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Episode 37: Natural Self-Care

In this episode, Katie Glasgow covers natural body care products. She'll talk about how you can use doTERRA products to avoid the worrying ingredients in self-care products as well as go over some DIYs that you can do at home.


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Okay all right. Hello, everyone, my name is Katie Glasgow, and I'm a Blue Diamond with doTERRA. And I live in a booming metropolis of about 4,000 people in Iowa. And this is where my family and I have settled because we love it and it's beautiful out and we love being around nature. We started our doTERRA journey when we lived in California. And so we started in California, and now we're in Iowa. And today I get the pleasure of talking to you a little bit more about natural products that we use on our body. 

How Using Natural Products Affects Our Body

So, a lot of times when we start to think about the true picture of health, the picture of health, we automatically go working out at the gym for a couple hours a day or about the foods that we put in our body or drinking enough water or the mainstream thoughts around what does health look like. And those are very, very important aspects that we need to look at in our health. 

But as I started to discover essential oils and started to use them more and more in my home and started to embrace more of wellness lifestyle, I started to realize how big of an impact what we actually put on our body has on our health. So health is not just about eating right and exercising and things like that, but there's a lot of little things that we can be doing each and every day that are actually going to bump up our level of health. And so today we're going to dive into all of the reasons that we need to be using natural products on our skin. 

And so the products that I'm gonna be talking about or the bigger term of the bigger group of stuff that I'm going to be talking about is our lotions and our body sprays and our perfumes and our hair care and our skin care. This is all lumped into this category of what we need to be doing on a natural level. So I'm not gonna talk a lot about skin care, because we're gonna have another expert come on and teach you more about skin care. But I wanna focus on some of the body systems and the body parts that we're putting this stuff on. And especially as women, we need to be really looking out for this, because as women, we're putting so many products on our bodies each and every day. 

I think they say that the average woman puts over 25 products on her body before she even leaves the house in the morning. So I want you to start to think about shampoo, conditioner, anything that you're using in the shower, any body wash. Are you using a lotion after you get out of the shower? Are you using a mask or anything like that? What kind of deodorant are you using? Are you using shampoos, hairsprays? All of those different products are affecting our health in a big, big way. 

So first, before I get into some of the products, I'm gonna share some of my favorite DIYs in this area for you. I wanna talk a little bit about why it's so important to actually put good products on our body. And so let's take a look at our body. And our body, our physical, human body is made in this most brilliant way. And it's made so that what we use and put on our body and in our body can dance in a certain way for our cells to come alive. And that's where that true picture of health comes from for us. 

Filtering Systems in the Body

And so what happens is we have built-in filtering systems in our body. And some of those filtering systems are gonna be our GI track, right, through our intestine with the foods we eat. It's gonna be through our urinary tract and eliminating through the bladder. And then we also have a couple of other built-in filtering systems, and that's our skin and our lungs. And so these are, our bodies were made, 'cause our bodies are just like this magic little being that was made in the most perfect way. And our bodies were made to actually be able to filter out the toxins. 

So what happens, though, is modern society, the easy, we gotta smell good, we gotta look good, type of society, we've started to get to the point where our body cannot handle what we call our toxic load. And so if you look at the doTERRA Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid you're gonna see four levels up is reducing toxic load. And the reason for that is because our systems are just getting jammed. And if our systems are getting jammed and they cannot flow in the right way, our body can't dance the way it's supposed to, and our cells can't be happy. We can start to have a lot of health concerns and things like that. 

So skin is actually the largest filtering system of the entire body. So everything, it's meant to filter toxins out. But what happens if we're putting a bunch of stuff on it, it's actually absorbing like a little sponge. So dermal application of all of these products is going right into our system. Just like those essential oils are so effective to go and give our bodies what we need, a lot of these products that we're using are clogging our system. It's not allowing our body to filter out the way it is. 

Using Natural Products

When I first started in this journey, it was about eight years ago when I started and brought doTERRA into my home. And before that, I had always had a huge sensitivity with a lot of the products I was using and a lot of the different things I was using. Like I would get really red, irritated eyes when I used certain kinds of products. What I didn't understand at the time is that was just my body saying, hey, you're using something on me that does not like it. And that was because of those harmful chemicals that were in it. 

