powerful. 


And the last essential oil that I want to talk about for sure is our Zendocrine oil. Zendocrine oil is really important as a detoxification blend as its name is as well. And Zendocrine targets our liver and kidneys, our filters, and it allows our filters to flush themselves out and start to recycle and get rid of all that sludge that's been sitting in them for years. 

Just like a car filter, like an oil filter in your car. That filter over time starts to build up and build up, and eventually you need to change your oil filter so that it can continue to filter otherwise it will just break down and fall apart. So with our kidney and liver we can't change the liver and kidneys. Well I guess we could change our kidneys, but we're not looking to do that any time soon. We don't want to do that, what we want to do is we want to support them by allowing them to flush out those toxins, increasing our hydration, increasing our nutrition, and allowing us to give them a renewed effect so that they can then therefore filter properly again, and not let some of those toxins through, so they can get rid of those and help us to detoxify on that effect. 

How Do We Keep Toxins Out? 

Those are some oils that I love to be able to rid ourselves of toxins. But what about keeping the toxins out in the first place? What does that look like? One of the things at doTERRA that I really love is they are really good at creating amazing products and infusing essential oils in those products to allow us to reduce the load. So I brought a few along that I want to show you how Cachay and myself and our family have been able to produce our toxins in our home. 

Natural Oral Care

The first thing that I want to talk about, which is probably the least likely for anybody to really think about to be honest is our oral care. Oral care is super, super powerful, and here's the reason. One thing that I love about this oral care is that this is 100% natural toothpaste with natural whitening and fluoride free. So just be careful as to what toothpaste you are using. With this I know that my three year old when she's running down the hall sucking on the tube of it, because she loves the flavor of doTERRA's toothpaste, I take it away because I don't want her to waste it, but I know that it's not gonna hurt her. That's what's really powerful about that. 

The second thing is your mouthwash, what does your mouthwash look like? What are the ingredients in it? Can you read the ingredients in it? Can you pronounce the ingredients in your mouthwash? If you can't pronounce the ingredients in your products then there is something to think about. What I also love about doTERRA's mouthwash is that it is alcohol free, there is no alcohol in it. That's an amazing thing, because alcohol unfortunately is also a toxin that we shouldn't be using on a regular basis. There is amazing oils in this and especially On Guard. 

Natural Skin Care

The next product is actually our Verage® line, for the women out there, I don't particularly use this often, but I do use it, men don't have facial lines sitting in their cabinets typically. 

But my wife let me tell you, she loves it. And she's actually a cosmetologist by license before doTERRA, and she says going through school she used hundreds of different facial lines, because as you're going through school, all of them, they all market to the students as they're going through cosmetology school. So she's used everything from natural to very synthetic and chemical, and she says the problem is that usually the natural ones they don't work. 

But this one she said is the first natural 100% natural skincare line that actually makes her face feel alive, which is super powerful. I love the fact that you have the hydrating mist, and you can spray it on and it mists your face, and I actually use that after shaving sometimes, because when you shave it dries your face out a little bit, and so I love being able to use that. 

So I would recommend using this, and because when you put things on your skin, your skin is the largest organ of your body, it's something that you've got to be able to use and to reduce your toxic load. What kind facial lines are you women using out there? 

doTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Mist

One of the other things, On Guard Hand Sanitizer. Super important, the reason that this is important is because regular hand sanitizer when we use that our hands have to have a protective oil barrier on them. And when you are using regular hand sanitizer it actually wipes out that oil barrier and so the next thing you touch it actually absorbs right into your skin. And so if you're using that all the time, it's giving our body a hard time. 

But the other thing is that regular hand sanitizer will wipe out the good bacteria and the bad bacteria. So both of them. You want the good bacteria to stay on your hands so that it can fight the bad stuff as it comes around. And the great thing about On Guard hand sanitizer is that it kills 99.9% of all germs. But it also promotes healthy bacteria on your hands as it keeps that good bacteria healthy and strong and vibrant so that you can have a fighting chance when it comes to that season of the year that everybody has a tendency to come down with something. 

Toxins and Cleaning Products

Couple of other things. One thing that's really important, where are you buying your cleaning products? Your cleaning products are super crucial. The reason that Cachay and I feel that we have not had too many health concerns this year, this season, is because we are using 100% natural doTERRA Cleaning Clear Concentrate and cleaning products within our home. 

Our toxic load has been reduced and so that it doesn't put that tax on our bodies. It doesn't create that taxing of our bodies that reduces and brings down our immune system. Our immune systems are strong because we're not having to fight off those toxins. 

And with this, and it cleans really well, but the best thing about it, even more than that, is the cost. It takes about one tablespoon of this cleaner concentrate, it's about $14.50 for this whole thing, wholesale. And one tablespoon in this little cold bottle that you can get from doTERRA as well, from the DIY tools section. And it cost you about $0.28 to make this cleaner concentrate. What cleaner do you know that could cost $0.28? You can't even get that at the dollar store. So I love the fact that you can get cleaner concentrate that's natural, that's healthy, that helps you to stay strong in those seasons. 

The next thing is what are you washing your hands with? What I love about doTERRA is that this is a fantastic soap, it doesn't dry your hands out. 

And the last thing that I want to talk about it doesn't go on your skin. But what I love about it is that it's eco-friendly and it does the same thing. This is On Guard® Laundry Detergent. 

The laundry detergent is fabulous. The laundry detergent it's eco-friendly, it's all natural, it's ultra-concentrated, so you don't need a lot of it, especially if you have a high efficiency washer. And it has natural surfactants and enzymes, including essential oils in with it. But it also does a fantastic job at cleaning and it's not poisoning our waters and adding to that toxic load for everybody else within the world. 

Who Is Toxic in Your Life? 

So those are my products that I love to go over. Not to mention the toxic load that we're dealing with on a normal basis physically. But I also wanted to mention who in your life is giving you that toxic load? Not only are products doing it, but sometimes there's people in our life that are pulling us down, those people in our life that are negative people, they are just heavy to be around. I recommend that you really watch the people in your life that are causing those toxic load to increase, because it causes your stress levels to increase, and we never want that. 

Final Thoughts

So just be aware of what you surround yourself with, whether it's products, whether it's people, and whatever you're taking in. And the last thing is remember, always to hydrate more and increase your nutrition, and that will help you to stay on top of this toxicity in your system. And with that, I thank you so much for allowing me to be with you, and I'm looking forward to talking to you guys in the future.

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