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Episode 249: The Beautiful Rose Duet

In this episode we sit down with Shauna Sorenson, Senior Director of Global Marketing for doTERRA, about the incredible Rose Duet. She'll discuss the story of how these products were created, how the Rose Hydrosol Mist and the Moringa Rose Oil are unique as well as why these two products should absolutely be part of your skin care routine.

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The aroma of Rose has captivated people for centuries and today, we'll talk about two more ways you can have the magic of Rose in your life.

Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA, the podcast where you'll hear exciting, useful and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field.

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Today, we're excited to talk to Shauna Sorenson, senior Director of Global Product Marketing at doTERRA, about the new Rose Duet.

doTERRA: Shawna, thank you so much for joining us today.

Shauna Sorenson: You're welcome. I'm always thrilled to join you and to talk about my favorite subject, which is doTERRA products.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And this is a product, this Rose Duet, I'm so excited to learn more about.

To start, can you tell us the story of how we came to have this Rose Duet?

Shauna: Absolutely.

The Rose Duet is made up of Rose Hydrosol and Moringa Rose Nourishing Oil. So, there are two products inside.

And hydrosols are an interesting category that we've been aware of and thinking about for a long while. With the opportunity in Bulgaria, with our Terra Rosa Distillery there, and with the support of so many farmers growing those amazing roses for us, we decided it's probably been over two years, maybe longer even that we were ready to work on and develop a hydrosol product and we targeted Rose Hydrosol.

doTERRA: Absolutely.

Shauna: So, we saw that chance to combine it with the incredible Rose essential oil in that nourishing moringa, fatty oil for the perfect companion product.

doTERRA: Yes.

And it's always incredible to hear how long these products have been in development, have been planned for and conceptualized, and all of the work that goes into just getting this product to our customers.

Shauna: Absolutely.

doTERRA: Now, what exactly is a hydrosol mist and what's the benefit of having that Rose inside of a hydrosol mist?

Shauna: Rose Hydrosol is different from most hydrosols in that you have to decide if you want to create a hydrosol or an essential oil from those rose petals.

That was something I was not aware of before we started this process of development. I always assumed that hydrosols were the water that comes off when you distill oil, and I think many people are under that assumption. But Rose is very unique and it's an either/or situation.

So, you have to decide with those rose petals, do I want to create essential oil or do I want to create a hydrosol product?

It's partially because the Rose oil is such a small yield out of those delicate petals. And so that's part of the decision-making process when you are working with rose petals and Rose Hydrosol is created from a sophisticated hydro-steam distillation process, which I also was not aware of.

So, it's a very sophisticated process that allows us to have the end result of this gorgeous Rose Hydrosol from the rose petals.

doTERRA: That Is incredible.

And then to the companion product, which is that Moringa Rose Oil. Why is the combination of this Moringa oil with the Rose essential oil so powerful?

Shauna: Yeah. Rose essential oil, as many of you probably already know, is the queen of oils, right? Frankincense is the king and Rose is the queen. And it provides amazing benefits for skin. So, pairing it with the Moringa Fatty oil as a nourishing carrier oil for it allowed us to deliver a luxurious combo to nourish the skin. And so that's one of the reasons we combined them.

The oil from the seeds of the moringa tree, they're rich in oleic and other fatty acids which support healthy looking skin and healthy behaving skin. It's so lightweight and it's easily absorbed into the skin and that makes it just really yummy to use actually. You know, it's very non-greasy and it just absorbs in beautifully.

And then the aroma is amazing. I don't know how many of you love doTERRA Rose essential oil, but it is just a beautiful scent. And it's not like I think sometimes people who aren't familiar with doTERRA think of Rose essential oil as something their grandma likes, maybe. But when you smell Rose essential oil from doTERRA, it has a very clean, light, pleasant aroma that is, to me, very youthful.

It's not at all what I would consider maybe something my grandma used, you know? It's very ageless, classic, clean. It smells amazing.

doTERRA: Yes. It's definitely a scent that I would not mind having on my face with me all day.

Shauna: Absolutely.

doTERRA: Now, we are selling these two products together in the duet. Should I always be using the two products in conjunction with each other?

Shauna: They work incredibly well together. There's a certain synergy there, but you don't have to. In fact, one of the things I love about the Rose Hydrosol Mist is it's such a fine and wonderful mist that I can spray it on my face, after I've done my makeup, even during the day if I need just a refresher. Or if I want to refresh my hair, it just adds that light scent and it feels cleaner afterwards, you know?

So, there are multiple uses for the Rose Hydrosol, as well. So, they can be used in conjunction or separately.

doTERRA: I absolutely love that.

Shauna, can you walk us through how these products would work into a morning skincare routine?

Shauna: Absolutely. Love to.

So, Rose Hydrosol can be misted onto clean skin after you use your toner, and then follow it with the Moringa Rose oil to seal in the hydration of Hydrosol, and then you can apply your makeup, your sunscreen, whatever additional steps to protect your skin.

And as I mentioned, I think Rose Hydrosol can be used throughout the day to refresh your skin or your hair. There are multiple uses in that regard. The mist just goes on so light and so beautiful. And then I really personally love the combo as a great last step before bedtime, after cleansing my skin, misting on that refreshing hydration and then sealing it in with the Moringa Rose Nourishing Oil.

And then I feel like I've set my skin up for a good night's rest and I'll wake up looking, I don't know, ten years younger in the morning. It's always the dream.

doTERRA: Amazing. So, it really gives just that really moisturizing, nice base layer to everything that goes on top.

Shauna: Absolutely.

doTERRA: Can you tell us a little bit more about the sourcing of these oils, how we get them?

Shauna: Absolutely.

So, one of the things that I absolutely love about doTERRA is we really care about the farmers and the source of our ingredients and how we get them, and we create such a win/win situation all along the supply chain. And it's really exciting to me that the Moringa Fatty Oil that carries the Rose essential oil and the companion piece to the Rose Hydrosol--we're doing incredible work with small scale farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in Africa to source the nourishing Moringa oil. So, the benefits extend to those using the products as well as those who help bring those ingredients to you.

doTERRA: I absolutely love how much of a priority doTERRA makes that exact thing, where it's both sides of the oil. You're getting benefits to the people. It's incredible.

Shauna: Yeah, so true.

doTERRA: Now, before we end, if you had to sum up in a few sentences, I know it'll be a little bit difficult, if you had to sum up in a few sentences why this Rose Duet is the product that people need in their skincare routine, what would you say?

Shauna: The Rose Duet of Rose Hydrosol and Moringa Rose Nourishing oil are simple and pure formulas that deliver luxurious pampering care for the skin.

Because of our sourcing practices, every person can feel good about using these products, not just because they will benefit themselves, but also because there are farmers and their families that are positively impacted, as well, through their work, contributing high quality ingredients that allow us to bring these products to market.

With doTERRA, everyone wins as we are continuing our commitment to both quality and community around the world.

doTERRA: Well, it's absolutely something that I cannot wait to have in my skincare routine.

Shauna, thank you so much for sitting down with us today and for teaching us a little bit more about the Rose Duet.

Shauna: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils.

If you want to try any of the products you learned about, click on the link in the episode description or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today.

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