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Episode 2: Essential Oils for Sleep

This episode Kateri Reyes talks about essential oils for sleep. She shares the emotional journey that led her to essential oils, how her sleep has improved, what oils she uses, and some methods to use them with the whole family. Listen by clicking one of the links below and don't forget to download the worksheet.


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Hello, my name is Kateri Reyes. I have been a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA for the past six years. I am really excited today to come and share with you about oils that me and my family use for sleep. This also is one of the most common reasons that people search out a natural solution, because the lack of good, restorative sleep, is such a consistent and recurring problem throughout life. If you are like me and have little people that knock on your door at 3:00 A.M., that isn't about your sleep until they show up. Having a routine built in that can address all ages in your home for sure is a blessing. 

Why We Don’t Sleep

Now, the diversity of why we don't sleep is certainly as unique as the person who is affected. That's why I love do TERRA's essential oils because their diversity allows me to address my family's needs per person and per situation. Now, the root of this can come from any number of sources, whether its deficiency, nutritional habits that lead to poor night sleep, or we could have hormonal imbalances that are created through natural things like pregnancy or hormone changes or rooted in the deficiency. Now, there also is the ages and stages. As our children grow and change, their lives are affected by their changes and their sleep patterns adjust. And then, lastly, there is always the effect of stress and the outside triggers of the world that can keep us up at night, tossing and turning and questioning or having fears or doubts. That's actually where my own doTERRA story began. I want to share with you first how I was brought into doTERRA through the gift of someone who cared so deeply for my situation; she was willing to share a very special oil with me. 

A Story

In 2012, while I was six months pregnant with my fourth child, we experienced the sudden and very tragic loss of our six-year old son, Avery. That loss devastated our family and completely changed our lives overnight. Now, the lack of sleep is the last thing you could care about when you're going through that, however, as the days went on and the sleepless nights piled up, my body was starting to feel the effects of it. Especially being pregnant, I wanted to search for a safe way to restore my ability to sleep so that I could care for my family and function during the day. 

However, as strong as I tried to be, I got pretty desperate, and eventually caved in to call a dear friend of mine who was married to a physician, just to ask an unbiased opinion of what would be the safest thing I could do or take to achieve sleep. I was surprised by the fact that she said she had something natural to share with me. And I was eager to open the door when she came just a few hours later and she brought this tiny, little bottle of essential oil. As intentional and excited and genuine as she was to share that with me, I was honestly very skeptical. I didn't feel there was any way that a little, tiny smell in a bottle could effect change in my life during this tragic and overwhelming time. And yet, she persisted and she placed the oil in my hands and she taught me how to use it. I actually didn't even want to smell it at that time. She just showed how to apply to my pulse points, over my heart and to take a big, deep inhale. Then she said, for good measure, to rub it on my pillow as well. I actually was stubborn enough to wait a full 24 hours to even try it. I set it on my night stand and let it stay, but another overwhelming night of doubt and fear and images I couldn't get out of my head, and the next night I knew I had to try something.


It was just the name, Serenity, staring at me on my night stand that really called to me. I opened that bottle and all I can describe next was a huge release that came and just flooded over my body. I don't think I realized, up to that point, how much of an emotional burden and how heavy that weight had been on my shoulders. I just felt that tension melt away. So, I decided to apply it the way she suggested, on my neck and pulse points and I did a big, deep inhale, and I rubbed it on my pillow. The happy ending to that story is that I simply woke up the next morning. I was able to achieve a full night's sleep, uninterrupted by any of the things that I'd been troubled with for so many days. That awakened me and my entire family to a completely new way to live and we didn't even know what lay ahead for us. 

What we experienced next was an evolution. As we moved through that trauma, that oil became an anchor for us, supporting us through those restless days. But it was shortly in the months ahead that I realized that I needed these oils in my home and I needed all of them. I was able to get my first kit and that changed our lives, opened us up to an entire new world. As our family evolved and grew throughout the years, so did our need to address the issue of sleep repetitively. It's definitely one of those recurring things that happens. No matter how healthy we are, our sleep can be affected.

