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Episode 183: All About Our BOGO Oils

In this episode we highlight a few of the oils in our BOGO promotion. We'll tell you a little bit about the history of these plants and talk to Malia Ka’aihue, Tina Wong, Olivia Thai, Brittany Miles, and Michelle Weaver about how they love to use the oils.


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doTERRA: Welcome to a special episode of Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA. Right now is one of the most exciting times we have at doTERRA. It's BOGO time!

To help you get excited for this amazing week, let's look at some of the oils inside the BOGO box. We'll talk about some of the fantastic history of the plants, and we'll ask some of our wellness advocates—Malia Ka’aihue, Tina Wong, Olivia Thai, Brittany Miles, and Michelle Weaver—how they love to use the oils.

If you are interested in any of the products we talk about today, make sure to click on the link in the episode description.

Now today, we're going to talk about some internal historical uses for some of these plants, but we want to remind you that not all of the oils and blends we talk about today are for internal use and should only be used aromatically or topically. Any internal benefits discussed for individual oils in a blend are not applicable to aromatic or topical use.

doTERRA Serenity®

We're going to start with our Serenity blend. One of the amazing ingredients in our Serenity blend is Lavender.

The history of lavender goes back some 2,500 years, and it’s believed to have originated from the Mediterranean, Middle East, and India. It’s a flowering plant from the mint family known for its beauty, its sweet floral fragrance, and its multiple uses.

Lavender derives its name from the Latin lavare meaning “to wash.” The Romans named it because of its use in their bathing rituals; they used Lavender to scent their baths, beds, clothes, and even hair.

Lavender's association with washing and bathing has continued throughout history. In Medieval and Renaissance Europe, washerwomen were known as "lavenders" because they spread their laundry over lavender bushes to dry because of the scent it gave. And royalty is known to have used lavender their baths.

Malia, thank you so much for joining us today. What is one of your favorite ways to use Serenity?

Malia Ka’aihue: I love Serenity. It's definitely one on my daily oil list, part of my routine at night, the restful blend. It's amazing. I actually use this on my baby. So she's—my baby is three years old. We use a little bit of this on her feet at night before she goes to sleep with some coconut oil. And it just helps to, you know, make sure she has a calm and restful night.

doTERRA: I love that idea, and I'm sure her having a restful night helps you out as well.

doTERRA On Guard® Touch

Next we want to talk about our On Guard Touch. Now, On Guard Touch is a blend of powerful essential oils and one of those is Clove. To find the earliest written mention of cloves, we have to look to the Han dynasty in China in 207 BC. The writings there tell how officers of the court were made to hold cloves in their mouth when talking to the king, apparently this was to ensure the sweetness and acceptability of their breath.

Europeans, however, didn’t experience cloves until about the fourth century, when the spice arrived on the continent via traders as a luxury item.

In fact, they were such a luxury item in fact that in Britain during the 17th and 18th centuries, cloves were worth at least their weight in gold.

Tina, we're so glad to have you with us today. Why do you love using the On Guard Touch?

Tina Wong: So as a pediatrician, I love the roller balls because they're so easy to apply. They're pre-diluted, you can swipe them under the nose, over the neck, up and down the spine, on the feet.

doTERRA: I totally agree, and they're especially convenient when you need to just throw them in a bag or a backpack and have them with you all day long.


Next, we want to talk about our Air-X blend. One of the lesser-known heroes in our Air-X blend is Litsea. Even though it doesn’t actually belong in the citrus family, Litsea has a bright and citrusy scent. Litsea actually belongs to the Lauraceae family, which is a very broad family that includes plants like the true laurel, the bay leaf, and even the avocado.

Litsea Cubeba is commonly known as May Chang, Chinese Pepper, or Mountain Pepper. It’s a really small tree that bears pale lemon-scented flowers and small fruits that look like peppers, which is where the nicknames come from.

One of the most popular ways litsea has been used throughout history is in cooking. Its intense aroma and flavor have similarities to both lemongrass and lemon verbena, but with an explosiveness that is all its own.

Olivia, it's great to have you here. Now, Air X is one of our newer oils. How do you like to use it?

Olivia Thai: So for the Air-X, I actually use this every single night, so I diffuse it. And I actually put this on my back or have my husband help me put it on my back. A lot of times people will tell you to put it on your chest, which is also amazing, and it's absolutely incredible.

doTERRA: I absolutely love the idea of putting it on your back as well as your chest to get those combined benefits. That's amazing.

Beautiful Touch

Next, we want to talk about another blend, Beautiful Touch. I want to look at the history of just one of the delectable scents that combines to make our beautiful blend: Lime, specifically Citrus × aurantiifolia.

Now, like most species of lime, this is native to Southeast Asia. Centuries ago, it was spread across the world through trade and migration. Spanish explorers brought it to the West Indies, and Henry Perrine, a noted physician and horticulturist, is said to have introduced it to Florida.

Traditionally, limes have been used for food. In the nineteenth century, British sailors were given a daily allowance of limes to encourage good health. And in Ayurveda, it’s believed that lime can calm vata and stimulate kapha. Today, you can find lime’s sweet and tangy flavor in everything from salad dressings and smoothies to the iconic Key lime pie.

Brittany, thank you for being here. I want to know what's your favorite way to use the Beautiful Touch blend?

