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Episode 15: Using Essential Oils to Energize

This episode Meaghan Terzis talks about how you can use doTERRA products to help increase your energy levels. She'll talk about supplements as well as essential oils and discuss how she incorporates them into her daily routine.


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Hi I'm Meaghan Terzis. I'm a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA and I'm here to share with you guys a little bit on the topic of energy and essential oils and how we can use our essential oils and doTERRA products to increase the energy that we experience throughout the day.

So I'm going to share with you guys a little bit about my routine and some of the things that I do and some of the products that I use to increase my energy throughout the day, in my home, during my work life, during my workouts.

A little background on myself. I've been in the fitness industry for about nine years. I was a personal trainer, I worked with many clients in helping them to really understand how to increase their energy and feeling really good in their bodies. So I mean we all know that with the pyramid of health, eating right and exercise is always the foundation. Right? If we exercise and eat right, we can kind of check off those boxes. But for me doTERRA was my missing puzzle piece. It was the piece where I really realized, where I started to really feel good in my body. And I felt different once I started implementing some of these rituals that I do. 

What Supplements Help With Energy? 

One of the first things I want to share with you guys is is supplementation I think supplementation is key when it comes to the way you feel and the energy that you feel in your body. 

doTERRA Lifelong Vitatlity®

I absolutely love doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality supplements. This is key in my in the way that I feel and and how I live my life. I take these multivitamins and being in the fitness industry I've always been told take a good multi and I would do that, and I never felt a difference in my body. Now the thing with doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality is that I actually do feel a difference in my body. I feel an increase in energy, I have less brain fog, I have I have better quality sleep at night. I've also noticed an improvement with my skin, and my hair, and my nails. 

So within this you have three different products. We have our Alpha CRS+® which is our cellular complex which is great for cellular energy cellular rejuvenation. We also have our xEO Mega® which is our omega, right? Which is good for our brain cardiovascular and joint health. We also have our Microplex VMz® which is our food nutrient complex which consists of 22 essential vitamins and nutrients. So it's a perfect combination as to what we should take and what our bodies need in a day to day basis. So I love, love this product and it's been a huge huge part of my life these last few years as I've been taking them. 


Another product I want to share with you guys if you're looking at having overall energy in your body is the Mito2Max. Mito2Max is our energy and stamina complex. This is an incredible supplement that doTERRA has created, which it's all natural. 

So if you're into, you know if you're eating something that's going to give you more energy and you've turned to maybe you know those energy drinks or you've turned to things with caffeine and it can make you feel jittery or it can give you a crash. Whereas Mito2Max won't do that. It's actually going to provide you with balanced stable energy. 

All right, so this is really good for stamina and endurance. Really great to use create pre workout or post workout. So myself personally I like to use this right when I get out of bed. I work out first thing in the morning. So to me, grabbing a Mito2Max is just such a part of my daily habits now because it's something that I grab to give me more energy. 

You can also use this after your workout. So maybe you're feeling like you've just accomplished a really great workout and you're needing something to kind of give you some energy to go on with your day, this is also a really great supplement to take. 

If you're feeling a crash midday, this is also an incredible product. The only thing I would recommend is that if you have you might want to avoid taking this in the evening or at nighttime because again, it does provide energy and if you're if you're someone like myself that needs calming and relaxation before bed you might not want to take this right before you go to sleep. But really great for in the morning or mid-afternoon to help with that stable energy throughout your day.

What Essential Oils Help With Energy? 

I want to share with you guys really quickly some oils that I personally like to use in my day to day. When it comes to energy and those are—I'm going to share them right now. 


So Peppermint is one. Peppermint is definitely my go to when it comes to essential oils across the board. I love this oil this is a staple, it's in my purse, it's in my car. You will see anywhere I go I carry my Peppermint. 

How I like to use it is I like to do one drop in the palm of my hands. I love to rub my hands together and do a nice little tent teepee over the nose and breathe it in. And so I like to do three big inhalations and what that's doing is it's opening things up for me right. So it's helping me with I find it helps with clear thinking. It just gives you that, it's a very energizing essential oil. 

Another thing I'd like to do with that is I'd like to rub it onto the back of my neck and also onto my shoulders. All right. What this is going to do is it's going to provide me almost like a cooling sensation on my body, but I like the invigorating feeling that Peppermint provides. Also really great to use if you're looking at you know having that sensation as you get out of the shower you can put some with a moisturizer and use that after you shower. Again, when I roll out of bed and I'm working out in the morning. This is the oil that I grab, pre-workout and post-workout. If you're feeling your energy low during the day this is a great oil to grab. Maybe you just had a coffee or a tea and you're needing something else to pick you up, grab your peppermint oil and do exactly what I showed you a drop in your hands, couple of nice big inhalations. You're actually going to feel those natural aromatic compounds going in through the olfactory and you're going to feel that, it's just going to help to open it and it just provides clarity to me. It's a very great oil for that. 

