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Episode 289: Spring Into BOGOs!

In this special episode we highlight some of the products in our BOGO Promotion! We'll tell you about the fascinating history of these plants and talk to Hillary LaMay, PJ Hanks, Nicole Moultrie, and Kaley Shawley about how they love to use the oils. Plus, we’ll also hear from Lauren Busch, Director of Product Education at doTERRA. You can buy our Tightening Serum, Helichrysum Touch, Melissa, Osmanthus Touch, and Air-X as part of our incredible BOGO promotion.

This episode is brought you by the doTERRA 2023 Impact Report find all the stories here.

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Welcome to a special episode of Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA. This episode is brought to you by the doTERRA 2023 Impact Report. Are you interested in learning how doTERRA is making an impact around the world? Head over to or click on the link in the episode description to find out more. Right now is one of the most exciting times we have at doTERRA. It's BOGO time. To help you get excited for this amazing week, let's take a look at the products involved in this BOGO.

We're going to talk to a few fantastic Wellness Advocates: Hillary LaMay, PJ Hanks, Nicole Moultrie, and Kaley Shawley about how they love to use these products. Plus, we'll also hear from Lauren Busch, Director of Product Education at doTERRA. If you're interested in any of the products we talk about today, make sure to click on the link in the episode description.

doTERRA: Hilary, thank you so much for sitting down with us today.

Hillary LaMay: Thank you.

doTERRA: So, I want to talk first about Helichrysum Touch. Now Helichrysum is known for its skin benefits. How do you like to incorporate it into your skincare routine?

Hillary LaMay: Well, even if it's not an individual oil in your collection yet, you know you've probably been using it without even knowing it. Sometimes we're doing that because it's one of our powerhouse ingredients in both Immortelle, the anti-aging blend that you can use as a skin serum right out of the bottle, but also the Deep Blue soothing blend that we use before and after workouts. And Helichrysum is in every one of our doTERRA Sun products because of how well it supports the skin, and I love sharing penny saving tips and value that these tools bring to our lives.

And I'll often refer to this oil and these tools as putting a penny in your health bank and back in your wallet, and I love that the ten mL Helichrysum Touch Roller is double the size of the five mL bottle, but it's a slightly lower price point, and it makes it really an easily accessible way to add it to our skincare routine each day. You know, being on a budget, if you want to have these tools readily available, we like to add it to a booboo blend roller that we keep on hand because it is so versatile.

For any skin soothing we need to tackle, we'll also call it band aid in a bottle because in our house, you know, it's very gentle and we like to keep one in the kitchen on the counter for things like kitchen burns or irritations. And I love baking sourdough bread, which means working with a 500 degree cast iron Dutch oven lid. And I'm very grateful for my Helichrysum Touch Roller nearby, because I reach for that a little bit more often than I'd like to admit for a little skin soothing.

And we also like to leave Helichrysum Touch by the bedside table as the seasons change and our noses and our nasal cartilage gets a little dry, we like to roll it down the nose bridge, and it helps support and hydrate that entire area. So, the roller is just such an easy button, and it really takes the guesswork out because you can just roll it on straight from the bottle.

doTERRA: I agree 100% with that. It does make it so easy. Hilary, outside of the skin benefits and the way you work it in there, what are some of your other favorite ways to use Helichrysum?

Hillary LaMay: I love to roll it in my palms before I do my nightly guided meditations. It's really grounding and it kind of has like a sweet, almost honey smell that's just very calming and soothing when you just need to close out those browser tabs in your brain.

doTERRA: Absolutely. I have found the same thing. The smell. I don't even know if I can describe the smell, but it is just so wonderful.

Hillary LaMay: Yeah.

doTERRA: Now I want to talk a little bit about Frankincense. Can you tell me a little bit about what makes Frankincense special to you?

Hillary LaMay: I love that we have the phrase in our house, when in doubt, franc it out, because frankincense is common sense. And, you know, in the beginning it can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many oils for so many things, but Frankincense, you can use it in every capacity. And it's already diluted in the roller, which again brings the price point down so that everybody can access it. And whether you want to apply it after a workout, if you need a little bit of support for your muscles, maybe you slept in the wrong position on your neck, or you bump into something.

