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Episode 85: Finding Relief from Discomfort, PURSUE 2020

doTERRA: Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA, the podcast where you’ll hear exciting, useful, and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field. If you like what you hear today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. We always appreciate hearing from you. Today, we’re continuing in our special series providing you with all of the best highlights from this week’s 2020 PURSUE Connection.

Today started with a special message from doTERRA founding executive Emily Wright. She gave a message of hope for everyone in these unprecedented times.

Emily Wright: At times, fear and discouragement threaten to overtake us. But I want you to remember this: you are not alone! Together, we can be an influence for good in a world of uncertainty. So, reach out to each other. Let your light shine. Support each other. Give, even when it seems hard. You have something so beautiful to offer the world. I promise that when we focus on others, we will experience an added measure of hope and joy in our own lives.

doTERRA: Emily also took some time to touch on what it is that makes doTERRA so different from other companies that surround us.

Emily: But doTERRA is also so much more than an essential oils company. Our mission is to empower through purity—pure products, pure business practices, pure intention, and the pure love of humanity. Pursuing pure business practices means doing things the right way, which is often the hard way. The business world is fast-paced and can be fiercely competitive, but that does not mean we have to sacrifice standards to be successful.

doTERRA: Next, founding executive Corey Lindley spoke about the care that doTERRA takes in sourcing essential oils from the best locations, always keeping in mind the effect they are having on the communities they work with. He told a beautiful story of a family in Kenya whose lives were changed through working with doTERRA.

Corey Lindley: Several years ago, we started to work with some growers in Southern Kenya to grow Tea Tree. I remember one family in particular, where the parents had many children and relied solely on their small 2–3 acre farm for their sustenance. They grew watermelon and some vegetables, and they sold them in the local markets. It was always hit and miss as to what their income would be because of weather, crop quality, and even the demand in the market. When they were approached about growing Tea Tree for us, they were a bit skeptical, but agreed to put 1/3 of their farm in Tea Tree because of our agreement to fund the seedlings for them.

I remember being there as the first harvest occurred, and our team in Kenya helped them with the harvest. And we weighed the harvest foliage, and we paid them on the spot. They were surprised to be paid immediately and were even more amazed that the amount they received was more than four times the amount they would have received from their prior crops on that land. They were excited to be able to fully fund the schooling needs of their children in advance with excess money available for their other needs.

This is the first time they had ever been able to do that, and I’ll forever remember the smile on their faces! It was priceless! Well, today, they have all of their available land planted in Tea Tree. And their neighbors are wanting to do the same!

doTERRA: Following Corey, we were able to hear more about how doTERRA’s sourcing is providing an impact for good with the individuals and communities we work with. Emily Wright spoke with Tim Valentiner, vice president of global strategic sourcing and Georges-Edouard Elie, one of doTERRA’s sourcing partners in Haiti. Tim described how the initial sourcing trip to Haiti helped to bring about the doTERRA Co-impact Sourcing initiative.

Tim Valentiner: I had only been with doTERRA for about four or five months at that point. And once we learned about this oil, wanted to go on the ground, work—you know—to see where the plants are being harvested, how the farmers were organized, and really understand more about the oil and the distillation process. That was the original objective, but then—once we got to the community in the area—it opened up a whole world of there's so much that can be done here to link social impact and our humanitarian work with Healing Hands directly in the communities where we're sourcing.

doTERRA: Tim was able to tell some of the story of the origins of the Co-Impact Sourcing initiative. And in the following panel, he was joined by Bishnu Adhikari, doTERRA’s director of Co-impact Sourcing, to delve more in-depth into the principles of Co-impact Sourcing, how they came about, and how they are working in practice around the world.

Tim: In terms of Co-Impact Sourcing model development and yeah, Haiti was such a big part of that genesis. And really, six years ago, when we—Emily and Brandon and I—were able to go to Haiti, it really was trying to identify opportunity and there was clearly a massive opportunity there in terms of filling a lot of the gaps of what—a lot of good things had been started already. But we really, with our partner, but we saw that there was opportunity to do more. And this helped lead to the vision of what we ultimately tried to accomplish of improving our organization of our supply chain and just how and where we got our oils and being very deliberate about that. Through this, we decided to build a framework, which you know now has become our sourcing guiding principles.

There are eight of them. And they really just help define what we want our partnerships to look like. How can we better prioritize farmers? And how can we make sure that everyone's being treated fairly along the whole supply chain? This is all happening through fair and on time payments, through prepayments at times—when needed—through trainings, through investments that we can make on the ground with our partners or even you know on our own in some cases where necessary, and ultimately just providing a commitment to the people that we're working with that they know that we're committed to them and that they can have the security and knowledge and know that they can commit to us as well.

Bishnu Adhikari: As we talk about in our definition of Co-Impact Sourcing, there needs to be shared value for all throughout the supply chains where we are working around the world, in now actually 45 five plus countries. This framework allows us to responsibly work in a diverse set of countries, including developing countries, where we can empower and help more people.

doTERRA: The afternoon session was all about finding relief. Each of us has moments where our bodies don’t feel as good as we want them to, and sometimes we end up turning to synthetic solutions to try and help. In this afternoon session, we heard from doctors and essential oil experts about how to instead turn to the natural solutions doTERRA offers.

First, Dr. Paul Winterton spoke of issues that exist in our society with the way that the majority of the medical field approaches discomfort, turning exclusively to synthetic options that can at times cause further issues. However, he has a vision for moving forward.