Brittany Miles: One of my favorite ways to use beautiful is I put it in my hair, and I turn my hair into a diffuser. I rub my hands together, and I stick it in my hair, and then I can smell it all day. Everybody needs to have Beautiful in their collection.

doTERRA: I absolutely love the idea of turning your hair into your own personal diffuser. That way, you can keep that Beautiful blend scent with you all day long.

doTERRA Balance® Oil

Next, we have our Balance blend, and in our Balance blend, Frankincense plays a shining role. Frankincense has been prized and utilized for thousands of years for not only its scent but also its many benefits. The English word frankincense derives from the Old French expression franc encens, meaning "high-quality incense.” With the word franc in Old French meaning "noble" or "pure".

The resin is also known by the name olibanum, or in Arabic al-lubān, which roughly translates to: "that which results from milking," which is a reference to the milky sap tapped from the Boswellia tree.

And I want to take just a quick moment to talk about this Boswellia tree. The Boswellia trees, from which the frankincense resin is gathered, are considered highly unusual because they have the amazing ability to grow in environments so unforgiving that they sometimes grow right out of solid rock. They are incredible.

Malia, when it comes to the Balance grounding blend. How do you like to use it?

Malia: You know, grounding is such an important thing, and oftentimes we get so busy in our lives and our business that we forget that we need to ground ourselves and take the space and time to really plant our feet on the ground and to really connect with the Earth that produces all of these oils for us.

And it really connects us as people and as humans back to the Earth, right? By putting our feet on the ground, Balance reminds me of that. And so when I diffuse it or I just use it aromatically and sometimes I just put it in my hair because then I'll smell it all day. It just reminds me that even if I'm running around that I'm grounded, like, I'm OK. I can just take a deep breath and I'm back.

doTERRA: That is such a beautiful thought and something that I think we could all remember a little bit more in our daily lives. And Balance, like you said, can help us do that.


Next, we have an essential oil that is well known for its potent aroma, and that's Oregano. Oregano was originally grown in Greece where the Greeks believed that it was created by the goddess Aphrodite, who wanted it to be a symbol of joy growing in her garden. In fact, the word oregano comes from the Greek words oros, for “mountain,” and ganos, for “joy” meaning “joy of the mountains”.

And during the Elizabethan era, oregano was used for just about everything. It was used to encourage good luck and good health. And it was also used in spells for everything from happiness and tranquility to protection and letting go of a loved one.

Tina, what are some ways that Oregano can be used every day?

Tina: So you can use it all three ways. Orally in a little shot glass of water, one drop, gargle and swallow, it will work its magic as it goes down your throat. If it happens to touch your lips and cause a tingle, you want to use coconut oil.

Topically, it can be used as an amazing massage oil, but definitely mix it with coconut oil.

And then aromatically, it's great for this time of year.

doTERRA: That is amazing. It's such a versatile oil that can be used in whatever way works best for you and your family. I love it.

Tea Tree

Next, we have an essential oil that is a favorite of many people, and that is Tea Tree. Tea Tree has been used by the native people of Australia in many ways for centuries, such as in traditional herbal medicine. Indigenous Australians would also inhale the oil from crushed leaves or apply the leaves to their skin.

The tea tree came to the attention of the Western world when Captain James Cook visited Australia. While he was there, he saw the indigenous people using its leaves to create tea. Because of this, Captain Cook called the plant tea tree. Though pure Tea Tree essential oil shouldn’t be consumed, sailors at the time also used tea tree leaves to brew beer.

As time went on, tea tree oil became a household remedy in many Australian homes. And in World War II, it was even included in Australian soldiers’ kits.

Brittany, can you tell us a little bit about why Tea Tree is so amazing?

Brittany: This is a staple in my family. Tea Tree, it just kind of does like everything skin related. It's one of my favorites to put—to help with like skin appearance. You know, if you have any kind of like little boo boos, this is like a great oil to have.

I've actually been using this oil the last three days for some skin irritation, and it has been incredible. Tea Tree is definitely an oil that you need to have in your bathroom cabinet to reach for when any kind of issues pop up.

doTERRA: I absolutely agree with you. Tea Tree is definitely one that stays nearby in my bathroom cabinet, always.

Adaptiv Capsules

The last product we want to talk about today is not actually an oil, it's a capsule, the Adaptiv Capsules. Now, Coriander is a strong oil that lends its strength into our Adaptiv Capsules. And ancient folklore says that the smell of coriander was also utilized with record showing that it was grown in ancient Persia and used to fragrance the hanging gardens of Babylon.

It was actually the pungent smell of coriander that led to its use. The ancients believed that anything with such a strong and unpleasant odor must surely possess powerful attributes. And it definitely lends those attributes to our Adaptiv Capsules.

Michelle, why are the Adaptiv Capsules a must-have for you and your family?

Michelle Weaver: Adaptiv Capsules are one of my all-time favorites for stress management, for just helping you stay calm. I absolutely love them. We love them a lot in our house. I always say that this is like the magic sauce for moms. Whenever you need to get something done, you got a busy day with your kids’ schedule, with all the housework, with doing all your doTERRA stuff. This is what you need.

doTERRA: You're absolutely right. Adaptiv Capsules can totally be your little secret weapon to give you that edge you need every day.

Thank you to our Wellness Advocates for joining us today and sharing with us their tips and tricks on how to use some of the amazing products in our BOGO box.

Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you want to try any of the products you learned about, click on the link in the episode description or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today. And remember, if you liked what you heard today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen.

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