So you have to be really, really careful about what we're actually putting on our skin each and every single day. And women, especially, because what's happening is we're using a lot more products than the guys. You know, they're just like, hey, I'm gonna put some deodorant on and maybe some body spray, or something like that. But women, we're putting a lot on. A lot of this is because of these products that we're putting on our body, our body just can't handle them. And so when we're looking for products, you guys, I hope have gotten my point by now about hey, we've gotta be careful about what we're putting on our products and it's really, really affecting our health. 

Ingredients to Avoid in Care Products

And so when we're putting these products on, we start to look and we start to hear these buzz words and we start to go down the rabbit hole of okay, so what products do I actually need to use. What products do I need to avoid? What ingredients to I need to avoid? And so some of the ones, the buzz words that you're gonna see are gonna be like the sulfates, the parabens, anything that has a petroleum base to it, because what a petroleum base does, which is in a lot of our lotions and things like that that we're gonna find in the big box retailers, those products actually have something that's actually sealing up the skin. So if we need our skin to be a filtering organ, if we need to toxins to be able to come out, we don't want something that's gonna clog those pores and clog the derma layers of our skin. And so those are some of the products that you're gonna be looking for, some of the key words. 

But one of the things I actually look for more than the actual ingredients is a company that I trust, and a place that I can go to trust to find natural ingredients and natural products that I can feel confident using in my home. The consumer is now demanding more and more natural products. This is just the reality that we have going on right now because people are starting to get educated. We're starting to see the consequences of these products that we might not have even seen five or ten years ago. They're starting to link all of this information together. And so what we're seeing is the consumer is starting to demand. The education is getting out there. Well, then, what starts to happen is that companies are like hey, people aren't gonna buy our products anymore because now they understand that we've got a bunch of stuff in them that the consumer doesn't want. And so they wanna play the game, too. They wanna play the marketing game. They wanna bring in some of these products, and they start to see, you're gonna start to see commercials on TV of mainstream products, and they're like, we've got the natural version now. We're infused with essential oils. One of my favorite big box retailers, which is probably one of your favorite big box retailers, now has an entire section of natural products. They have Epsom salts, they have essential oils in them. They have more natural face masks and different things like that. Well, I've actually looked at some of the ingredients on them, and they're not any safer than the other ones. 

Choosing Companies That You Trust

And so for me, I want a company that I can trust. I wanna know that I can go to someone, they can explain it to me. If I do have a question on the ingredients, I'm gonna have 100% transparency, which is what happens. If you have any questions on any doTERRA products, you email product support at, they're gonna give you the explanation. You can't find that in many companies. If you go to a national brand company and you say I have a question on this product, you're probably not gonna hear back from customer support. And if you do, it's gonna be a super canned answer. And so one of the things that I love about using the natural products with doTERRA is that I know that, without a doubt in my mind, the products that I'm using on my family are 100% natural and true. 

We all know by now, or maybe you don't know this, and I'm gonna share this information with you now, is the essential oil industry is a lot of adulteration. It's a lot of dilution. It's a lot of adding in perfumes and scents and things like that. The more and more testing that we're doing through doTERRA, through the APRC is that we have more and more essential oils that are saying they're natural they're saying they're 100% real. They're not real. And so if I have any product that's on the market that's not from doTERRA that says it has essential oil in it it's more than likely a fragrance-based essential oil, and it's not better than using any of the other counterparts. And so look for some of the key ingredients that you're not gonna like, you know, those parabens, the sulfates, petroleum-based products. But also make sure that you're using that company that you know, love, and trust. And for me, that is definitely doTERRA. I've had this in my home for eight years now. And I just cannot believe the results that I've had.

One of the first products I tried, because eight years ago we didn't have all the beautiful products that we have now, but one of the first ones I tried was our natural skin care. And immediately I fell in love with it, because even some of the other organic, natural lines that I had tried still left me irritated, and my skin gross, my eyeballs looking like big, bright red and bulging, which, who wants to go around looking like that, right, and dry and itchy. And so the natural skin care was one of the first things that I used and I fell in love with it immediately. I had used many other different kinds of skin cares prior to the doTERRA. And ever since I started using that, I have been on the skin care for, on the skin care, using the skin care since then. 

