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Episode 33: Should I Give My Kids Vitamins?

In this episode, Amanda Garibay talks about whether kids need vitamins and how they can support their health in ways you might not expect. She'll share which vitamins are best for kids and why.


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Hi, I am Amanda Garibay. I am a diamond leader in southern Oregon. I have been with doTERRA for seven years.

So I brought essential oils into my home to help my son. I wanted to help him with better focus. I wanted to help him with better communication and just overall brain support. What I didn't know was that bringing the oils into our home to help him was going to just create this entire lifestyle of wellness for my family. I have four kids I have a 17 year old, I have an 11 year old, an 8 year old, and a 5 year old. And thanks to doTERRA, in our home we really focus on what we're putting inside of our bodies.

Whatever it is that we're putting in our bodies and not putting in our bodies is going to determine the health of our tomorrows. The most important thing in this life is our health. Because when you have it, the amount of dreams that you can have is unlimited. But when you don't, what's the one dream that you have? It's your health, right?

So as parents it's our divine responsibility to make sure. That what's needed for our children's bodies to thrive is given to them. As a mom of four I want my kids to feel good. I want them to have more healthy days than not. I want them to have this super strong immune system. I want them to be able to focus and retain the information what they're learning at school. I want their cellular health to be strong. I mean our cells they make us. They should be healthy and thriving. And I really want them to be able to manage their emotions in a healthy manner. So I can hope for the best with all of these things or I can be proactive, and I can give them what their bodies need so that their tomorrows are more healthy.

Nourished Cells

So looking at all of these things that I want for my children. I know that I need to give them what's going to support these things in their body. So I talk about wanting them to have healthy cells for example. Well, the first step is making sure that those cells are nourished with the right vitamins and minerals. And since we're using essential oils, essential oils work on a cellular level. And they're gonna work even better if those cells are nourished.

So unfortunately, our foods, they don't have the same nutrients that they once did. So take an apple for an example, in order to get the nutrients of an apple from the 1950’s. We would have to eat at least five of today's apples. We simply just can't do that. Our diets are full of nutrition holes. So, we have to supplement to get the nutrients that our bodies need for optimal health.

Nutrients and doTERRA a2z Chewable™

And the A2Z Chewables are vitamins and minerals in whole food form. And one thing that I love about them for our children is that they go in and they fill all of these holes that they have in the nutrients inside of their body.

So our son he started with the AZ Chewables, but he then has moved on to Lifelong Vitality as he's grown up. But these supplements played such a huge factor in helping his brain and his body because his nutritional gap which was much larger than other children because he was super picky. His diet for many years consisted of chicken nuggets, pizza, grilled cheese, and ham sandwiches. And I really didn't know what to do to get the nutrients inside of his body that I knew that he needed. And AZ Chewables ended up being the answer for us. The holes in his diet were being filled with his daily vitamin. And every night I would go to bed knowing that at least he had what was inside of that vitamin inside of his body. So there's a superfood blend and that was giving him all of the fruits and vegetables that he wasn't willing to eat. Now, his palate it has changed so much so now he drinks juices he eats raw vegetables. But still he never misses his daily supplements.

So honestly it really goes even beyond the fact that our food isn't giving our kids what their bodies need. They are modern day humans living in a completely toxic soup of a world. There have been more than 80,000 new chemicals brought into our world since the 1950’s. We have jet fuel overhead. We have GMOs in our food, and all of this is leeching our mineral stores. Our children need whole foods supplements with vitamins and minerals that are going to go into their body and counteract the effects that the world we live in is having on them.

A2Z Chewables is the perfect solution with us with their super food blend their brain blend and all the vitamins and minerals that their bodies need in whole foods form.

Brain Health and IQ Mega

So speaking of the brain blend one of the things that I said that I wanted for my children is their focus and memory retention to be good. So these are things that we have struggled with in the past and a key supplement that has helped a lot with this in addition to the AZ Chewables is the IQ Mega.

So number one it tastes really good, it's Wild Orange. So we add this to smoothies every single morning. IQ Mega has essential fatty acids. So these are actually really essential for our body because our body doesn't make them. We have to get them from an outside source. And some of the things that essential fatty acids help in our bodies is energy. They are actually vital to every part of our cells inside of our body. What they do is they go in and they help to protect the cell from outside threats. They play a role in our hormone production. They play a role in our nervous system. They play a role in our digestive system. They're amazing for our heart health and our joint health. But the big thing in our home is our brain health.

Essential fatty acids are vital for our brain health. They go in and they nourish the brain and they can actually help with better focus and brain fog. So my 11 year old daughter. She has been using this for years. And if we ever find ourselves out of the habit, we can instantly notice that her focus and attention is more off. And our son's brain, he needed support as he tried to fumble through learning and working on better verbal and written communication. IQ Mega has been one of the most important pieces for this.

So inside of the IQ Mega is omega 3’s, and omega 3’s actually can help with the emotional part of our brain. When we're deficient in omega 3’s. Some of our important feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin will be deficient. Right now, in our world we have an epidemic of sad and anxious children. And when we look at our diet and the lack of use of effective supplements that help with our emotional health this really isn't shocking to me. As parents we have to help our children by giving their bodies what they need. We need to give them a chance by doing our part.

My 8-year-old, she is my emotional child, and when we're consistent with our IQ Mega with her we experience much fewer emotional outbursts with her. It really is like night and day between the different moods that we can experience with her. So especially because of this we have a stock of IQ Mega because I don't want her to ever feel out of control with her emotions. 

Gut Health and PB Assist® Jr.

So I talked about the feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin. Not everyone realizes that these are created inside of our gut. Our guts are responsible for so much. The majority of our immune system is in there and the majority of the neurotransmitters are actually created inside of our gut. And if our gut isn't given the healthy bacteria that it needs, our immune system is compromised, our brain function struggles, our focus struggles, our sleep struggles, our emotions struggles.

So I want you to think about your gut as the momma of your body. And if mommy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. When there's not enough good bacteria in our gut the communication between our gut and our brain is going to suffer. So when this happens we start to experience more irritable moments, more sadness, more anxious feelings. We struggle with focusing and of course, our immune system suffers. When our gut is healthy it tells our brain it's OK to feel good again. And I want my kids to feel good. I don't want them to have too many sad moments. I don't want them to have too many anxious moments. I don't want them to have trouble with managing their emotions. My children feeling good is the most important thing in my world.

We use PB Assist Jr. It's a probiotic and that is going to help support the gut. It puts the good bacteria in the gut so that that communication between their gut and the brain isn't suffering. It's helping with their immune system. It's helping with their digestive system. And it's helping their body to actually absorb more nutrients from the foods and the supplements that they are taking. And my kids love it because it tastes like a pixie stick. They never let me forget their daily PB Assist Jr. And honestly if I have a sweet tooth I go and I steal one from them because they are so good.

Proactive Health

The thing is, as parents, the more that we know, the better that we can do for them. I've dedicated years to learning about what is going to help my children to feel good and to have optimal health. And we've experienced firsthand what these powerful supplements can do in their bodies. Proactive health is vital. What we put in our bodies today Is influencing our health of our tomorrows and with AZ Chewables, IQ Mega and PB Assist Jr. you can know that you're doing your part by giving them what their bodies need.

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