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Episode 258: The Importance of Self Care

In this episode we sit down with DeVola Samuelson to talk about the importance of making time for self care in your life. She'll discuss what self care means to her, simple lifestyle routines you can incorporate, as well as doTERRA products like Serenity, Lemon, and Elevation that she loves to use as part of her self care every day.

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Taking time out of your busy life to practice self-care has been shown to have benefits in many different areas of your life. It's definitely something you don't want to ignore.

Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA--the podcast where you'll hear exciting, useful and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field.

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Today we're excited to talk to DeVola Samuelson all about how you can practice self-care.

doTERRA: DeVola, thank you so much for being here with us today.

DeVola: Thanks so much for having me.

doTERRA: I am so excited to talk to you about this topic because I think it's one that everyone needs to implement more in their lives.

So, I want to begin with a question of will you tell us about your background as a physical therapist?

DeVola: Sure. I've worked in physical therapy for around 15 years total and have additional certifications, most recently becoming interested in plant-based nutrition.

doTERRA: And so, when you're talking about self-care with your background, what do you think is important to understand and include in the discussion?

DeVola: For me, I feel like self-care is a lifelong practice. We create our environment internally and externally by how much self-care we bring attention to. So, if we want to live well we have to take care of ourselves, right? So, that can be anywhere from eating well, exercising well, laughing well, thinking well, having fun daily, all of those things that bring us out of the chemistry of stress and bring us into the state of equanimity.

doTERRA: I love some of the things you brought up right there, because I think there are things we don't always think about as self-care—the laughing, the eating well, enjoying your food, you know, just looking for fun every day.

Those are the things maybe we take a little bit for granted and don't consider as contributing to our self-care.

DeVola: Right. And I think the more that we can really just find joy in those pieces in everyday life--instead of expecting something miraculous to happen--I think that that's the key with self-care and really bringing out all of those benefits that maybe we don't see. But then we're receiving the benefits if we're enjoying everything that we're doing.

doTERRA: Absolutely. Now, DeVola, how can doTERRA products, whether it be supplements or essential oils, help contribute to our self-care?

DeVola: Well, I find that it's really important to use what works for your individual needs, especially for moms. They may only have a minute. So, taking that moment, adding a spritz of doTERRA Serenity® Linen Mist spray, keeping it in your car or bags so it's ready to go.

Or if you need to rev up, using a daily spritz of just Lemon will really help to increase your self-care. Take time to enjoy yourself using Elevation® or Citrus Bliss®. Have fun, get out there and go laugh with someone or go have some tea.

Find a way to have daily gratitude.

Recognize who you are, who you're becoming.

I like to use Beautiful blend or Neroli. Even gardenia is perfect for this--rolling on your wrists and even if you like, you can even journal if you need to get some of those thoughts out.

I really love to take a hike, so for getting that energy worked out, I like to use TerraShield® and Citronella. Those are my two go-to's during any kind of hikes that I'm taking.

And then if you need to get grounded or calm, take a yoga class using Align and Arise. I like to breathe in fresh air daily. That's the first place I go when I wake up, is outside. So, Douglas Fir or Northern Escape®. And then taking time out using Anchor and then doTERRA Serenity Restful Complex Softgels also work great.

doTERRA: That is incredible. And what I love the most is that there are so many options and so many different things that you can try. And like you said, depending on your stage of life or what your routines are, you can work those in and make sure they're working for you.

DeVola: Yeah, I love personalizing everybody's self-care because what may work for someone, another person may not have time for. So, whatever we can do to balance out our day, working around what we have going on is only going to make self-care a little easier.

doTERRA: Absolutely. DeVola, before we end, do you have any final thoughts or tips that you'd like to share about working self-care into your everyday routine?

DeVola: Sure, anyone can practice self-care. So, if you think you can't, I would really challenge you to rethink that because incorporating just one of these practices, one of these oils, one thing that will bring self-care into your day, that will only enhance anything else you create. I think that is 100% correct.

doTERRA: DeVola, thank you so much for sitting down with us today and helping us learn a little bit more about how we can work that self-care into our everyday life.

DeVola: My pleasure. Have a great day.

doTERRA: Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you want to try any of the products you learned about, click on the link in the episode description or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today.

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