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Episode 20: How Do Emotions Play a Role in Our Weight?

This episode Angela Villa talks about the importance of weight management, how emotions play a role in your weight, and how you can use essential oils to address those emotions.


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Hi, everyone. My name is Angela Villa and I am, well, I'm a Blue Diamond with doTERRA. Now, I only share that I'm a Blue Diamond because I want people to know that I have just had a lot of conversations with people about essential oils. That's really all it means, and I'm excited today to have a conversation with all of you about something that's very, very near and dear to my heart, and I'm going to say it's about weight management, and you're gonna go, "I don't understand. Weight Management, how is that near and dear to your heart?” Well, I have spent the last several years looking at and understanding why weight management is an important thing and how our emotions are tied to it. Let me tell you a little bit about me first and maybe that will help you.

A Life of Extreme Dieting and Negative Results

So, my entire life I have been overweight. In junior high, I was probably about 200 pounds and at the most as an adult, three hundred and forty-five. So, I know a lot about living in a body that didn't feel right. I talk a lot about feel right and more emotional things because we have to respect honor and love our bodies no matter what. And I'm going to go into that more. But I spent the majority of my life as an overweight individual. And I was one who was on every diet, every diet you can imagine. And I now call dieting extreme because it really is. We go to extreme places in our head when we just think of the word diet and all that it really means is the food that you eat in a day, nothing more than that, but we take it to a level of negativity. 

So, I have been pretty much I could write front and back a lined piece of paper of every diet I've ever been on in my life and I could probably continue past front and back. It got really bad. And the more I dieted, the higher my weight got. I mean that's just the reality of it all. 

A Reality Check

And it was about two years ago. So, I've been doing the oils for seven years, well, eight years, we're going on eight, but it was only about two years ago that I just I had a reality check. You know we're really diving into the emotional side of the oils. And I became really interested in the thoughts that we think and the emotions that we have behind words or actions. 

And I was in my home and I had to run my daughter—I have five girls, one boy, so six kids—and I had to run my daughter to a Saturday morning activity, and it was at that time I had to grab something to eat really quick because I hadn't eaten yet. And I simply grabbed a string cheese and I ate it and the thought that came to my head was, "This is gonna make you fat." 

For the first time in my life, I literally stopped right in place like it was one of those moments where you’re like “Who said that?” you know? Because we typically don't address the thoughts that run through our head on autopilot. They just go, they go and they go and they go and with the emotions we have after those thoughts, it just happens, it just happens, there's nothing we can do about it. 

For the first time in my life I stopped and addressed it, and I said out loud, "Well that's not true. It's just cheese!" And then I went on my merry way. 


And after that I had this awakening to what spiraled after I typically will have a thought like that. What spiraled and our emotions start to take over when we think a certain way, right? So, we think a certain way; we feel a certain way; and then we act a certain way. It's all connected. 

So, I started playing around with a few of the oils because I know how powerful they are. And I brought those into my routine. Every time I would have an emotion on a word I would I would change a word. Like for instance food became fuel because I had zero emotional attachment to the word fuel, and then I would hook it to an essential oil. Now, I’m going to talk a little bit about that. 

Emotional Weight Loss

Emotional weight loss is kind of a program that I created, and I've fallen absolutely in love with because it helps us understand that there's so much more to our weight, our fat, our bodies, than just what we're being told by society. And so, I needed to address what was stronger than any diet. And that was my emotions. My emotions were stronger than any diet out there. 

What is Fat? 

So, if I break down what fat is to help you better understand it, you're going to understand that it has an emotional and a physical side. 

So, if we look at what fat is, it's insulation. We need insulation. If you fall that's going to hurt. And without insulation it's going to hurt worse. So, it's a good thing right. Protection—our fat keeps us protected on the physical level. It stores fuel. This is all good stuff. It absorbs vitamins. Without it, we're not going to get any absorption and without absorption we don't have all the beautiful benefits right. And it stores away toxins those fat cells get called in. They literally protect our vital organs by storing away toxins and pulling it away from the good stuff in our body that we want to keep safe. 

So, if you think about what fat is, it’s so important; it's something that we need. It's good, until it's not anymore. When we have too much, we've got a problem. 

The Emotional Side of Fat

So, let me tell you the emotional side of fat. And something that I really had to understand. Fat is an emotional protector for anyone who's had any kind of trauma in their life. We have found it necessary to protect ourselves physically and emotionally with fat.

