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Episode 34: Care for Your Skin Naturally

In this episode, Amy Carver will talk about using natural options to care for your skin. She'll cover what natural skincare actually means, why natural products are better for your skin, and what options doTERRA has for skincare.


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Hi everyone. My name is Amy Carver, and I am a doTERRA Diamond with the company. I've been with that doTERRA for a little over six years, and I am a licensed esthetician and makeup artist who specializes in organic skincare. 

Natural Skin Care

Today I'm going to talk about “What does natural skin care mean?”. Natural skin care is actually ingredients already found in nature. They are free from any harmful chemicals, anything that is going to be toxic to our skin to our bodies. Our skin is the largest organ that we have. It absorbs 60 to 70 percent of what we put on our skin. So it's very, very important that we take the time to look on the back of the bottles that we are using in our homes. 

Natural Beauty Products

So why natural beauty products? Why would you want to even choose that? Well for me, what I've noticed in my treatment room, I have actually seen a lot of my clients have drawn more towards the natural because they have either gone down the route of using too many chemically-induced and chemically-laden products to wear their skin is overly sensitive, it is very thin and creepy, it doesn't have that inner glow, it's got a lackluster effect, and they have just done way too much to it. The skin does not look strong. It doesn't look healthy. They've just kind of obliterated it to a certain extent. So they are turning to something natural to help build up the skin to help nourish it and strengthen it. And that's why I love natural skin care because you're not tearing things down, you're not scraping things down, you're not putting these aggressive peels, you're strengthening and embracing the skin that you were blessed with.

So why natural beauty products? Why would you want to pick that? Because what it is just like the oils. What happens when you use an oil in your skin? Your skin or your body internally goes, “I recognize this.” And that, you’ll see, your skin goes, “Oh, I agree. We agree, this works great.” And you'll see really good benefits from it. And that's why it's been so successful in my treatment room. 

doTERRA Natural Skin Care Products

So what products does doTERRA have? This is a common question that people have asked me. What products and what skin care would you recommend? Or what do they have available? 

The HD Clear® line is really good for problematic and teenage skin, more so. 

The signature Essential Skin Care line—their original skin care line—is my personal favorite. It's all in those silver bottles. They’re really pretty pearlescent silver bottles; I love them. It's great for all skin types. 

And then you also have the Verage®, which is a newer skin care line that we have had for just a few years now. And it's specific for anti-aging and it's a little bit more aggressive than just our normal skin care line that we have, the Essential Skin Care. 

Changing Skin Care with the Seasons

So the cool thing is with skin is we go through different seasons, right? We have summer, spring, fall, winter. We change our wardrobes, right, because we have different weathers and different, you know, environmental changes. Well same thing with your skin care, you need to change it. Sometimes you need a little bit more hydration during fall or winter or maybe you need to back off from the summertime so you can cycle through and put things away for a different season. 

Same thing with your wardrobe, you can kind of pick different things and add it into a different time of the year: same thing with the skin care. If you like the Verage toner, add that in with the Essential Skin Care line. I love mixing the products together, they work really well, but only you know your skin best. 

Hydrating Cream

So I'm going to go over a few of my favorite products because I am obsessed with some of these, and I want to share why. 

So first one is the hydrating cream, which actually has Frankincense, Jasmine, Geranium, and Lavender inside. Very, very good for dry aging skin. I use this year-round. I love this. I used it on my pregnant belly to help nourish that stretching skin. I use it on not just my face but on my neck and my décolletage. 

It's very, very good for hydrating skin. It's also not cake-y. It's not like mayonnaise-y, where some creams are too heavy. This one is very lightweight, but effective in penetrating deep into the skin. So I love this one; it's a fan favorite on our oil family team. We love, love, love this. 

Reveal System

Another one goes hand-in-hand with two products I'm actually going to talk about. So first one is the Reveal system. So if you do not know what the Reveal system is, you need to look it up, and you need to grab it because this is something that stays in use. These are not brand-new bottles—these are fresh from my shower. I use this all the time. 

What you have is you have the Reveal Scrub, which is part one. So it's like a very fine scrub. And there are silk beads and you scrub for about two minutes upwards, circular motions, all throughout your face, your neck, and your décolletage. 