Dry Brushing with Essential Oils

So today, I wanna talk a little bit about what we're going to put on our body and some tips that I have. And I'm going to incorporate some of the products that I have that I love to use to start to get us into this true state of health and getting our skin ready to go in a happy way. So I'm gonna highlight just a little bit first dry brushing with essential oils. And the reason I'm gonna highlight this is because if we are using some products that aren't so natural now and we're starting to switch over to a natural wellness lifestyle, we wanna be able to stimulate the skin and start to open up those pores, because they may be still clogged with some of those products. And we wanna start to stimulate and we want to enhance our body's natural regulatory system, or our filtering organ of the skin. 

And so this is a dry brush. This is super simple. You can find these anywhere, and it doesn't matter where you find them. A dry brush is a dry brush. You don't have to be concerned about that. So this is the one I actually use for travel because it's super easy to put in my hand. But the whole principle behind dry brushing is to really open up that dermal layer, to stimulate the lymphatic system, get that lymphatic system moving. And that again will start to in turn will start to help filter out anything that you have in your body so that we can have that true state of health. 

My favorite essential oil to actually use when I am dry brushing is our Pink Pepper. So what I would do is I would just take the Pink Pepper. I would put two to three drops right on the dry brush. And then you're going to actually just take the dry brush and you're gonna go in a circular motion here. I'll pull up my sleeve a little bit. And you're gonna go in a circular motion on your skin. And you're gonna do that all over your body. And you're gonna go up towards your heart area. And so the goal of dry brushing is to go, and you're stimulating toward the heart and getting everything in the body flowing. So you're gonna do your legs, your arms, all of those different areas. 

I love using the Pink Pepper because there's so many benefits with the Pink Pepper. Especially women, I encourage you to do a little bit more research on Pink Pepper, ladies, because it is one that we need to be using on ourselves and in our bodies every single day. But you're just gonna, the intention of dry brushing is just to go, I'm not gonna do a whole demonstration on that. But I wanted to make sure you knew because this is something I actually just learned not very long ago is that you can put the essential oils on the dry brush to do your dry brushing. So again, we're stimulating the lymphatic system. 

Natural Body Wash and Scrub

Now once we get that lymphatic system stimulated, we've got all of our pores open and we hop into a hot shower, are we gonna want to put anything chemical and nasty on our body? No, so we need to start paying attention to the products that we have in our shower. And so one of my favorites is our, and I didn't grab one to show you today, but one of ours is our body wash. We have body wash. We have natural soaps that you can use. Use something along those lines. And my entire family uses it. 

Our body wash is super gentle. It's actually the one that my husband prefers over the bar soap. It's got a nice, citrusy smell, so it's going to also get you invigorated and excited for the day and lifting moods and emotions. But for my three-year-old, all the way up to myself and my husband, we all use the body wash. That's another thing is that it's all safe for the kiddos. And let me tell you, when it comes to kiddos, there are a lot of products on the market that are just not safe for kiddos. So you wanna really pay attention to the kiddos. So ladies, this isn't just for you. Men, this isn't just for you. This is really important for the kids as well, to make sure that we're using these products. So make sure you're using that on your skin. 

We also have a body scrub that you could put over that. Your skin, we're going into summer. We're going into wanting to be outside, wearing shorts and the tank tops and things like that. That's gonna help get your skin ready and glowing for summer, too. 

Natural, Unscented Lotion

Then when we pop out of the shower, we wanna make sure we're putting on lotions that are really good for us. I love, so I'm gonna tell y'all right now that I'm kinda like the in-between DIY girl. I like to do some stuff on DIY, but I'm a busy mom and I got a lot going on. Sometimes I don't have time for the full-on DIY. So if you want tons of DIY recipes, just hop on over to the doTERRA blog, because there are lots over there that you can explore. 

But my favorite one I get out of the bathtub is, or the shower is the Body Mist. So if you have not tried the Body Mist, you wanna try the Body Mist. It's super easy to use. I actually put just a few squirts on. And then I follow it with the Spa Lotion. And our Spa Lotion is completely unscented. So if you don't like scent, you can take this, and you can add different essential oils into it. So you could pop in, you could put some doTERRA Balance®, you could put some doTERRA Serenity®. Maybe you wanna do some Slim & Sassy® because you really wanna invigorate yourself. 