Daily Habits and Routines

So, some of the things that I learned were especially in forming good habits, our daily habits certainly lead up to the success of our sleep. Our ability to sleep starts long before our head hits the pillow. With my little ones, I was able to develop certain routines that helped them achieve that mind and body engaging process that allows them to prepare for a restful night. 

Bedtime Bath

So, one of my favorite things that actually affects the whole household is giving them an Epsom salt bath with my favorite essential oils. I will choose Serenity or Lavender or Wild Orange or Frankincense. Those are my favorites. I actually have a jar pre-made with my Epsom salts already oiled so I can just scoop it and dump it into the water. And I love the fact that the Epsom salt tends to anchor the oils rather than let them float on the surface of the water. Now the kids love the bath and the aroma fills the house so we all kind of get this relaxing sensation and of course, their little nervous system get a beautiful trigger to kind of just calm and prepare for bedtime.

Diffuser Blend at Night

Now the other routine that my kids refuse to let me ignore is their daily diffuser blend at night. Every child has a diffuser in their room and depending on the age of the child, either I or they will customize their blend of choice for the night. I always know to partner one of the sleepy time oils.

Best Essential Oils for Sleep

When I was first getting into doTERRA, I didn't always know what the best oils were for night time, but I actually use the back of the Serenity blend bottle to look at the ingredients to help me determine the whole array of oils that are so helpful for sleep. Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Frankincense, Cedarwood, there are so many oils that offer an ability to help us rest. So we'll pick our favorite oil for that child for the night and sometimes, we'll partner it with an additional oil depending on the season or the need. If it's during the seasonal threats time of year, On Guard or Breathe might be partnered along with that oil. 

Soothing Massage

The last thing that we rely on for the little ones, of course, is just the soothing, healing ability to enjoy touch. A soothing massage at night time with fractionated coconut oil on their spine or on their feet goes such a long way and they are calmed and comforted. 

Monster Spray

The last mommy hack that I have learned is to develop a monster spray for my little kids who tend to get up in the middle of the night, due to any kind of fear or self-doubt or a dream of some sort. That little spray kind of helps them feel empowered that they can continue to recover and rest the rest of the night. And of course, I've laced it with some awesome essential oils that will soothe and restore their peaceful night and mine as well.

Serenity Softgels

Now when it comes to us adults, I love that doTERRA has evolved and is constantly adding new products to its line. Now, one of my favorites that has risen to the top is also Serenity but in the form of the Serenity gel caps. It's actually completely different than the Serenity blend itself. It combines Passion Flower, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and a naturally occurring amino acid called L-Theanine. This combination helps to relax and calm our body and especially the L-Theanine has a very unique effect at helping calm our mind. So I love this effect and I love being able to rely on it so simply. 


The other oil I've come to really grow and love, especially as I've been moving through pregnancy has been the arrival of Copaiba. Now Copaiba comes in two forms, both an oil and also a gel cap. The gel cap, as a mom late at night, has been a lifesaver to help my whole, entire body calm, and my nervous system get this deep sensation of release. 

Confidently Enjoy Oils on Yourself and Your Family

Now with adults, again, it's all about routine, and just as we do for our children, I love to make sure that we have routine built in. We have our diffuser by the night stand. We are able to apply massages to me and my partner to help relax and rejuvenate us and let go of our day.

We trust our own noses to tell us what oils that we need and I love the diversity of oils in our home so that I can reach for them and trust my instincts to choose the oils that serve my emotional needs and my physical needs in each evening. I hope overall you've been able to partner with me for a few minutes here in my own journey and I hope that my story has affected you in both your ability to confidently enjoy oils on yourself and your family and also help you to fearlessly share with those who have a need. As sleep is one of the biggest needs that tend to show up in people's lives, I hope that you leave with a diversity of oils that you feel confident reaching for as you tailor oils for both yourself and your family.

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