When we experience some head tension, it's just so versatile. I love to use it in my skin serum, and not everybody wants to fuss with blending their own potions and things, so you can just roll it directly onto your skin from the touch roller all over your face and neck. It's just such a simple daily habit that you can start for naturally supporting a clear complexion, giving your skin that extra hydration boost. For those of us over 40, we can probably all find common ground that we want to keep our skin as hydrated and as youthful as possible, and being able to use the same tools that we reach for any head tension or neck tension or grounding or, you know, any of those things, it's just so versatile.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And you know, Frankincense is so popular with so many different uses. What are some you know, you mentioned a few already, but what are some of your other favorite ways that you like to use Frankincense with your family?

Hillary LaMay: I love to reach for it, especially if we're playing outside, if we're working in the garden beds, if we're mowing the lawn, or maybe out for a walk and we've had a little bit too much sun, we like to keep it accessible. So right by the door when we walk in from the garage or, you know, right in the purse if we're out and about. And I love to just be able to roll that onto the skin directly, to just kind of kickstart that natural soothing that, you know, then you can just go about your day and not even think about it.

doTERRA: That is amazing. And I think the key there is making it so easy and so simple that it's just right there for you.

Hillary LaMay: Definitely.

doTERRA: Hilary, thank you so much for sitting down with us today and sharing some of your favorite tips and why you love these two amazing oils.

Hillary LaMay: Thank you so much for having me.

doTERRA: PJ, thank you so much for being here with us today. Now, I think Melissa is an oil that we do not talk about enough. How long have you been using Melissa?

PJ Hanks: Well, I've been part of doTERRA for over 13 years and from right away I mean day one, right? I've been using Melissa. It's not one I use every day, but it's one that's like in my back pocket for when I really need it.

doTERRA: And what are some of your favorite ways to use Melissa?

PJ Hanks: Well, Melissa is this amazing oil because it's also known as lemon balm, right? And it's got a great lineup of chemistry. That's kind of my specialty. So, whenever I travel, I always have Melissa in my bag. And I probably the best way I use it is internally for when those times when I feel like my cells just need to know, I'm here for you. I'm cheering you on. That's how I use it. It is really good for the skin, especially for blemishes and times when your skin needs that. Again, diffusing would be great, especially if you add that with a citrus oil. And so Melissa is also good to use internally. You could use it in a diffuser, apply it topically. It's just good for that. To me, Melissa, when you look at it emotionally, is about letting go of feelings of darkness. And that's when sometimes the nervous system gets a little edgy. When we feel like we need a little more joy. It's just this beautiful little flower. This lemon balm and the leaves on it. And so you can think of Melissa, like for people who know the oils of lemongrass, capybara, and citronella. If you were to combine those three together, then you'd have Melissa or Lemon balm.

But again, for me, the number one way I use it is I always have it in my bag, especially when I'm out and about, and I always have a bottle at home. We have this box in our kitchen where, “Oh, I have a problem,” and we just go there and there's the oils for the problems and Melissa is always in there. So it's a good one. And I always appreciate it when it becomes like a 10% off or an item off special, because it is one of our higher priced oils. Because it comes out of Bulgaria. And so I always appreciate that. And that's the time when I always stock up on those few extra bottles to have, so that I can always have it in my back pocket.

doTERRA: Now shifting over to another wonderful floral oil, blue tansy is known for its skin benefits. Can you tell us a little bit more about those?