Other ways you can use it. Again like I said I keep it in my car as well. So long drives it helps to wake you up so if you're someone that has, um, maybe travels for work and you're meeting a little bit of energy throughout those drives or maybe you're feeling a bit drowsy I find Peppermint to be the oil to help pick you up and wake you up. So I highly suggest our Peppermint essential oil to help you with your energy throughout the day.

Citrus Oils

A couple of my other favorite oils that I like to use are citrus oils. Citrus oils are very uplifting, they're very energizing; they’re feel good oils. So my favorite citrus oils that I like to use for energy are Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit. These are three of my favorites so I typically will go to and put drops into my diffuser so, at my workspace or at my desk I always have a diffuser going with some citrus maybe a little bit of Peppermint in there. It's very energizing; it's very awakening; it helps to get you going. Peppermint and Wild Orange are also found in my diffuser early morning. So that's always the first things that I grab and into and put into my diffuser a couple drops of each. 

I also really love these oils in my water, so I like to sip on these essential oils during the day. I find that they also are very energizing for me. I love to be able to flavor my water because sometimes water can be a little plain and a little bit boring so flavoring your water with some Lemon or some Grapefruit is a really nice way to keep you energized but it also helps to keep you hydrated. 

And it also helps to quench cravings. So if you're someone like myself who tends to snack on the kids snacks as you're making their lunches, grab doing a drop of Wild Orange or like I said Lemon or Grapefruit in your water helps to kind of satisfy that that craving of grabbing something so it's quenching those cravings. So and there also there's some really great health benefits to using oils internally as well, detoxification and all sorts of great things. So I love the oils and the citrus oils for energy. 

Another way we can use our citrus oils is we can create and make some roller bottles or doTERRA has some great pre-diluted roller bottles as well that we can apply our oils on us. Now just remember that citrus oils can be photosensitive so if you are using them as a tool to lift you up after maybe making a body scrub or a body butter just be careful of your sun exposure that you don't sit in the sun. Because again those citrus oils can attract the sun. 

Aromatherapy Jewelry

But I really love aromatherapy jewelry as well so we can find some nice beautiful aromatherapy bracelets and necklaces and putting a drop of Peppermint or orange on that piece of jewelry. Keeps that smell with you all day long and can keep you energized through using the oils aromatically through the jewelry. 

doTERRA Motivate®

I want to talk about one of my favorite blends that doTERRA has and that's our Motivate. I absolutely love this roller bottle it's pre-diluted. Now the oils in here are Peppermint, Clementine, Coriander, Basil, Melissa, Rosemary, and a little bit of vanilla. So we've got a great blend of different essential oils to help with mood to help pick you up. To me, this is a very energizing oil. 

I carry this as well with my Peppermint and my citrus oils and I will use this just rolled right on to pulse points. I love to use it like a perfume, so I'll just rub it right behind the ears. Another thing I like to do with this as well is just rub it right into the hand. And like I said rubbing their hands together. Couple nice big breaths and just getting the aromatic benefits using the oils that way. 

So again these are some of my favorite essential oils that I use for energy and to help to keep me going through my day to help pick me up if I'm feeling a little bit down or if I'm feeling like I'm kind of dragging my feet on the ground. These are the things that I use and then I turn to these are my tools. 

Sleep and Energy

One other thing I will touch on really really quickly when it comes to energy is looking at your sleep. Sleep is so important when it comes to how you feel, in terms of your energy the next day if you're not getting the right amount of hours during the day or at nighttime it can really affect the way that you perform or the way, um and it can affect the way that you, your diet it can affect, it can affect everything. Maybe you're deciding, maybe you don't get enough sleep that night so then therefore you're you're too tired to work out. 

So I love using my essential oils to help support a good night's sleep. So I love to run myself a Lavender bath with some Epsom salts and some baking soda. I also really love to use Lavender in my diffuser at night and some of my other favorite oils that I use to support sleep are Serenity®, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Sandalwood. So those are some go to for me when it comes to sleep and relaxation so that when I have a good night's sleep and I get out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to do my workout, I know that I can grab these products here to kind of give me that boost to kick start my day. 

Yeah. So I want you guys to try these oils out and have more energy in your day and really just let me know how your energy is once you try these products.

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