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The New Abode Line!

In this episode we sit down with Spring Esteppe to talk all about the new Abode Line. We'll discuss all of the products in the line, how you can use them in your home, and why you're going to love them.

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doTERRA: You want to keep your home clean and safe for your family, but too often the cleaning products you trust to help can bring toxic chemicals into your home. doTERRA created the new abōde™ Line to give you natural options for keeping your house clean. And today, we'll share all about the different products in the line.

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Today, we're excited to talk to Spring Esteppe about the new abōde Line and how you can use it in your home. Spring, we're so excited to have you here with us today.

Spring Esteppe: Thank you so much! I'm so excited to be here.

doTERRA: First thing, can you tell us a little bit about the new abōde blend?

Spring: Oh gosh, I have so much to say about this blend, really about all of it. When I got the call a couple of months ago and they let me in on the little secret about presenting on all this stuff at Convention, I was, oh my gosh, I was so excited. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

And when I opened up the abōde blend, I had like a sensory experience with the smell. It is just delicious. I mean, that's the first thing with our oils and blends is always like, how does it smell? Like, you don't care about how it works. We want to know how it smells! And it really, like this smell is something that I was not prepared for because I've been in those hair almost 10 years, and I was kind of thinking that I really knew all the combinations of smells, like there was nothing they could surprise me with.

So I opened up the abode blend. And it's—the easiest way to describe it is this aroma of doTERRA On Guard® and Purify having a baby, but even better! It's like a good baby, you know? It smells warm and clean at the same time, and I live in a home with teenagers. And my teenagers’ friends are here all the time. They love it. So it's like a very earthy, rich but clean, warm smell and looking into the list of stuff that—all the oils that are in this blend—it just blew my mind with how powerful those oils are individually. And then you put them together in a blend, and it is really just a power-packed blend to up level the cleaning in your home. So I am obsessed with it. Oh my gosh, I diffuse it. I'm mixing it in things. I mean, I just, I love it.

doTERRA: Absolutely! The smell is so amazing. It's such a welcome addition.

Spring: Yes, yes!

doTERRA: So you mentioned a couple different things, you know, the cleaning and the scent. Can you tell us a little bit more about why you're excited to have this blend in your house?

Spring: Well, yeah. You know, like I said, I thought that I had smelled all the combinations that you could combine. You know, like being an experimenter in the home, I mix a lot of things. And when we started on our doTERRA journey almost 10 years ago, I was on this mission to redefine crunchy in my home because I didn't want to be like a like, don't shave my legs, only drink out of a mason jar kind of crunchy mom. Like I had to kind of not be that person.

But I was very aware of the fact that I needed to like shift our home, especially with our cleaning products. And so over the years, I've done a lot of DIY stuff and doTERRA has given me a great selection of things to use, and so I make things like carpet cleanser with like baking soda, and I put oils in it. And now, like, adding the abōde essential oils to just baking soda, I can make carpet cleanser and like an incredible scrub for tubs and grout lines and all of that.

And then diffusing it, it just brings a whole new level of scent to my home. Really excited about having this in my home.

doTERRA: I love all of those ideas. The great thing about the abōde Line, at least the thing that I think is wonderful, is it's not alone. It's not a standalone product.

Spring: Yes!

doTERRA: We have a whole abōde line! So can you tell us a little bit about the individual products and the abōde line?

Spring: Oh my goodness. Where do you start? I mean, seriously, I don't even know where to start with all of this because I love every bit of it, and I'm pretty picky. Like, I'm that person who's like, “Well, this is great, but does it really work?” And, “Oh this is nice, but like, does it really smell great?” And so I've been using these products for a month and a half, because I had a little bit of a head start on, everybody, and I have continually been amazed by each and every one of these products.

abōde Dish Soap

So the big thing for me was the dish soap. I've been making my own dish soap for a couple of years, and I have some really specific things that I look for when it comes to a dish soap. I want it to be a clean product. I want it to have a lot of suds. I want it to be grease fighting, and I don't want to have to use a ton of it, so like, minimal product use because I want to make it like stretch for a long time.

And the doTERRA abōde liquid dish soap checks all my boxes hands down, which I was very surprised about because it's hard to find a natural dish soap that will do that. So high suds. They've added Grapefruit to the dish soap specifically because Grapefruit has this high limonene content, and it can break through grease very well. So that's like the secret sauce there in the dish soap that really makes it amazing. And then you have this refillable glass, beautiful amber glass, container that you dump your dish soap into and then you can recycle the refill container, which is incredible. I mean, it's just it's so needed. So dish soap, I'm obsessed with it. Love it.

abōde Laundry Pods

And then the laundry pods. Oh my goodness. I mean, hello! We've been waiting for these forever.

doTERRA: Yes!

Spring: I am so excited about those, and I want to just throw one thing out there too, because I've seen a lot of people asking questions and some of the places on the internet about the laundry pods. And I think it's important to note that the laundry pods, one pod is great for like a very light soil load or like a smaller load. But if you have a heavier soil load or a large load, you use two pods, and it's right on the instructions on the back.