So, I lost a sister when I was very young to a drowning accident, and I was the one sister who survived. And for the most part of my young, young life, I didn't want to be seen. I needed to hide. I didn't want to be blamed. And so, my body went into action, and it did what I kept telling it to do was hide, protect, you know, shy away. So, it did what I was literally telling it to do. And I never addressed that until recently. And so, when I was putting it all together it made sense. It made sense that my body naturally protects itself because that's all I've ever understood, right? It physically and emotionally protects itself. 

Now fat on the emotional level. There's so much, and I'm such a huge fan of Louise Hay and I know that many, many of the people who follow and have learned from me are as well. And there's a quote here. 

"People often spend years and years fighting fat and are still overweight. They blame their problems on being overweight. The excess weight is only an outer effect of a deeper inner problem. It is always fear and a need for protection when we feel frightened or insecure or not good enough. Many of us will put on that extra weight for protection." 

That is key. I hope people really lock into that quote and understand because then you can see how powerful your emotions are and how simply we can address them utilizing so many of doTERRA's products and oils. 

Healing on an Emotional Level

OK so first things first, we have to heal and what that means is on the emotional level. I preach and teach the essential oils do not heal or they're don't, you know, prevent, treat or cure anything. We do that work. Our bodies are amazing machines. We do that. 

So, but what we need to do with our emotions is we need to heal them. We need to get better up here. We just we need to get better up here, we need to stop the extreme dieting, the chaotic thinking, we need to change the conversation going on in our heads. 

Together with emotional work and physical work, right? Eating to heal. Our food—it's either where you are going to eat to heal or eat to kill. That's how it works. That's what food offers us, two options really. And so, if we stop obsessing and we think of it as overall healing, we become kinder to our bodies. We look for ways to do better. Right? It's that whole when you know better, you do better. It's the same thing. 

So, what I have done is I have worked to change a conversation to teach people that you can't change what you hate. So, stop trying to hate yourself to a better body. It's not going to work. 

First things first is food. And what I love about how I teach people to eat is we eat to never take away. We always eat the food that's provided for us on this earth. It's great. Don't be extreme unless you have dietary needs. You don't need to be extreme. 

Slim and Sassy® Metabolic Blend

And that is where Slim and Sassy comes into play. One of my most favorite oils to utilize, at first, I'm not going to lie, when I first got into the oils, I was like repelled by Slim and Sassy because first of all I had all these emotions behind “slim, sassy,” right? They're just words. They're just words. Now it's like well we should call it Slim and Sexy, right? This is amazing. Embrace it. Love it. But anyway, let's get back to the point, another tangent.  

Slim and Sassy is a wonderful essential oil that addresses the metabolism, it addresses cravings, it addresses blood sugar balancing. It's going to help uplift the mood just like citrus oils are known for. It's going to help with that feeling of fullness, which is peppermint is wonderful for. All in one blend. Slim and Sassy is amazing. OK. This one cannot be left out, even if you're repelled by the name. Do the work and you'll get over that. 

But I want to talk about Slim and Sassy on the emotional level because it does so much more. Slim and Sassy is a reminder of your total and inner beauty. And we forget that. We forget that we are enough right now. We are perfect as we are. And when you try to live in a place where you are not enough right now, you will never achieve what you're hoping to achieve because you will constantly stay in that world of not enough. So, I love to utilize that on the emotional level to remind myself that I don't have to change to have beauty, it's already there, and now I'm just going to grow from that. I'm just going to grow from that. 

Essential Oils and Emotions

Our emotions are strong. They play a massive role in weight loss. I mean more than you will ever realize. Our emotions are strong, and I want to tell you about how to quickly adjust emotions and adding essential oils are powerful. 

So, first and foremost, we need to be in a constant state of gratitude. Think about this. Whenever somebody gives us a gift, we're thankful right and we have that immediate emotional signature lights up in our body. Gratitude. I'm thankful I got a gift. But what if we could trigger that response all the time and it simply by living in a state of gratitude. When we're in a state of gratitude our body is already believing that it's receiving something because that emotional signature of gratitude means it's already happened, and you can partner that with the oils. 

So, if you are living in a state of gratitude and you choose to go to your Slim and Sassy and remind yourself that you're grateful for that beautiful inner beauty that you already have, your body is going to respond, right? 

