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Episode 76: Taking Care of Your Body Inside and Out

doTERRA: Essential oils can be taken internally, used topically or aromatically. With their incredible versatility, you can always find something to help. And today, we want to show you how to incorporate essential oils into every part of your personal health.

Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA, the podcast where you'll hear exciting, useful, and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field. If you like what you hear today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. We always appreciate hearing from you.

Today, we're excited to talk to Nicole Moultrie about how she uses essential oils to support her whole-body health. Nicole, thank you so much for coming and talking with us today. We're so excited about this fun, fun topic we get to talk about.

Nicole Moultrie: Thanks so much for having me! I am just as excited to be here as well.

doTERRA: So this topic is kind of multifaceted, so we want to make sure that we're taking care of our health in a few different ways. So the first is taking care of yourself on the inside, and then taking care of yourself on the outside, as well as making sure that you're taking care of your environment.

Nicole: I love those. Isn't it amazing that we have the options to actually have the ability to take care of ourselves in all those different ways?

doTERRA: It truly is, and the versatility that comes with, you know, the oils that we're about to talk about and the subjects we're about to talk about is amazing.

Nicole: Couldn't agree more.

doTERRA: So my first question is geared a little bit more toward the internal health side. How can I use essential oils internally to help me with my cellular health?

Essential Oils and Cellular Health

Nicole: I love this question because this has become one of my favorite ways to use and maximize essential oils. There's such versatility in taking oils internally, and it's really kind of fun if you're new to taking oils or you've been taking them for a long time, whether it's topically or aromatically, or you're just venturing into the internal use. I want to encourage you to just jump right in.

There are so many health benefits, including cellular health. You've got support in combating oxidative stress and antioxidant support. It can aid, when we take essential oils internally, in cellular detoxification. You've got, you know, the list goes on and on. You can promote healthy cell proliferation and healthy cells. It's just a really incredible way to, again, utilize another amazing way to maximize the benefits of essential oils.

Beginning to Use Essential Oils Internally

So how do I get started? Now, one of my favorite ways to take essential oils internally would be through Veggie Capsules. I love having the option of getting the benefits while taking them internally but maybe not also smelling like the essential oils.

Now, how do I get started when I want to use essential oils internally? One of my favorite oils to use internally is Melissa. Now Melissa is incredible for cellular health. And one of my favorite ways to take Melissa internally is using Veggie Capsules, so you can go ahead and add one to two drops to a Veggie Capsule to support your immune system, to support your cellular health. Also, Melissa comes in our On Guard Softgels, which we all love convenience. Right?

So you have the versatility, again, of using that essential oil in a premade softgel. You can use one to two drops of—again, Melissa is one of my favorite oils to use—and it's a strong oil. So I always tell people just start out with one drop. You'll get the benefit. You'll notice your body react to it. But even more than that, even more incredible than the effect you get is what's happening on the inside and what your cells—the support they're getting at a cellular level.

Some other incredible oils that support our cellular health that I love to take internally are DDR prime. We know a lot about Frankincense and the support that this can give to our cells. I love having that option, and again, like I said, it really becomes fun when you start to switch up your daily routine. And Melissa is definitely an oil that we try to incorporate every single day in our daily habits.

doTERRA: I love that recommendation. And like you said, these oils are very strong, and you're going to start to notice these changes.

Nicole: That’s why I’m always like, one drop. Let’s start with one drop when we're just starting, directly into our mouth or even mixing with a little bit of water.

doTERRA: Right! So my next question is focused on internal health as well. And it's a topic that I think is on a lot of people's minds, and that's your immune health. So how can I use essential oils internally to help support my immune function.

Nicole: I love this question because why not get as many benefits or uses of essential oils in our daily routine and into our lives as we can. Let's get all the benefits. Right?

doTERRA: Right.

Turmeric and Immune Support

Nicole: So one of my favorite, favorite ways, again we talked about using it internally, but I love this for immune support is Turmeric. I love this oil, and I want to tell you a little bit about some of the health benefits that come from internal use of Turmeric.

A lot of people are familiar with Turmeric because it supports a healthy inflammatory response. It may enhance cellular antioxidant enzymes. We call this a nervous system’s best friend. It can support healthy circulation of the body. Again, when we're taking things internally, even topically, but we're supporting that healthy cellular detoxification. And what's really interesting about our bodies is our cells want to—they want to function and create a homeostasis.

We talk about this a lot. And what's incredible about, again, let's just use Turmeric for an example, is this is going to help your body be able to do that and may just support and assist that healthy homeostasis in that process, which is amazing.