My favorite to actually pair with this is AromaTouch® Oil. 'Cause AromaTouch is really invigorating. It's got Cypress in it. It's the oil of movement and flow. Marjoram, it's also got Basil. So if you have any types of fatigue stuff going on, the Basil is renewing and energizing. I love putting the AromaTouch in with this. That's my favorite, favorite combo. But you get the Beautiful going on, you get this with the AromaTouch, and you feel like you have gone to the spa every single day. 

Because that's another point that I'm gonna make is that a lot of us, we think that we have to go somewhere to pamper ourselves. And I know when I had to use all of this with doTERRA, I feel like I'm pampering myself every single day and treating myself like a queen, because I am with all of these beautiful products we have. I remember the first time I had been, I had doTERRA in my home for a couple of months and my sister came to visit. And she took a shower and she came out of the bathtub and she's like, "Oh my gosh, I feel like I was just at the spa!" And it's so true because the products smell wonderful. They're like a spa. And we don't have to go to the spa every day to experience that feeling. We can just use doTERRA in our home. 

Natural Nail Care

All right, so I'm gonna give you guys two more DIYs, because we're gonna talk about different things that we got going on. Now, I know ladies, it's summer. And, well, maybe you're not watching this when it's summer. But it is, we're going into summer months. And a lot of us as women, we like to make sure our nails and our toes look really good. Here's the dealio. A lot of those places that you're going to get your nails and your toes done have a lot of ick going on in them. They're using a lot of products that are actually hurting our nail health and our skin health when it comes to what you're putting on your nails. So if you're getting manicures on a regular basis, the nail polishes, all of those things are really affecting our nail health. 

And so I, about a year ago, I decided that I wasn't going to do that anymore, that it just wasn't for me anymore. And not only did I want to save some money, I also, because you know what, if you want to save some money, this is a great little ditty I'm gonna show you. But anyway, most importantly, I wanted my nails and my toenails to look better. But I didn't want to be putting all the harmful chemicals on them. And so I have this little tip. And so this is Immortelle. So this oil is so beautiful and so exquisite. And it has all of those beautiful things in it, like Helichrysum and Sandalwood, and oh, so much goodness in this little bottle. And it is part of our skincare line, and it's the anti-aging oil. So it's really meant to go around the eyes. But there's so many other uses for it. 

And so what I do is I actually figured out that you could take this Immortelle and, now if I'm gonna using it around my eyes, I'm gonna keep it at full dilution, because of all the power it has for around the eyes. But when I'm using it for other areas of my body, I actually dilute it down. And so I take one of these bottles and I make three of these. And so this empty roller bottle, you can get at a DIY store on your doTERRA account. And I love these because they've got the steel roller balls that are patented from doTERRA. And I love, love, love this delivery system. It's not gonna leak all over. So I'm gonna put 1/3 of this bottle into here. And then I dilute it down with the Fractionated Coconut Oil. And then, I'll just put like a little label on it, or you can just put one of your little stickers from doTERRA on. And I have this ready to go, and I use this for my nails, my nail beds, and my cuticles. 

And so I'll take this. This one is actually already diluted down. And I'll just put it on my nails super quick like that. And I'll rub it in. And I do this every night before I go to bed. It's just part of my evening ritual. I do that and I will put it on my toenails as well. And I'll put it on my heels, because we wanna make sure we don't have callused heels and things like that. We want to have our pretty little feet for summer. And I'll put it on my heels as well. And then I'll follow it with the doTERRA Spa Butter. And so this is our Spa Butter. If you've never had this, it's so exquisite and wonderful. You just need a little bit. And then you can put that on your feet. You can use it on your hands. And then at night, I'll put like actual socks over my feet and climb into bed. 

And my nails have never looked better. It's just helping with that cuticle health. It's helping with the nail health. I don't really get ridges in my nails anymore. I don't have any discoloration from some of the nail polishes I was using and things like that. And so that is my DIY tip for your own mani and pedi at home. And if you do wanna color your nails, just look for nail polish that is at least 5-free, 7-free, or 10-free. Those are the keywords that you're gonna look for. So if you do wanna do your own nails at home, you can do that. But it's super easy, so simple, and one of my favorite little DIYs, or just like crossovers, hacks with the oils. 