Lemon Essential Oil

You go to your Lemon. Lemon essential oil is another one I use. It's amazing for helping to the body to push through what needs to be pushed through and get out. It uplifts that mood. And it's also known to help you be able to focus. Have you ever been just in such a good mood that you can focus on things just a little bit better. A little bit cleaner, a little bit more clear. That's the same as Lemon. So, if I want to focus on changing the way I feel about myself, I can go to those places and utilize those oils, but I can also drink the Lemon to help with flushing the body, eliminating toxins good things, like that. 

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®

The next product that I absolutely tell everybody is a must in this process is the Lifelong Vitality. Because here's the thing, we can do the emotional stuff and it's wonderful. But when we do the emotional stuff, we have a change of heart. We start to love ourselves a little more and we start to have a need to want to feed ourselves better, to fuel ourselves better, to do the things that support the body in a way that the body desires. 

So, it's hard for me to work with someone on a diet who doesn't have a basic foundation. This is a foundation. It's like it goes in and it fills in those holes that you're missing. So, when someone comes to me and says, “Oh, I have all these sugar cravings.” I think well, “Are you on the lifelong vitality? Have you filled in all the holes that could potentially cause those cravings because your body is lacking so much,” right? If they say, “no,” I say, “well let's start on the Lifelong Vitality. Let's fill in those gaps and then we'll measure 30 days later how you're feeling or however you need.” This is what I did myself. So, I want you to know that. The Lifelong Vitality gives you the energy you need. It gives you the things that your body is already craving and so it's such a phenomenal staple. 

The Slim and Sassy gum. It's helpful to be able to chew a piece of gum and have your mood picked up just a little bit more, right. We know, we can't deny citrus oils. They do what they do. 


So, going back to the emotional side of the oils, how can we use oils to address our emotions is we get clear on what we're looking to achieve. If your goal is, "I want to lose weight, I hate my body." It's never gonna happen. You're gonna continue to hate your body. You cannot change what you hate. 

How we can use essential oils to address the emotional needs, the emotional weight loss, is we can do meditation work. No, I'm not kidding. Meditation is like a shower if you will. You know how you shower each morning, so you can get the grime off your body? Well, when you wake up every day, meditation allows you that time to clear your mind of all the grime, all the grime because we face grime every day. Our news feeds, right, the news. Our children yelling the second we wake up, right? All the negativity that form bombards us as grime. So, take that time to get quiet. 

Forgive® Essential Oil Blend

Bring out, let's bring out, Forgive. Forgive essential oil, another. These are so key to what I've been able to do with the emotional weight loss. Forgive essential oil is one that I use a lot when I get quiet and I remove that grime from my mind. If I don't get serious about what thoughts run through my head, then all the thoughts are always going to run through my head. All the opinions of others, opinions of the people on TV, the opinions of the magazines. I need to get clear. 

So, I take that time. Maybe it's a minute maybe it's 10 minutes. That's up to you. And I use the Forgive. I breathe it in, I rub it on my heart, and I make sure the words that come into my mind are very specific. For some of us it's forgiving ourselves for hating our bodies, for some of us it's forgiving ourselves for allowing certain things to affect us it's forgiving others. You have to be able to let go of beliefs that you have and Forgive has been very powerful for me in doing that. 


You can introduce any oil into your morning quiet, right? But you've got to be intentional about the words that come into your mind, you have to because once you change them you change that: “this cheese is gonna make me fat,” when you change that, the way you feel is going to change, and the way you act changes. And that process is what helped me to fuel my body better, make really smart healing healthy food choices, include products like the Lifelong Vitality, TerraZyme, Slim and Sassy, Slim and Sassy gum so that I could make sure on the physical level my body was getting the things that needed to get to help me. Remember they're tools, they are tools. 

If you are willing to do the work of what's going on in your head, talk through the emotions, feel them, then you are going to see far more success than you ever thought when it comes to healthy weight management. It really isn't about losing weight, that will happen, your body will find a place where it's ready to let go once you start treating it, better fueling it better, and loving it more, and I could never have lost the one hundred and thirty pounds that I lost in the last two years if it wasn't for the tools that I included in my daily routine and the constant belief that I am already enough. 

And I appreciate the time that I get to share that with all of you and I hope that you will take a deeper look into the emotional side of weight loss and really look at doTERRA's products and oils to help support you in a successful journey. Thank you.

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