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Episode 129: Creating Routines with Essential Oils

In this episode we sit down with Kari Coody to discuss how you can create routines using essential oils. She'll explain why routines are powerful, how you can create effective routines, and some of her favorite oils to use in her routines.


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doTERRA: Did you know that effective routines can help build momentum, increase self-confidence, and reduce procrastination? But how do you go about creating effective routines? That's what we'll discuss today.

Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA, the podcast where you'll hear exciting, useful, and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field. If you like what you hear today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. We always appreciate hearing from you.

Today, we're excited to talk to Kari Coody about how routines can help you every day. There are a few different oils that we'll talk about today, and I'd love to hear how you use them in your home and how they are integrated into your routines.

Kari Coody: Yes, I'm so excited! Just glad to be here. Ready to share how we can really create strong, intentional routines through using the benefit of essential oils.

doTERRA: My first question for you is what makes a routine effective and powerful?

Kari: Well, I've seen in my own life and in others' lives as well, it truly brings comfort to our bodies because they just know what to expect. And just like a baby thrives in a routine, so do we. When we have rhythms and routines, it really helps us to shift out of a stressful state, be more in that fight or flight into, more of a parasympathetic system, which is more the rest and relax. And in our world, that's powerful, for me at least. So I know that routines really serve me each and every day.

doTERRA: Now, how do we create routines that will truly serve us?

Kari: Well, I feel like we have to start where we are and not compare our journey to others who may be further along. Routine envy is kind of a real thing and that doesn't serve anyone.

So I really love to start with my morning routine, and that's where I would say anyone would be great to start because that starts the tone and sets the tone for our day. And getting up before the house is really key for me and quiet time is a must. So I feel like that's a great place to start to really see what I already have in place and then add things in that are going to serve myself and my family. So wherever you want to begin, just find something that you already do and attach and add a habit to that.

doTERRA: How do you use doTERRA Breathe® in your home?

Kari: So Breathe is one that I really love to start my day with. I actually have it sitting right on my table where I have my devotion that I do every morning when I wake up. And so I love to put a few drops in my palms, rub them together, and just take a good couple of deep breaths to really wake myself up—start off the day right. I also love to use it prior to exercise as well. So those are a few ways that I love to use it.

doTERRA: And what routines do you have in place to help maximize the benefits that Breathe offers?

Kari: So Spearmint is one that I love to make a little mouth spray with. And so I love to carry this around in my purse and use it sort of in place of breath mints. And I love to combine a few drops of Spearmint, sometimes I'll add a little bit of stevia in there, and then fill the rest with filtered water. And I can just carry that around and add it in my mouth after meals or different things where I just feel like my mouth needs a little bit of cleansing. And it really helps to promote fresh breath as well.

doTERRA: Now, these next two are a couple of my favorites. How do you like to use doTERRA Peace® and Citrus Bloom?

Kari: So Peace is one that I love to use before bed. It really helps to create a peaceful aroma, just to get me ready for a great night's sleep. So I'll keep it right on my nightstand, again, for ease of use.

And then Citrus Bloom. The smell is actually both uplifting and calming at the same time. Wow, this aroma is like nothing else. If you've never experienced that, you've got to experience it for yourself.

doTERRA: What are your diffusing routines like?

Kari: I like to think about diffusing about three times a day. So in the morning, I love to have the diffuser going in my kitchen. So whenever the kids are waking up, getting their breakfast, out the door, it really helps. And then also for me in the morning, I'll move right to my office most days.

And so also mid-afternoon when the kids come home from school, it's also another great time to diffuse.

And then lastly, at night, we have a diffuser in every bedroom. We just love to diffuse a variety of things. That's so, so important.

doTERRA: Finally, how do these two oils affect the atmosphere that's in your home?

Kari: It's really amazing to me how much they help us connect with the present moment. Whether it's calming, uplifting, energizing, they really help to anchor at that moment, and it's truly a gift to be more present with ourselves and with those we love. And I feel that diffusing and creating that environment really helps to promote that.

doTERRA: The final oil I want to ask you about is Blue Tansy. How do you use it and how do you incorporate it into your routines?

Kari: I love to use Blue Tansy at night, so a lot of times I'll put it with hydrating cream. And I love to put that on my face at night just because it's just so rich. And I love the way it hydrates my skin overnight. It helps my skin to stay clear. It's very soothing. And also another way I like to use Blue Tanzy is to put it on dry, chapped hands.

doTERRA: Now, how does having strong and intentional routines in place affect your health and wellness, as well as the health and wellness of your family and your home?

Kari: So just like it helps bring a sense of comfort and steadiness to us, it does the same with our children. And I love that we can model that for them. And it's really a treasure that will serve them for a lifetime, as they will continue with their own sets of routines even after they leave the home.

Having routines in place makes it so simple for us to take excellent care of our body with proper nutrition, stress management, and immune support consistently. So when we have those habits in, it's almost like we don't have to think about it is just in place and it actually allows us to live our lives more freely when we know we're taking care of the most important things.

doTERRA: My final question before we end is do you have any parting advice or tips for people trying to create this effect using routines in their own home?

Kari: Sure, I just love to say start small. Just take note of what you're already doing, the daily rhythms that you already have. Make it easy on yourself because we don't need anything that's going to make life more complicated. We're trying to make things a little bit easier. So start small.

Think about small little wins that you could have. And more often is what you want to have those small wins. Honestly, it's worth the extra effort that it may take to incorporate this into your routine until it becomes a habit, but it's completely worth it because it will serve you for a lifetime.

doTERRA: It has been so wonderful to talk to you today. 

Kari: Thanks so much for having me!

doTERRA: Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you liked what you heard today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. Also, if you want to try any of the products you learned about, go to or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today.

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