Episode 39: Adding Essential Oils to Your Meditation

Adding Essential Oils to Your Meditation

In this episode, Jennifer Pansa will share about using essential oils in your meditation routine. She'll share what essential oils she prefers to use for meditation, what meditation can do for your body and mind, and techniques on using essential oils in your mediation routine.


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Hey friends, it’s Jennifer Pansa here tuning in live from Miami, Florida. I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about essential oils for meditation, and I have been a health and wellness practitioner for over just over twelve years now, and I lead specifically yoga and meditation. 

Essential Oils for Meditation

So let's talk a little bit about essential oils some of my favorite essential oils for meditation and how you can incorporate them into your daily life and why a meditation practice might benefit you. 

So the first thing I want to talk about is my journey into essential oils. So before I started with doTERRA here I thought essential oils just smelled good. I was using them in my yoga classes, but I didn't really think that there was other ways to use them besides the aromatic way. So I'm here to talk to you a little bit about how I use a few of my favorite oils for meditation and how you can use them as well. 

doTERRA Balance® Grounding Blend and Frankincense Essential Oil

So first away on that I want to talk about is Balance essential oil, and I love this one because it has a really grounding effect. So as we're sitting down for a meditation practice the first thing that we want to do is anchor into our body and start to come down out of the mind. 

So Balance has really powerful large trees that embody that grounding energy, specifically my favorite oil within this oil is Frankincense. And Frankincense is a very large tree and it's actually been used in spiritual journeys for many, many, many thousands of years. 

The Frankincense or the Balance how I like to use these two; the Balance is actually great in the diffuser, and then I like to apply the Frankincense either one drop underneath my tongue or I'll apply it topically like this, one drop in my hands, I'll take a few deep breaths, which if you're at home joining me in this you can grab your Frankincense or Balance and do the same. And then I generally like to apply it to the bottoms of my feet and then also right here to the center of the forehead. And the reason we do that is it helps to increase your intuition and your ability to see while you are meditating, and to see specifically what is beyond just the physical things in front of your eyes and really tune into that more spiritual sense, that spiritual awakening. 

Frankincense is also a really powerful essential oil because it balances all of our energy centers. It's the bridge between what we call in yoga the root chakra and the crown chakra, which blends your spiritual experience as a human and also your physical experience going throughout the daily world. So that's how I recommend you use those. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil

My second favorite essential oil to use in meditation is Sandalwood. I have Hawaiian Sandalwood right now, specifically because I'm so touched by the amazing work that is being done on the Sandalwood trees and with our Co-impact Sourcing® team down there in Hawaii. 

So I love this oil and Sandalwood is actually the oil of sacred devotion. This is another big, grounded, rooted tree, and it has been used for thousands of years to connect in a sacred purpose. So for this one I love to actually wear this one all the time. But specifically, before I start meditation, I like to put it on my pulse points right on my wrist. And it's a little viscous, so you have to be patient as it comes out. And I like to just rub it on my wrist and take a few deep breaths before I start my practice. And as you do this with the intention of sacred devotion it reminds you that this time that you spend in meditation is all for you; it is that time to authentically connect in a sacred way to whatever is on your heart and in your spirit. 

Neroli Essential Oil (Neroli Touch)

The last oil that I recommend for everyone's use in their meditation practice is Neroli, and this one, Neroli Touch, is fantastic because it is the oil of sacred purpose and also for intimacy. 

So as we're sitting down for meditation, oftentimes our most intimate thoughts and our most intimate parts of ourselves are being exposed to ourselves as we're sitting and watching and observing. So I love Neroli because it reminds us to not be afraid to be aware of those thoughts and maybe some of them we don't like and they aren't our favorite things to watch our minds see. But from that space of awareness and that space of acceptance of the self, the most beautiful parts of ourselves and also the parts of ourselves that are maybe less desirable, that acceptance is where we can actually grow. 

So using the Neroli is one of my favorite ones you can actually put this right underneath the pinky finger. My husband is an acupuncturist, so he recommends to me to put these points here. I hope I'm doing it right here which is a point to open up the heart energy. So a lot of our meditation is practice, is connecting out of the mind getting out of the thoughts which are not ourselves, and connecting into that heart space. So I love to put that oil right here, as well as right in the center of the heart, which is a great point to literally connect to your heart or your heart energy. 

Why Meditate with Essential Oils

So as you do that—oh my gosh I'm already smelling so wonderful—as your anointing yourself with these oils before you practice, you're not only anchoring in your intention but you're you're anchoring in the vibration of the oils into your body.

Now why might you do this? Many times, in today's day and age, we find ourselves scattered. We find our minds going a million miles an hour. I just heard a statistic that some people—women more than men—think a lot. In fact, we think eighty-five thousand thoughts per day and men is around sixty-three thousand thoughts per day. So in that time our minds can be really cluttered. It can be very overwhelming to experience life on a day to day basis, and meditation and using oils through a meditation can really take the edge off and allow you to slow down. 

So like I was saying your meditation practice is like it's like watching a movie and the movie is your thoughts and you watch the thoughts. You watch the movie of what is your mind obsessing about. What are the things that keep repeating? And from that place of observation, because normally we're just running along right with our mind, when we take a step back and we slow down and we sit, we can we can become the observer. And from that point of observation we can simply notice what we are thinking, and if we notice what we're thinking, then that empowers us to have the choice because I believe that we are in control of our thoughts. We are in control of our energy. But that place first we have to start from the observation of the self and noticing what is happening within me. Where is my heart? Where is my energy? What is my truth? Am I devoted in a sacred way to living in my highest truth? And when you when you can sit and be quiet, it becomes very apparent where you're in alignment and where you're out of alignment in your life. 

And from that place, I believe that our true meditation is our living meditation. How can we not only sit every day and think, and not think, and just observe ourselves in our seated meditation, but how can that translate into a moving meditation of life of really being aware of your thoughts as you're getting cut off in traffic, as your friend calls you with a challenging conversation, as someone does something that isn't what you like or not what you want to hear, it's in those times that our meditation practice really comes into play and especially our oil practice too because we can shift and from that place of shifting then we're in alignment with who we are who are becoming and who we are meant to be. 

So those are my tips for you guys on essential oils and meditation. I hope you found this useful and helpful in some way.