Natural Deodorant

Okay, now the last thing I'm gonna talk about is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite new products that we have in doTERRA. And that is our natural deodorant. This is something that I have searched for for years. I had tried all of these different things and I could not find anything I truly loved. And then doTERRA came along and said, hey, we've got a solution for you. Okay, so remember when I was talking about our skin and how it's absorbing everything we put onto it? Now I want you to think about your armpits. So a lot of us are told to use deodorant, use antiperspirant, whatever that looks like, right? We don't want to go around smelling. Our armpits actually play a huge part in the detoxification process of our body. It's one of the ways, like, we're supposed to sweat under there, ladies. We're supposed to get it out. It's our body getting rid of all the toxins that we have built up in our body. So we want to allow those toxins out without kind of a little bit of the smell. Now I will tell you that the more you start to work on your internal health, by taking your Lifelong Vitality and maybe detoxing your TerraZyme, your lemon, things like that, you're probably going to notice over time you don't have as much of an odor because it's toxins coming out. So if you're cleaning up what's going on, what's coming out is going to have a lot less odor. But still, we gotta make sure we still have some really good stuff going on for under our arms. And again, we've got all those pores. Well, guess what, they're even larger under our arm. And so if we're putting something that has toxins in it, which most of these deodorants and stuff out there do, it's going like a little sponge. And then it's going right into our, a lot of our lymphatic system is at, into those large pores. It's also going right into the breast area. And so you're following my path, right? And so we wanna make sure we're using a natural deodorant. 

And so what I love about this brand new deodorant that we have it that it's safe. It's a nontoxic formula it's baking soda-free, which is really important to me, because again, remember I have that skin sensitivity. And so any of the natural deodorants that I was using, like baking soda, were actually still leaving a rash. Even though baking soda is more of a natural product, for me, it just wasn't working. It was aluminum-free, paraben-free, and no artificial fragrance, remember, because most of the products, besides the doTERRA ones, it says essential oils, it's meaning that it probably has an artificial fragrance in it. And so I also love Douglas Fir and Wild Orange . So good, so one of the things about this formula is that it is wonderful for men and women. It's very unisex. So my 11-year-old has started to need to wear a little bit of deodorant, and this is what he has been using. He has some of the Balance one as well, because we do also have this in Balance. And he likes the Balance one, but I love the Douglas Fir and the Greek Orange. And this is what my husband's using as well. So again, you just put it on, just like normal. You put it on, ready to go. 

One of the tips that I'm going to actually leave you with this is that sometimes when you're first starting to use natural deodorant, remember detoxification, it’s not always bad. It just means we've got some stuff we've gotta get out. So sometimes people, they start to maybe have a little bit more odor, or they start to have anything they're experiencing going a little bit out of what they thought would be the norm, and we think that means it's bad. It doesn't mean it's bad. It just means our body is actually, we're giving our body the tools it needs. And so, if you do have any concerns with this, sometimes what I like to do is I take our Mud Mask that doTERRA has, and I give myself a little detox in the armpits with the Mud Mask. You can just put it on. Leave it on, like after the shower while you're getting ready, wipe it off, and then put this on, try that. It's a really great way to start to have that natural flow and making sure that our armpits are doing what they're supposed to be doing. 

Natural Synergy in Our Bodies

As we wrap up, we gotta remember, our bodies are made in such a magnificent way. I talked about that a little bit at the beginning. And they're in this beautiful synergy with each other. And so they're all of our systems are designed to dance together, to work in a certain way, to function in a certain way. And we are so inundated with products and foods and all of these different ways that have gotten our bodies so out of rhythm and so out of the dance that our bodies start to shut down. And that's where a lot of our health concerns are coming from. And so to reverse all of that, it's not gonna happen like with a snap of our fingers. There aren't magic beans with it. There's not a magic drink, there's not a magic bean. Ito's going to take time to reverse that, and so allow your body the ability to function like it needs to, to you know, flow like it needs to. And I really, truly believe that is just starting with a natural way. We're taking care of what we put on our bodies. 

So remember that anything you're putting on your body, take a look under your cabinets. Take a look in your showers. Take a look at what your activities are doing and think, when I go to put something on my skin, is this something that I should be putting on my skin, or do I need to start to seek a more natural option that you can find with doTERRA. So thanks everyone for spending some time with me today. I've enjoyed spending time with you. Go out, have some fun with your DIYs. Check out the DIY blog, check out your products, and go natural with your skin care and what you're putting on your body.

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