But the ability of these pods to fight grease and stains in your clothes is unmatched to anything that we've used before. And I love the doTERRA On Guard Laundry Detergent, I do. But I love this even more because that pouring of the detergent with kids in the house, sometimes they get a little heavy on the pour, you know what I mean? And that laundry soap turns into—the liquid stuff turns into a huge waste a lot of the time. So the pods are convenient. They have all of the abōde, essential oils in them, which are incredible, and they are so great for fighting grease and stains in your laundry.

abōde Dishwasher Pods

And then the dishwasher pods. I mean, are you kidding me? Dishwasher pods and laundry pods, all in the same product line? Yes! Oh my goodness, I get so excited about these. They work very well. Tons of success with these in your dishwasher. I would just say, like if you're like, “Oh, the pod is sticking in my little container, in my in my dishwasher,” just make sure that it's good and dry before you put your pod in, because that film on the outside of the pod will dissolve real quickly. But it works so well, I mean, doTERRA, why in the world would we go anywhere else, right? It’s just blowing our minds how well these products work.

dōTERRA® abōde Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate

The multi-surface cleaner. I mean, again, no words. No words to describe how I felt when I opened the box and saw this incredible cleaner, and as I've used this product, I have seen it remove stains from different textiles, like from hard surfaces and even in your clothing. The multi-surface cleaner works great to remove those stains. It has that added thymol in it, and that helps with the cleansing properties of this multi-surface cleaner.

It works so well on sealed hard surfaces. So people will ask like, “Well, can I use it on my granite or can I use it on my quartz?” You absolutely can. You can use it on any hard surface that's non-porous. As long as it's been sealed, you're good to go.

And we are using it constantly, and I think that I like that it's like an up level to my cleaning routine. You know, we love our On Guard products, and we've used them for years. But this is like a 2.0 of our cleaning experience, where we're taking our cleaning to the next level. So using this for really, really like hard stains or, you know, times when you really need like an extra little boost in your home, that multi-surface cleaner is a game changer.

And you know, to have this reusable, beautiful amber glass bottle, I feel so bougie in my cleaning spaces. You know, have you heard that too? Everybody's like, “Oh my gosh, it's so beautiful! I love it.” It just makes you feel like a professional cleaner or something. It’s so crazy.

dōTERRA abōde Hand Lotion Refill Infused with Citrus Bloom®

Then we had the hand lotion refill that is Citrus Bloom, and it smells delicious. And it's very lightweight, goes on a really smooth, helps to keep your hands from drying out if you wash them all the time.

dōTERRA abōde Foaming Hand Wash Concentrate Infused with Citrus Bloom

And we have the Citrus Bloom hand wash refill, which is not like what we've had in the past. This is a concentrated formula. You pour the refill into the amber glass container and just add water. And it's high suds, smells like Citrus Bloom, does not dry your hands out, very moisturizing. And it also is great for cutting grease. You know, in the kitchen, when we're cooking a lot, sometimes your hands get greasy and gross from touching all the food things. And I love having it in my kitchen and my bathrooms because it just fights the grease so well

And all of the products in the abōde Line, the packaging is either fully recyclable or made out of post-consumer recyclable materials. So really having a big impact on our waste and consumerism, you know, like where we cut down on shipping costs and all of that because the way it has changed with our ability to recycle these products and use recyclable materials. So I love it all.

doTERRA: I agree with you. It's all incredible! Spring, if you had to kind of sum it up in a few sentences, what makes this line so amazing?

Spring: I would say just what I said earlier about it being like an upgrade to your cleaning routine. Being able to use these beautiful plant-based products in our home that are safe and non-toxic and recyclable is something that we have been craving, and now we have it. I love that I can use it around my kids and my pets and not have to worry. And I love that the science behind the abōde blend and the formulation of these products has proven that the cleaning capabilities are there, and it's very effective.

So I'm excited about all of it. I mean, I'm using it like a crazy person. My kids are like, “Mom, what in the world?” But they love it too! It smells so nice. So we have we have just absolutely been loving it and soaking it all in.

doTERRA: I'm so glad! I'm glad that your whole family is loving it. You've mentioned a couple different ways that you've incorporated it into your home. Do you have any other ways that you and your family are excited to use the abōde Line?

Spring: Yes, I was thinking—one thing I forgot to mention about the dishwasher pods is that you can use them in your toilets as toilet cleaners, so you just take the pod, throw it in the toilet. It dissolves very quickly, and you can scrub down your toilets. So using those as toilet cleaner is great, especially when you have kids and they don't always want to, like, have to actually spray something and hit the toilet with it, you know? It just makes it very easy to just throw a pod in.

But the multi-surface cleaner is something that I have really enjoyed, like figuring out ways to use it, and I'm using it to strip towels and couch cushions. Like, I have covered couch cushions and pulling all that stuff off and using that multi-surface cleaner to help strip those before I wash them has been very effective.

And also using the multi-surface cleaner as a base to—kind of like make-and-take cleaner, if you will, in your home with mixing it with the doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate and some of the abōde essential oil. You can really kind of mix things up and get creative with how you use those products. So the sky's the limit, I think. I mean, you can really kind of get wild with it, you know?

doTERRA: Yes, absolutely. I think that's one of the things that is most exciting about this line is it is going to work for you in the way that you need it to, and it's going to work for your family in the way that you need it to.

Spring: Absolutely, absolutely.

doTERRA: Spring, it has been amazing to talk to you today and hear how excited you are about these products and to learn a little bit more. We're so glad that you were able to join us.

Spring: Oh, thank you so much! What a pleasure. I appreciate the opportunity for sure.

doTERRA: Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you liked what you heard today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. Also, if you want to try any of the products you learned about, go to or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today.

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