PJ Hanks: Well, blue tansy I love blue tansy. Even though you put it on your skin, you think it's going to turn blue, but it fades. So that was the first time I used it, I'm like, wow, so blue. But it's this small flower and it has this compound that actually changes during distillation into Chamazulene. That's why it turns blue. It has similar some similar properties to Yarrow because that's also a really blue. But it's interesting if you were to look at the flower of blue tansy, it's this it has a big yellow bud in the middle and then these little white flowers and you're like, how does that come out blue? But that's how it is. But it's really good for the skin because about a fourth of the oil is a compound called sabinene, which is like the compound that cosmetic companies look for in helping with all the ointments out there to help your skin. But we have it in this nice, pure, beautiful essential oil. Again, blue Lotus also has some softening in it. So again, that whole realm of oils. But how I use it for skin is I actually make my own face serum and I add some oils that are really good for keeping my face clear of blemishes. But I'm a little older, so I'm looking for the fine lines and the wrinkles to make sure they don't pop up as soon or they ease away. And that's where blue tansy comes in. It's also really good for just kind of making it the skin feel like I'm okay, and it helps hold that moisture in. We're always looking for more moisture, so I love it. That's how I use it for the skin.

doTERRA: And how do you like to work Blue Tansy into your routine?

PJ Hanks: Well, again, I use it every day in my face serum, right? That's part of my daily routine. And of course, I also get all the beautiful emotional aspects of it. And that's the other reason I have it in there. To me, Blue Tansy is known as the oil of inspired action, and we all need that every day in our life, to just always be acting on inspiration and guidance. That's the other reason I like to have that daily application, is knowing that I'm getting that inspired action.

And some people just like to put Blue Tansy on the bottom of their big toe or, you know, in different places. I'm like, just get it on. You get it and you use it somehow and you’ll be inspired by it. And if you have it on your face, then you're breathing that in, right? And you're getting that aroma. So again, we want our faces to kind of have that as well. So that’s how I use Blue Tansy. But I'm like just as well get it on parts of your skin that you want some benefits from. And put it where you want those wrinkles to kind of be eased a little bit. But that's how I use it in my daily routine.

doTERRA: PJ, thank you so much for joining us today and teaching us a little bit more about how to use these two amazing floral oils.

PJ Hanks: You're welcome.

doTERRA: Nicole, thank you so much for being here today.

Nicole Moultrie: I'm so happy to be here. I was just saying, we've done a couple of these sessions together, and it's always so fun.

doTERRA: Absolutely. So, I want to dive right in with a beautiful floral oil. And that is Osmanthus Touch. Now this is an oil that isn't always available. And so I wanted to know, Nicole, what is it that you love most about Osmanthus?

Nicole Moultrie: Oh my goodness. Just like you said, it is such a beautiful floral aroma. I think anytime doTERRA can bring us something that is a little bit unique, it's a little bit different than something we're normally used to, it feels special. And osmanthus is something that it's really hard to source. It's very labor intensive. It's actually an absolute, which I think is really fun and again, special and unique. And the blossoms are too delicate for our traditional steam distilling.

And when you twist the cap off and you take your initial breath of osmanthus, it's special. It's unique, it's very calming. It is such a unique aroma. It's one that you feel like, oh, today is a special day when I'm putting it on, or it really, really takes you someplace. As I'm breathing it in right now, there's an instant feeling of pleasantness when you inhale osmanthus or apply topically for sure.

doTERRA: I totally agree with you. It is just such a wonderful, unique scent. And how is it that you and your family like to use Osmanthus?

Nicole Moultrie: Okay, I love this question. I love to use Osmanthus. It's beautiful. And the fact that it's also in our Beautiful blend. By the way, if those of you who didn't know that and you're craving a little bit of the Osmanthus, it smells or it's you can find it in our Beautiful blend. But I love to, along with the kids, if I feel like sharing, my 12 year old daughter definitely is looking into fragrance more. And this is such a beautiful perfume. You can apply topically to pulse points behind your neck.

If it's bedtime and we're feeling like we need some grounding or calming, that some of those beautiful florals give us, osmanthus is a great way or a great oil to use before those times. Also, I think it's kind of fun if it's date night or again, just you're looking for something a little bit different, a little grounding, a little floral mixed in, you can do the same thing over your chest. Pulse points. Use it as a natural perfume, which I love.

I also love that with all of the floral touch oils. But like you said, Osmanthus has that unique little bit of kind of that grounding scent and it's not overwhelming and it's so easy to apply. And like you said, you don't have to worry about giving it to your 12 year old and it just is a fantastic option.