And then you put on the gel, which is a pumpkin enzyme, and you put that on top of the scrub. You don't wash scrub off. So you put that on, same thing, two minutes, all the way down. And what this does is an enzyme goes in and works like a little Pacman and digests any dead skin cells that the scrub didn't get, any oil, dirt, debris, makeup that's lingered inside those pores, anything impacted. This really helps soften the skin and just takes anything else that kind of was lingering that the scrub didn't get. 

So I love these together. I used it today! I love this stuff. If you ever are going on a date, if you're going to be taking pictures, if you're going to be on a video, you are going to want to use the Reveal. It helps your makeup go on a lot better. I only use a powder, like a very thin powder, and a little bit of blush. I have no highlighter on right now because I believe taking care of your skin that is the prettiest thing that you could wear instead of any other makeup that you could buy at any company. I love, love, love taking care of my skin. 

So you'll also notice a lot of YouTubers will be all about that not face right. Well, you ask any esthetician and they're all about that inner glow. Seeing that natural glow come out is so beautiful. It shows confidence. It's just I love seeing the essence of you. So take care of that. 

Brightening Gel

I love, love, love the Reveal, but what goes with this is the Brightening Gel. I love the Brightening Gel especially after using the Reveal because now that we've taken off all of those little dead skin cells, any other layers that were lingering, you now have gotten rid of that unnecessary barrier for the brightening gel to go in and penetrate deeper into the skin. 

And the Brightening Gel actually has microencapsulated vitamin C, and what that does is it helps brighten and tighten the skin so that it can look a lot healthier and glow and be firmer. So Vitamin C is a crucial anti-aging ingredient that you want in your skincare regimen. 

Another cool thing that the Brightening Gel has is Daisy extract, which is also a brightener and a skin tightener. So it actually encourages cell turnover quicker so that you can see the effects of the brightening benefits faster than you would without it. So I absolutely love and adore this stuff. It goes on every single night. I put it on this morning. I love the feel of it. It's a gel. It's very lightweight gel and it does a really good job. So use those together. 

Frankincense Touch

And then the last thing I want to go over is actually my little hack, and it is the Frankincense Touch. I don't know if any of you are using this in your skin care, but I love this because it's in a touch roller; it's already pre diluted, and I literally roll it all over my face, my neck, and my décolletage, and I rub it all in. It's the last thing to go on before my moisturizer, and it gives an instant glow to my skin.

Frankincense, we know, are really good for our cells. It's really good for emotions. It's really good for skin. It's the oil if you only had one, right? Everyone would probably pick Frankincense to keep. 

I love this because since it's in that base of coconut oil, it's ready to go on the skin. Our face is actually very sensitive, so you want to dilute the oils you put on your skin or add a drop into your moisturizer to use that as a carrier oil. 

This is awesome. I love this. So every time I use it, I look really good, my friends and family are like, “Your skin looks great today.” I’m like, “The Frankincense Touch.” 

But also, Frankincense is really good for easing the skin tone. So any little age spots you have, you can use this in harmony with the Brightening Gel. You'll also see age spots, hyperpigmentation on the backs of your hands sometimes from driving or just getting old—aging just happens—but also around here you'll see little spots around here. Sunscreen is a must, but Frankincense and the Brightening Gel do a fantastic job in helping to make your skin a little bit more even, younger, and more beautiful.

Final Skincare Tips

All right few tips from me. 

Let your skin breathe. Wear less makeup. Like I said, take care of that skin. Nutrition is key. Make sure you're feeding your skin from within. And then also using the right products on top externally. Let people see that skin shine through. It's the most beautiful thing. 

Another thing. Wash your face morning and night. I love the Verage cleanser. It's one of my favorite cleansers. The Essential Skin Care line facial cleanser is also wonderful. Use either one of those. Don't use those makeup packs. That's not an effective way to wash your skin. So make sure you're washing morning and night. You will see an immediate difference. 

Another thing is to change your pillowcase. Change your pillowcase at least twice a week because you don't want to be laying in that stuff, especially if you're using hair products. Any oils—you purge a lot, your skin purges at night actually. So you do a lot of rejuvenation during the night and healing. It's just what your natural body does, and you want to make sure that you are making a clean environment for that instead of creating something for problematic skin. 

And then the last thing. Be consistent with your facial routines, with the oils, with the products. Be consistent. If you're wanting to help brighten your skin tone. Use it every day. Don't use it once or twice a week. That's going to be how you see the biggest benefits is by being consistent. And then my theory is aging gracefully. I think embracing the beautiful skin you've been blessed with and just really being grateful for what you have because you're beautiful.

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