Tips for Using Turmeric

Now we're really lucky here in doTERRA to have Turmeric oil available in softgels. This is, again, a great way to take them. You'll hear this from me all the time. I'm like, “Let's put it in a softgel.” It's amazing! You can create—you can make your own Veggie Capsules. I love doTERRA’s option in that.

I know a lot of people are fans of this, but you can create or make a Turmeric latte or Turmeric tea. There's amazing recipes. There's actually—one of my favorite recipes is actually on the doTERRA blog. If you're looking for a Turmeric latte recipe.

It's just such an incredible oil that is great at supporting our immune function and overall well-being. I can't say enough about that. And just, again, another way to support our immune system by taking it internally just by starting with those little tips and tricks.

doTERRA: And I love that. And I love that there's so many ways to take it internally. If you find out you don't like the taste of Turmeric in a latte then take it in a Veggie Cap or take it in a way that works best for you.

Nicole: I love it. Turmeric—I don't love the actual taste of it. So I am always trying to find different ways that we can get it into our systems without kind of having to taste that really strong taste. So—like I said—softgels, the Veggie Capsules, mixing it with a tea or a latte or some type of option. So we're getting everything we want without sacrificing having that taste or the scent we're not necessarily drawn to right away.

doTERRA: Absolutely. So shifting now to the outside of our body, how can I utilize essential oils on the outside of my body to help cleanse my skin and keep it healthy?

Tea Tree and Topical Application

Nicole: This is a really great question. And when we're talking about—let's talk about one of my favorite oils that I love to use to cleanse the skin: this is Tea Tree. Tried and true, tea tree is an incredible support when we're talking about all facets of the skin. But when we specifically talk about cleansing, I love that it is so mild yet effective.

Tips for Using Tea Tree

For a few ways that we love to use it or that I have used it for years is occasional skin irritations, you can use one to two drops and apply to the affected area. Of course, you can add a little bit of coconut oil to help with the absorption. You can do one to two drops, add that to your facial cleanser. You're going to get added cleansing properties. Or you can even—I love this tip. This is really great. If you can add it to your skin after shaving to, you know, if anybody's getting—you're struggling with just after-shave irritation, it's a really great little tip right there.

Another way that I love to use Tea Tree is you can apply it to your fingernails, your toenails, after you shower to purify and keep your nails looking healthy. If you've got occasional skin eruptions, this is something that can be applied directly to the area. And again, what I love about it is it is mild and super effective from the eldest member of our household all the way down to the youngest member of our household, where Tea Tree applied topically works so effectively. It just has so many different uses.

I do want to add, even though we're talking about our skin and rejuvenation and cleansing, you can add a few drops to a spray bottle and use it on your surfaces as a cleaning agent or a purifying agent. If you put it in the air, one of my favorite diffuser blends right now has Tea Tree in it. It’s Tea Tree, Peppermint, Wild Orange, and Lemon. And it’s just so invigorating and so cleansing, so cleansing to your face, cleansing to the air. it's just—it's one of my very favorite oils. I love that we can, again, the versatility is incredible.

doTERRA: And I loved what you said at the beginning of your answer: it's tried and it's true. And it's one that's been around for so long, and so many people have gotten incredible results from using Tea Tree.

Nicole: I think it's one of the most commonly recognized oils, for sure.

doTERRA: Right! So what if maybe—you know—I haven't been as nice to my body as I should have. And—you know—I've had a really hard workout or just a really long day. What essential oil can I use to help when I'm just really feeling those effects?

Deep Blue® and Topical Application

Nicole: I'm walking into the house a little slower. I think it's interesting. I haven't been quite as nice to my body as I should have. You know what I'm going to say as we reach for, again, a hero product in our doTERRA lineup of blends. And I love Deep Blue oil. And I think we talk about these tried-and-true products because use after use after use or trial after trial of trial they always perform, even meet and exceed expectations.

So after you haven’t been so nice to your body, and we've had an extreme workout or a long day, or maybe you've sat at the desk all day, and you've experienced some tension, what I love about this Deep Blue is when you use it topically it can almost provide relief to sore, tired muscles after, like, a long day—like you said—or gosh, that hike—you know—ended up being seven miles instead of the three that I initially planned on. And it's in every blend that I mix up to support those types of feelings of tension or discomfort.

Using Deep Blue

You can simply apply it to the area that needs that extra care. I love that a little bit of a tingling effect that you get from our Peppermint. It's such a beautiful blend of Wintergreen and Helichrysum and Ylang Ylang and Blue Tansy and several more—German Chamomile—that it's just, it almost makes me take a deep breath just thinking about it and feeling my shoulders relax a bit just from the use after use.