I'm like, yeah, let's, let's move away from some of these, and she's a doTERRA baby. So she's well-versed in fragrance-free and different chemicals and harmful things. And so it's fun for her to play around with, you know, maybe adding Wild Orange to it or mixing and matching different essential oils. And so that's for sure one that she loves to pull.

doTERRA: Absolutely. Now I want to shift over to another floral oil and that's Magnolia Touch. So what is it that you love about the scent of magnolia.

Nicole Moultrie: Oh my goodness Magnolia. I can remember the convention when Magnolia was launched and we got that convention kit and we had this beautiful new scent. Again, similar to Osmanthus in the fact that it's a little bit fruity. It's a little bit, oh, what is it unique. Like you said, not overwhelming. It's just a lovely scent. But I'll never forget smelling it and being like, “Oh my goodness, I love the fruity notes in it.”

It's really, really, really nice. I think one of the things that I remember that has stuck with me—and we use this oil a lot at bedtime or when anxious feelings arise—is it's very heavy in linalool. And when you think of linalool, oftentimes people think of Lavender. And so if you're looking for a different option for calming or relaxing or zen, you think of soothing, and maybe Lavender is not your favorite, I often will reach for Magnolia in that regard.

It is very, very versatile. It's a very, very moisturizing oil. It's great for your skin. Primarily, though, I, I love it for those properties. It really is a breath of fresh air, a deep breath of calm, whether you're applying it or just taking a deep a deep whiff.

doTERRA: I love that. You know, Magnolia scent is one of my favorites. And it's too cold where I live to grow a magnolia tree, and this oil just is the perfect replacement. And then you have it all year long, anyway.

Nicole Moultrie: That's the truth. Oh my goodness, it does take you somewhere, like you're saying. I think you’re in Utah, as well as I am, and it is freezing. It's windy here. We have a lot of our seasons that are not very warm. But it does take you somewhere when you breathe that scent in—a warmer environment. And that's the power of essential oils, you know, an instant mood change, and instant change of state, just from inhalation. Really in a matter of minutes—matter of seconds, I should say.

doTERRA: Absolutely. Now, Nicole, I know you mentioned a couple different things, but what are some of your favorite ways to utilize this Magnolia Touch?

Nicole Moultrie: Magnolia Touch. First of all, I love that it comes in that delivery system. Put something in a roller, it's topped off with Fractionated Coconut Oil--it's just really convenient. I don't believe that there's a car or a backpack or a purse in my home that doesn't have a Magnolia Touch in it because again, it's great for anxious feelings.

Right now, in this stage of life. I feel like we are in we take a lot of road trips. So, it's great for soothing, or if we're getting anxious or being in the car too long and we'll pass it around. Or maybe my eight-year-old is struggling with getting to sleep. So it's, "Rub it on the bottoms of your feet. Let's rub it along the spine, rub it in your hands, take a deep breath and breathe in the calm properties of Magnolia.”

Another way that I like to use Magnolia is, again, for a different fragrance. I think a lot of people have one or two, maybe regular fragrance or perfumes they wear at home with essential oils. And specifically with these rollers, these floral touch rollers, you can switch up your scent every day, which is really cool. I keep going back to the versatility of them, but when you really think about it you kind of have a little bit of a playground in that regard.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And it is so fun to just use that, like you said, for the transportation, as well. It's like, “Where do I want to be today?” And I'll just put that on and it'll be fantastic.

Nicole Moultrie: Yes. Take me away.

doTERRA: Well, Nicole, thank you so much for joining us today and teaching us a little bit more about these two floral oils and the amazing benefits they can bring to lives.

Nicole Moultrie: Absolutely. Thanks for having me on. I hope it puts some different ideas or uses, or gets your mind thinking about how you can use them individually. Or combine and just get out there and use our oils.

doTERRA: Kayley, thank you so much for joining us today.

Kayley Shawley:Oh, yeah. Thanks for having me on.

doTERRA: I want to start by talking about Air-X®. Now, people might not be as familiar with Air-X. Can you tell us a little bit about the oils inside and what makes it so special?

