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Episode 6: Essential Oils for Mental Clarity and Motivation

This episode, Mariza Snyder talks about using essential oils to support your mental health and clarity. She'll talk about which essential oils and supplements are her favorite and how you can use them in your life.


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Essential Oils

Now that we've got our settlements and our basis covered, all of the cellular support, all of the energy and all of the gut health, we are now ready to talk about probably my favorite conversation when it comes to mental clarity and focus is essential oils. Now again, as I mentioned before, it's so important to be using essential oils on a daily basis. When you're looking for really great results, it's really about that daily usage, and I cannot stress that enough. So let's talk about the top five oils when it comes to mental clarity, focus, concentration, all of the things that we're looking for. 


Now, the first one that I absolutely love, and it's going to be no surprise to you, it's going to be Rosemary. Rosemary has been known as a number one energy and memory booster for many, many, many years due to all of the incredible research. What we know is that there is one particular chemical constituent and Rosemary called 1-8 cineol, and what that does it, it helps to increase the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and that helps to boost memory, focus and concentration. We actually can demonstrate that Rosemary boost all of the things that we're looking for when it comes to getting our brain a little bit of an extra something.


Now, the favorite oil that I love when it comes to using Rosemary is Motivate. Now, Motivate is one of our go-to Aromatherapy essential oils, and Motivate is by far one of my absolute favorite essential oils that doTERRA carries. Now when it comes to Motivate, I love to breathe it in through inhalation, so what I'll do is I'll put this oil on my palms like this, rub my palms together and then just breathe it in. Oh, it smells so good. Especially, when I'm working on a big project or let's say it's in the afternoon and I'm feeling like I'm getting a little bit of an energy slump. This is my go-to oil. Now, when I'm trying to get things done on a day to day basis, I also love to put this oil topically behind my ears by act of my neck. I just love to get that experience. That Peppermint in there has that little tingle, so Motivate is about to become your best friend as much it is my best friend. I never ever travel without this oil.


Now, the second oil that I love is Basil. Basil is found in Aroma Touch, PastTense and Motivate. These are three of my go-to blends, and the cool thing about Basil is that it helps to relieve mental exhaustion. I know that there are days where you've just taken on tons on your plate, feeling a little bit exhausted, maybe even a little bit overwhelmed. That tends to happen to me at like three to six o'clock in the afternoon when I'm finishing up work, and I know I've got more stuff to do later on in the night. That's when I'm starting to feel like, "Hmm, I'm feeling a little fatigued, and my brain is feeling a little bit like mush." I don't know if you've been there before, but I've definitely experienced mushy brain many, many times. Basil is that great oil that just kind of rejuvenates, refreshes you and just gets you right back in your game. Like I said, it's in the Motivate blend, it's in PastTense, and I love PastTense because it's a roller so it's super easy to roll over. Don't even get me started on AromaTouch, my favorite massage oil. Not only does it help to release any nerve tension or any type of stress that I'm experiencing in my muscles, but it also gives me that little extra edge to get back on track. Basil is number two now.


Number three is going to be Frankincense. Now, Frankincense, as we know, is the King of Oils (and a personal favorite). What I love about Frankincense is one, it blends well with so many other essential oils, and my favorite little energy booster combination is a combination of Frankincense, Peppermint, and Wild Orange. I usually put it in the little roller like this. I'll do a combination of a one to one to one ratio, and then I'll roll it over whatever area I'm just working on. It gives me that extra little energy boost, but Frankincense, it's also not only great for supporting cellular just cellular function overall, so it's a such a win, win essential oil. It's also great at helping to reduce stress levels, helping to boost mood, which I love, and it's great for helping to improve focus and in minimizing distractions. I didn't really know that about Frankincense, but when I use Frankincense, I am honed back into the task so I can get the things done that I had on my list to begin with. I don't know about you, but I love to check things off my list, so Frankincense is one of those oils that helps me to just check off those tasks as I go throughout the day.


Number four is Patchouli. Now, Patchouli is such a beautiful essential oil. It's so grounding, and I think about it as a really amazing emotional support oil. Specifically, it's great for anytime you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, Patchouli is amazing over the heart, on the wrist; I love it on the temples.  Patchouli is in Whisper, one of my favorite essential oil blends. I love that oil, and I always think of it as kind of my instant grounding, reset stress blend, kind of similar to balance. Those two are very similar for me, but I love to wear Whisper on my wrist, especially in the evening where I'm just trying to relax and get the things done that I need to get done for the evening. What I do love about Patchouli is that again, it's just great for diffusing. It's great for just helping to get you back in focus as you're able to kind of relieve any of that stress or any of those emotional tensions you could be dealing with.

Citrus Oils

Now, number five is citrus oils, and I can't begin to tell you how much citrus oils not only boost mood, but also energize the senses. Citrus Bliss, Motivate, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, oh, I can go on and on about the citrus oils, but they, again, they're those energy boosters, they're those great mood boosters. It's just such a great combination where you're using citruses with Motivate or using citruses with Peppermint and Frankincense. You kind of get all of the benefits of those oils.


That leads me to my last oil, which is Peppermint. Now Peppermint, as we know, it's got that amazing cooling sensation. I love the little tingle that it gives. One of my favorite little hacks, let's say, this is a Motivate roller. I love to pop the top of my Motivate roller, add a little bit more Peppermint into it, and then roll it the back of my neck behind the ears. Not only can I get that mental boost, but also I get that little extra tingle that energizes me as well. A great hack is to just add a little bit of Peppermint to whatever you're using to kind of give you that instant energy boost, so that you're kind of oxygenating the body and just really waking up the brain. Peppermint, wonderful oil to use to keep yourself focused and motivated.


Now really quickly, I wanted to just mention some of the oils that I love, particularly the blends. InTune is a great oil. It also has Patchouli in it. It has Frankincense, it has the Ylang Ylang, Lime and Sandalwood. These are all great concentration boosters. Motivate, as you know, is one of my absolute go-to favorite oils, again for boosting concentration and mental focus. It's got Clementine, Peppermint, and then Basil and Rosemary. Really, this is the go-to oil for really helping to create that mental and emotional kind of boost that you're looking for. Aroma Touch, Citrus Bliss, and Cheer, those are my other three favorite blends. What you're gonna do is you're going to figure out what blend is right for you and kind of your emotional and mental wellbeing. Play with these a little bit. I think you're going to find that some of them are really going to perk you up and get you going when you need it most.

How to Use Them

Then when it comes to all the oils that I mentioned today, I wanted to just let you know that these are all for topical and aromatic uses, so just applying them to the wrist, to the temples, breathing them in aromatically or even diffusing them at your work, when you're studying, or wherever it is that you need that extra energy, that extra memory, concentration boosts. That's going to be the best way to use these oils. Just wanted to share that with you. 

Daily Usage

Again, the last thing I wanted to mention is it's all about daily usage. The more that you're consistently using these oils throughout the day, I promise you're going to feel sharp, and you're going to feel ready to roll when it comes to any task that you are looking to tackle. I hope you begin to integrate these oils into your home. My goodness, they are by far the biggest needle mover when it comes to getting me focused and really creating the health and wellness that I desire.

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