I love, again, this is an oil blend that can be used from the eldest member in your household to younger aged kids. That's just—it's just amazing. We are a very active, athletic family. We like to do a lot of things, whether we're in the mountains or we're in the water or we are playing different types of sports. This Deep Blue comes in handy with those long days and maybe overtraining. So I too hear you on the need for the Deep Blue oil.

doTERRA: Yes, and like you said, after you've used it again and again and gotten those results, even just thinking about it or smelling it you're like, “Oh, I know this is going to work.” And you start to just know that you're about to get a little bit of relief.

Nicole: And I think when we talk to people in the essential oil world, and especially in our doTERRA essential oil, it's one of the things that we share the most because we know people have an immediate experience with it.

So we're like, “Here, try this. Here try this,” or “Oh, this is in my athletic bag.” The list goes on and on for the benefits that Deep Blue can provide. And it's just an incredible, immediate—like I said—almost immediate relief oil.

doTERRA: I absolutely agree. So, Nicole, finally we want to switch over to our environment. How can I use essential oils to make sure I'm taking care of my environment and creating a custom environment for myself?

Nicole: I love that you use the word customize or control my environment or create my own environment. That's really powerful. That is an empowering visual that you just created with those words, and I think it's an amazing thing to say that we have any control in being able to do that.

Essential Oils and Aromatic Use

And so, I want to talk a little bit about aromatic use here. And we know that the quickest way to have an effect on our environment is through the air. So simply by putting one to two drops in your hands, rubbing it together, taking a deep breath in. And if you're listening now, I would encourage you to do that. Go ahead and take your favorite oil out, put one or two drops in your hand, take a deep breath, and breathe in. And doesn't that feel better? It feels so enlightening. You feel lighter. You know, you increase your oxygen intake just from taking a little bit of control over your environment.

The Science Behind Aromatic Use

And I think it's fascinating, aromatic use. We'll talk just a teeny bit about science because I think it's fascinating. Right between the bridge of your nose between your eyes, right here, this—if you could see me, you know pinching my nose. You've got your olfactory nerve and directly linked above that it ties into our limbic system.

And our limbic system, we know, is our emotional driver seat. This is where our memories are stored and our emotions are stored. And so, when you think of your favorite scent maybe that's in the mountains, we referenced hiking, maybe that's in the mountains. And you can smell the fresh, clean mountain air. Or maybe that's the ocean air. You're at the beach. Or it's freshly cut grass. Whatever it is, when you smell that instantly our environment changes, our senses are activated. And that is extremely powerful.

Using Island Mint Aromatically

So let's take something, and I just have this at my desk in front of me, I have one of my favorite blends. It's a summertime blend, and its name is Island Mint. If some of you remember Island Mint, we had this as an LTO, limited time offer oil. And I'm so glad I have some, but it's a combination of Lime and Lemon and Spruce and Peppermint.

And when I open the bottle, put a drop or two in my hands and rub it together, I can feel my entire senses, they're activated and being able to put a few drops in the diffuser or few drops in my hands and to change your environment, to uplift it, to invigorate it, to change the energy and the mood of the environment makes me excited. It makes me really grateful, especially—or it doesn't matter whatever space or time of day or life you're living, it's an incredibly powerful tool to have that ability to just, again, change your environment with something as simple as a few essential oils.

The summertime blend is one of my favorites. I think it's so fitting because when I open up the bottle, I smile when I smell it because it reminds me of summer.

doTERRA: And I love that, and I think you're so right. Like you explained what the science—the scent has a way of reminding us of some of our favorite places or our favorite memories and helping us feel those good emotions again.

Nicole: I agree. I love it. It's fun when we talk to people, you know, I want you to think of your favorite your scent. Think of one of your favorite smells. You know, maybe grandma's cooking. And everyone starts to get smiles on their faces as they start to remember what it is. You know?

And I'm sure my children will remember Lavender and Serenity and these different oils and say, “Oh, that reminds me of my mom,” because we use it so often at our home. Tea Tree and Deep Blue and Melissa and all the oils that we talked about today hopefully will remind them of me and their home life.

doTERRA: Absolutely. Well Nicole thank you so much for coming and talking with us today, for sharing your tips and tricks and all of your wonderful advice on taking care of our bodies inside and out.

Nicole: Thank you for having me. I hope this has been helpful. I hope that you dive into some of these oils or start getting them out if you haven't already had them out. And get into those daily routines to be able to take control of your health internally, externally, and being able to customize your environment. Thanks so much for having me!

doTERRA: Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you liked what you heard today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. Also, if you want to try any of the products you learned about, go to or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today.

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