Kayley Shawley:Yes. You know, so many times I see my wellness community comparing Air-X to doTERRA Breathe®, and both are essential oil blends with doTERRA. But I find them to be incredibly different. And so I love showing people how special Air-X actually is, but I actually think that Air-X is more comparable to Purify. So, that's doTERRA cleansing blend. And I like to think of it this way. So, when you're experiencing emotions such as confusion, misalignment, disconnection, make Air-X your best friend

Some of its ingredients: it has the Litsea fruit, Tangerine peel, Grapefruit peel, Frankincense resin and the Cardamom seed. Obviously it's citrusy, but it has a woody, fresh, sweet, faintly herbal aroma. And it's designed to freshen the air when it's diffused. It promotes feelings of openness and early research with limonene, which is inside of Air-X, may provide the cleansing benefits.

So, that's why, again, I relate it more to Purify. And, yeah, it just has a fresh and uplifting aroma and it can refresh your environment just throughout the day. Who doesn't need that?

doTERRA: Absolutely. Now, Kayley, how do you like to use Air-X in your home throughout the day?

Kayley Shawley:Yeah. So, I find that I love to diffuse it. You can put it in your water, you can breathe it in, you can use it for aromatherapy, meditation, balance and inspiration. But yet you can diffuse it by itself to create that clear environment like I said. Or you can try it in a diffuser blend recipe with some other essential oils. So, I have one called “Haze Away” and that actually has the Air-X, the Purify and the doTERRA Breathe. So, I like to put those three together.

And some other uses about Air-X, maybe not as well-known would be it soothes minor skin irritations when you use it topically. And then you can also add several drops to a 60 mL spray bottle with water and make a room spray.

doTERRA: Wow, all of those sound amazing and just so fresh in my imagination. Just a wonderful feeling.

Kayley Shawley:Yes.

doTERRA: Now I want to switch over to another incredible blend. And that is Citrus Bloom®. Now Citrus Bloom is such a fresh springtime blend. How do you like to work it into your routines?

Kayley Shawley:Yes. So, Citrus Bloom is known for being sunny, sweet and romantic. I think we all love transitioning into new seasons throughout the year. And diffusing Citrus Bloom is like a burst of springtime that so many people enjoy simply because of nostalgia. You know, we just had daylight savings time and everyone's experiencing more greenery, warmer temps, and they're already planning their Easter baskets and outfits.

But for me, I use Citrus Bloom as a replacement for all of the harmful scented products I used before I knew about doTERRA. So, all those products that had fragrance in them, I hoarded them. They were all over my home, everywhere. Now I love that I can get my abode Foaming Hand Wash Concentrate with Citrus Bloom and Citrus Bloom Hand and Body Lotion and my oil and hoard those instead.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And why do you think that this is a blend everyone needs to have in their home?

Kayley Shawley:Well, I guess just on a personal level, I like to have it in my home simply because I love to host people. And ten out of ten times, like, not even kidding, I host wellness consults. My husband, my family and I, we host guests for dinner, and I absolutely love creating experiences for them, so they don't even realize it when they come over to our home.

But they're smelling our diffuser blend, which is always going. They're smelling our hand soap and experiencing like optimism, and their mood is being uplifted and it's all like subconscious. They just don't even know. So, if you want to provide that kind of that experience for your family and friends, this is what essential oils like Citrus Bloom can provide.

doTERRA: That is so incredible. And like you said, they know they feel better, but they're not sure why. And that's so amazing.

Kayley Shawley:Yes, it's so true. And I keep thinking of Lauren Bush right now. She's part of doTERRA corporate. And I've heard her share a couple times that her mother-in-law just goes around raving about the Citrus Bloom Hand and Body Lotion. And she always says, “I don't know why, she just loves it and that's what she decides to share.” But I get it. I mean, I have the same love for Citrus Bloom.

doTERRA: Absolutely. Kayley, thank you so much for sitting down with us today and sharing a little bit more about these two powerful oils.

