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Episode 215: MetaPWR Blend with Dr. Nicole Stevens

In this episode we sit down with Dr. Nicole Stevens, Director of Clinical Research, to talk about the brand new MetaPWR Blend. She'll discuss the details behind the MetaPWR Blend, the research and testing that's been done, as well as why that research is so important.

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doTERRA: New products come with a lot of excitement around them, but they also come with a lot of new research and amazing information and we're so excited to look at some of that information today. Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA, the podcast where you'll hear exciting, useful, and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field.

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Today we're excited to talk to Dr. Nicole Stevens, Director of Clinical Research, all about the brand new MetaPWR Blend. Nicole, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Dr. Nicole Stevens: Thank you. I am so excited to be joining with you today.

doTERRA: To start off with, I am so excited about learning more. So, can you introduce us to the MetaPWR blend?

MetaPWR Blend Overview

Dr. Nicole Stevens: I would love that. It is definitely one of my favorite blends and it is just this amazing blend of Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon essential oil. So right there, I mean, you know, it's going to be good. Those are some of my all-time favorites individually. And they each have great individual research supporting their use in healthy metabolism, so, feelings of satiety, appetite management.

Now, when you combine them together, you're going to get this even more powerful effect at the cellular level. And the bonus is, I mean, they taste and smell just great. So, this is a blend that we're super excited about.

doTERRA: I am as well. Those are definitely some of my favorite oils and like you said, they taste amazing. Now, people who have been around for a little while might recognize those ingredients as similar to Slim & Sassy. So, why did we decide to update the blend?

Dr. Nicole Stevens: Good question. Now, Slim & Sassy is a fantastic oil blend. I mean, it works really well and many of you can attest to that. But technology is constantly evolving, and science is constantly evolving. So, we've always done research on doTERRA products, right? This is just what doTERRA has always done. But as new instruments and methodologies become available, we use these to understand our oils in different ways. So based on what we saw when we were looking at Slim & Sassy, we realized that this powerhouse blend could become even more powerful.

MetaPWR Blend Formulation

doTERRA: Now, we know that the MetaPWR blend has been a long time in the making, there's been a lot of effort, a lot of research gone into this. What can you tell us about the science behind the formulation of the MetaPWR blend?

Dr. Nicole Stevens: Oh, this was super exciting for us. So, we wanted to understand how the ratios of oils in this blend would affect its efficacy so, we ran a test using human fat cells. Okay, so in petri dishes, we were looking at the original Slim & Sassy blend along with several other blends that adjusted the ratios, sometimes added a few extra oils, and we wanted to see how it affected these fat cells. So, we were looking for an oil blend that essentially told the fat cells to stop storing fat and stay lean.

Now, what we saw amazed us. Honestly, we were very surprised, but super excited. Slim & Sassy worked really well as we knew it would. But the MetaPWR blend with the adjusted ratios of the very same oils worked significantly better.

And when we looked at the oil blends with the different oils added in which we thought would be, you know, adding to its power, they were actually less effective. So, there's something really special about these particular oils with the new ratio that we found.

doTERRA: That is so incredible and it's amazing to see results like that so quickly. And like you said, these particular oils combined are just so powerful together.

Dr. Nicole Stevens: Yeah.

MetaPWR Blend Research

doTERRA: So, can you tell us about any clinical trials done with the MetaPWR blend?

Sure. The trial I just described is what we consider a pre-clinical trial because it was done using cells in a petri dish rather than human beings. So, now this type of data is really important for us to understand the things that we need to study in studies that are coming up. Right? It's kind of a way that we understand what the oil is doing so we can design larger trials.

So, our goal now is to continue studying this MetaPWR oil blend alone and in combination with the other MetaPWR products in the system in some upcoming clinical trials. And the really fun part is some of you may even want to participate with us.

doTERRA: Well, that sounds like an incredible opportunity because seeing those results in the pre-clinical trial, who wouldn't want to have the same results in their life? So, why is the science and research behind this MetaPWR blend so important? How does it set it apart in the metabolic health market?

Dr. Nicole Stevens: So, the science and research behind this blend, these are important for a few reasons, right? They really solidify, I think, for everyone the idea that essential oils can be powerful signaling molecules within the body.

They help our cells understand what to do to be healthy. And this is really a powerful thing, very empowering for people who want to, you know, have their health at their fingertips and know what to do for themselves and their families. It reinforces the knowledge that the chemistry and the ratios of essential oils within a blend really matter.

This is not just something that you get at and hope that you hit the right thing. You want to understand what's happening with those ratios and doTERRA does that better than anyone. And it's just one more example, I think, of how doTERRA is really committed to providing the best products and then making sure that they stay the best products over time. Now, we know there are a lot of products in this metabolic health space, but really no one understands essential oils like doTERRA and this product as an essential oil blend is unique.

It's versatile in the way that people can use it. And it's backed by science. So that really is a powerful combination.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And I think you're so right, that commitment to making sure that we provide the absolute best product we can. And when we see that it could be better, we provide that as well.

Dr. Nicole Stevens: Exactly.

Who needs the MetaPWR blend?

doTERRA: Nicole, before we end, this is a newer blend, people might not know exactly how they can use it. So, who is the MetaPWR blend for? Who should be using it every day?

Dr. Nicole Stevens: Great question. This one is primarily intended for adults who want to care for their metabolic health. We saw a recent published article that was really fascinating to us. This is from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. More than 93% of Americans have suboptimal cardio metabolic health. I mean, that's huge.

This kind of a blend, healthy lifestyle choices, all the things doTERRA is recommending and offering. Everyone needs this. This is a great oil blend to use during the day and to apply topically.

People can put it under their tongue, put it in their water. It's so versatile to be able to use it. Now, for those of you who aren't as familiar with the MetaPWR blend and the MetaPWR line and system, there is the 15 mL oil blend that can be used in either way, as we just discussed. There's also a beadlets that's great to just pop in on the go or a softgel that can be taken internally with water for those of you who like to do the softgels.

It is fantastic to have it in all these ways. It fits right into your lifestyle. You can use it however you want. So, we are so excited about this new MetaPWR oil blend. It really is a combination of oils with the right constituents in the right ratios and the effects are measurable. So, it's not magic, it's chemistry. But we are thrilled to have this as part of the literally.

doTERRA: We are as well and having that chemistry behind it makes it even better.

Dr. Nicole Stevens: Definitely.

doTERRA: Nicole, thank you so much for sitting down with us today for sharing with us a little bit more about what this MetaPWR blend is and what it can do.

Dr. Nicole Stevens: My pleasure, thanks for having me.

doTERRA: Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you want to try any of the products you learned about, click on the link in the episode description or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today. And remember, if you like what you heard today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen.

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