Dr. Paul Winterton: We're currently moving toward promoting the philosophy of “self-efficacy,” or in other words, fostering the confidence in oneself and our intrinsic natural capacity to manage this discomfort cycle. This "self-efficacy" has been unequivocally proven existent, strong, and effective within the psyche of our patients, creating resilience that produces the ability to recover from setbacks and/or adapt in stressful, uncomfortable situations.

doTERRA: Dr. Winterton integrates essential oils seamlessly into his practice as an orthopedic surgeon and has seen incredible benefits from doing so. He expressed his hope that other practices can learn from the success he and others have seen integrating essential oils into healthcare.

Dr. Winterton: So, here’s to the future of essential oils and their soothing, supportive capacities for patients who are struggling with discomfort!

doTERRA: Of course, we know that the power and utility of essential oils stretches far and wide beyond the doctor’s office. Kristen Pardue, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and registered dietitian spoke next about her experience with the power of a healthy diet and proper supplementation. She shared how she encountered some serious health issues in her life and how through adjusting her diet and focusing on what her body needed, she was able to completely overhaul her health. Additionally, she shared her experience integrating the Lifelong Vitality Pack into her family’s daily routine.

Kristen Pardue: Nutrition and high-quality supplementation are absolutely key to sustaining healthy bodies. So if you or a loved one are struggling like I used to, I promise that there’s hope. My own journey is proof of that. Our bodies can do amazing things if we give them the right tools. So give your body what it needs to thrive and feel better than you ever have.

doTERRA: After Kristen, we were able to take a deep dive into five well-loved doTERRA products. First, Dr. Hill looked at Deep Blue. He shared how each oil in the Deep Blue blend has been specially chosen for a particular purpose and works together to enhance the overall value of the blend. He taught about how to utilize the full line of Deep Blue products for each kind of discomfort you encounter in your life. And finally, he gave an in-depth breakdown into each of the oils within the blend and the purpose they serve. The products in the Deep Blue family can help you to gain control over the discomfort in your life and find the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

Dr. David Hill: I believe that when we fully engage in our own health practices, when we improve lifestyle, provide proper nutrition, and utilize the benefits of essential oils, change and improvement is always possible.

doTERRA: Next, Emily Wright shared why she loves Helichrysum which, as was announced on the first day of PURSUE 2020, will now be available in a Touch. She shared the incredible ways that Helichrysum has helped her as she’s used this powerful oil and urged everyone to keep Helichrysum on hand so that you’ll have it when you need it most.

Emily: Helichrysum has a rich history. Besides “golden sun,” it is also known as “everlasting” and “immortal.” These golden flowers grow on steep mountain slopes and do not wilt, which is how it got its nicknames. In ancient times, Helichrysum was used as an anti-aging skin nourisher and has been used for generations to rejuvenate skin. It’s no wonder that it is one of the most restorative essential oils, especially for skin.

doTERRA: Dr. Scott Johnson is an essential oil expert who has written several books about the science and chemistry of essential oils. He talked in depth about an essential oil that has quickly become a household favorite: Copaiba. Specifically, he spoke about how Copaiba can be incredibly influential in helping to manage discomfort that we may feel as well as promoting a healthy inflammatory response. He shared an analogy about what happens when your body starts to experience broader or longer-lasting discomfort.

Dr. Scott Johnson: In essence, sensors on cells in your muscles become short-circuited, causing the central nervous system to make signals of discomfort stronger. Think of this process in relation to your car horn. You have a pad on your steering wheel that can be pressed. This pad is like the sensors in your muscles and other areas of the body outside the brain. When you press the pad, a circuit is activated that sends a signal to the horn under the hood—the horn in this case being your brain. In response, the horn sends communication back, which is the sound of your horn. If you continue to hold down the pad and send the signal, the noise from the horn persists. Similarly, in some circumstances, your peripheral nervous system can malfunction and begin to constantly send signals to the brain. These signals create a louder signal of discomfort that is sent back from the brain. It’s like someone’s constantly pressing the horn pad of your peripheral nervous system. Copaiba essential oil does a remarkable job of supporting a healthy inflammatory response so that this response can do its protective job and resolve appropriately.

doTERRA: To wrap up the deep dives into products, Alex DaBell, director of nutraceutical development and innovation for doTERRA, spoke about two supplements that doTERRA offers: the Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules and the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex. He spoke to the innovative design of the Dual Capsules and why the powdered turmeric combined with the Turmeric essential oil makes such a powerful pairing. Additionally, he echoed some of what Dr. Hill said regarding the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex and the powerful effect it can have helping with occasional discomfort.

Alex DaBell: If you are looking for relief and want my professional opinion, I recommend using both the Turmeric Duocaps and Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex for a one-two punch. You will support your body’s healthy inflammatory response and ease discomfort, all while having another option to lesser alternatives.

doTERRA: Finally, the afternoon was wrapped up by Dr. Brannick Riggs and Roxanne Harris as they answered some of the top questions people have about using doTERRA products for relief in their lives, including things like using supplements with yourself and children, which products to use when, and the best times to use certain products.

If you’re wanting to learn more, you can find out more information about using doTERRA products for relief by listening to today’s full session, checking out the education resources on, or reaching out to your upline.

Thank you so much for joining us today for this special PURSUE 2020 episode. If you would like to join in on all of the action live, there are still tickets available! Just go to to find all of the registration information. There are many more exciting sessions coming up that you do not want to miss. And of course, subscribe today so that you don’t miss any of the exciting updates as we continue to pursue what’s pure.

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