Kayley Shawley:Yeah, absolutely. I hope everyone enjoys them.

doTERRA: Lauren, thank you so much for being here today. I'm so excited to talk about the tightening serum. Can you tell us what some of the powerful ingredients inside this Tightening Serum are?

Lauren Busch: What I love about the Tightening Serum is that it incorporates Frankincense—which is one of my daily favorites anyway—Hawaiian Sandalwood and Myrrh essential oils. So, if you know anything about essential oils, you know that these are three power-packed essential oils already in a Tightening Serum, so I don't have to use them separate. This makes it really easy to get lots of oils into my daily routine, especially oils that are specific for the health of my skin and super powerful for hydration.

doTERRA: And why do you love to have the Tightening Serum as part of your daily routine?

Lauren: So if you're thinking, “Okay, where does this fit into my routine? This serum is not all the way thickest. So, when you look at what are we incorporating: we go thin to thick. So, thin would be like serums or a toner, things like that. So, we apply those first and then we follow up with something thicker, like a moisturizer or like, hey, our doTERRA sun® Face Mineral Sunscreen Daily Moisturizer would be followed up with this.

So, I like getting the Immortelle essential oil. I roll it on my fingertips, rub that into my skin. I follow it up with the Tightening Serum. And then after that's all soaked in, I follow it up with the doTERRA sun Face Mineral Sunscreen Daily Moisturizer, and I apply it.

And so being able to kind of stack up powerful ingredients: quick, easy, simple routine to be able to maximize and really focus on my anti-aging routine. And also being able to cover every single aspect of my day, of whatever it's going to throw at me.

I'm a busy mom. I'm busy at work, I'm in front of screens, I'm inside, then outside. And so being able to maximize what products I'm using, knowing that I'm using something safe and clean on my skin, things that if my teenage daughters come into the room and they get a hold of it, I feel confident with them putting it on their skin as well. And so just beautiful, power packed routine.

doTERRA: Shifting over to another skincare powerhouse: what makes the doTERRA sun Face Mineral Sunscreen Daily Moisturizer so different?

Lauren Busch: All right. I just love products that we can multitask. So, we got a daily sunscreen, a mineral sunscreen, and a daily moisturizer all in one. And then in addition to that, the product itself is multitasking because it works for both blue light blocking and for sun—a typical SPF that you would want to wear on a daily basis.

So, for those of you who don't know, anytime that you're in front of a blue light—so it can be for your phone, your computer, your TV screen—when we're in front of that blue light, it actually ages your skin. So being able to use this as a daily moisturizer protects you from the damaging effects of that blue light, as well as if you end up heading outside enjoying your lunch. Outside, you have the protection of SPF, going out into the sun as well.

And then when we look at an ingredient deck. So, this has non-nano zinc oxide which means it's not absorbed through the skin. So, that's really important especially when it comes to a zinc oxide. It's not something we want to be absorbing. So, this cannot be absorbed that way. And you know sometimes when you wear an SPF and you go to put a mineral sunscreen on and it makes this like fuzzy white film over your skin, that's obviously what we're not going for when we're wearing a daily moisturizer. And this does not do that. So, no white cast.

And then we have tons of antioxidants. We have vitamin E oil, lots of nourishing botanicals.

And then when it comes to what things we do not include, it's vegan friendly, it's reef safe, but it's free from parabens, it's free from phthalates. It's free from oxybenzone and synthetic fragrances, and instead of fragrance, we're incorporating things like Frankincense and Helichrysum and Magnolia and Ylang Ylang and Lemongrass.

So, it smells amazing, you get all the beautiful benefits of those oils in addition to other amazing ingredients, non-nano zinc, blue light blocking, it's an SPF. I mean, multitasking products, they're my absolute favorite. And for the those who are super busy with routine inside, outside, being able to use something like this just makes your routine that much better.

doTERRA: Lauren, thank you so much for being here today and for teaching us a little bit more about how these products can really help our skin.

Thank you to all of our amazing guests for joining us today and sharing with us their tips and tricks on how to use the amazing products from our BOGO.

Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you want to try any of the products you learned about, click on the link in the episode description or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today.

And remember, if you liked what you heard today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen.

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