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Episode 7: Daily Informed Self Care

This episode Laura Jacobs talks about daily self-care and how to incorporate essential oils into a daily routine. She'll discuss various aspects of your life such as eating right, exercising, reducing your toxic load and more!


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Hi, my name is Laura Jacobs and I'm so excited to be here with you, with you, and if by chance you're new to our doTERRA family, let me be one of the first to welcome you and to welcome you to your choice, to choose to live a life empowered. 

Self-directed Healthcare

You know, doTERRA is something I think you can consider as something you've hired to bring into your life to do a job for you. And we're really gladly and proudly part of what we would call a revolution, and this revolution has to do with really taking on the choice to live what we like to call self-directed healthcare. And may I just describe that to you a little bit? It might look something just like this: In your home, you've chosen to be your solutions provider. And how you're accomplishing that, how you're becoming that expert, is you simply have a book, a reference book and a box, a box of essential oils, doTERRA's CPTG oils specifically. And with that you are equipped to truly, you know, tackle really 80% or more of the health priorities that come to you. And for that other 20% roughly, you have surrounded yourself and partnered with health practitioners in your world who can complement and support your decision to live with natural solutions and to really address the whole you. 

The doTERRA Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid

So we have something wonderful, a tool that we've created called the live guide and it's designed to really introduce you to and take you on a tour of the doTERRA lifestyle. And if you were to turn to page three, you would see that we have there for you, an illustration that shares what we like to call the doTERRA Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid. And this is such a great tool for us to understand really how to dial in and dissect, and then assemble for ourselves a daily habits program and help us understand how to employ each product to facilitate the goals that we have.

So if you'll take a close look at the pyramid, you're going to notice that it actually has two halves. The bottom four layers are labeled lifestyle, and the top two levels are labeled healthcare. And so what does that mean for you and I, our everyday user? Well, having been around doTERRA and essential oils for a long time, I would tell you that what I've noticed is people tend to come to this world, and to this family and community at level five. It's a level where we talk about informed self-care. Perhaps there's been some discomfort in your life or something that's mediocre and you're looking to make it optimal. And so people tend to come in for targeted support. And so maybe have purchased an enrollment kit that is full of ideas for just that. You know, you've got your On Guard for your immune system and you've got your Deep Blue for your structural and your muscular systems and your Digestzen for your digestive system and you’re just equipped, you know, to meet each of those systems where they're at and to help support their needs.

However, you know, what could tend to happen then is we would stick those on a shelf for a rainy day. And when life's happening, we'd pull out that little solution and we'd get to work on tackling whatever it is we'd want to do, and we would miss out on really perhaps the greatest partnership that's available to us. So, if you take a look at the bottom half of the pyramid, I want to introduce you to what I would recommend is your daily interaction with your doTERRA experience. So, take a look at how the pyramids been organized. 

First Four Levels

First of all, bottom level, eat right, like we all know we've got to put good things in to get good things out. Our second level is about moving our bodies and moving them with ease and flexibility through exercise and other such choices. Our third level is about rest, right? We all need sleep. And also, we call it managing stress or you know, managing our emotional mental terrain, shall we say, and really helping us to complement that aspect of our quality of life. And then level four is what we call reduce toxic load. I mean, we all know the world has toxins in it, right? And things that we don't like to come into our body, and we need to be managing that. So, think of these four levels as the areas of our life that we need to be managing on a daily basis, which gives us a quality of life. Now when we enter up into level five and level six, this is where we might tend to go into that 80/20 plan thinking and we're like, “Hey, I got a priority. I need a solution. I'm going to go open my book, I'm going to look it up, I'm going to find that idea and I'm going to put it to work.”

Proactive Medical Care

And then occasionally we have those reasons, whether we're visiting our chiropractor or our massage therapist or our medical doctor or whatever, you know, that surgeon is going to help us out with a particular situation. And there we talk about proactive medical care and this gives us a wonderful opportunity to come to the table as a partner in our success with that practitioner. And that we bring our committed selves and we say, “I'm into self-directed healthcare and I want to participate in my own success, and I have solutions and I want a partner there.” So, I want you to think about those two areas is when we're targeting something. We've got a project, we've got a desire to accomplish something that's more of like a start finish, whereas the bottom four levels, this is an everyday deal.

Eat Right

So, I want to talk just a little bit about how to now start to organize the products that you either have or want to have in the concept of these levels of the pyramid and how we would then assemble a daily program. So, on our eating level, of course that means you're going to put good food in your body. And how does one compliment that process? Well, we understand that nutrition is lacking, that food isn't perfect, and we could talk about farming and all the things, but the bottom line is that experts agree that nutritional supplementation serves. So, we have our Lifelong Vitality. We've got our multivitamin, we've got our awesome omega blend of marine and land fats that are so good for body. We have our awesome Alfa CRS, which helps us bring in antioxidants and to service and having a favorable terrain for inflammation.

And then we need to talk about digestion. If you're going to eat food, you got to break this stuff down and let it go to work for you. So, our TerraZyme is a superb product to compliment the digestive process, especially when we're eating foods that are less fresh, that aren't enzyme rich in and of themselves. So very, very important daily practices to one, bring in the nutrition and two, to support the body in breaking down the nutrition that it's receiving. And then lastly, keeping a friendly gut terrain with a kind of a probiotic. And so we've got a couple of different choices there with our PB assist junior or regular.


So then let's go to our next level. And this is about again, moving and like the hinges are working well and we feel flexible and we feel comfortable in our own skin. And I don't think we could all come up with a better idea than to say our crowning product here would have to be Deep Blue. Right? And so, the rub has been one of the most favorite deliverables on that one. We've got AromaTouch blend. Even just Peppermint is such a great pre-workout application because it's cooling, but it's also warming. It's kind of a dichotomy of an experience. So it's awesome for getting your muscles raring to go and keeping you comfortable in your body temperature while you're working out, and then putting something like the AromaTouch or the Deep Blue on as a post workout.This is going to work for people of all ages and going to be super complimentary again, to living a quality lifestyle. 

Rest and Manage Stress

Now as we move into our third level, which is rest and managing stress. Here, you know, Serenity, right? Whether it's our Serenity essential oil blend, our Serenity Softgels, both, you know, Balance oil. We've got Peace blend, we've got good old Lavender, you know, just some real favorites here to help us have an awesome night's sleep. 

And then we can go into areas like I talked about, whether it's emotional wellbeing, we've got our entire, you know, we call it our ten mood oils that have been an amazing, amazing, members of our doTERRA product family to help us really like handpick what mood do I want to support, you know, do I want to be more forgiving? Do you want to be more motivated? Do I want to feel elevated? Do I want to feel balanced? We have just amazing choices where we can literally, you realize like, with a box of oils, you could literally put names on the top and think of it like a box of chocolates and think, “What mood do I want to pick for the day?” And just hand select that choice.

And you know, if I was to look for something overarching, I'd look for some of those basics like Serenity or Balance or Lavender to use on a daily basis, and then select from there. And then also think about mental health. You know, I think about people wanting more focus. Well, whether it's Vetiver and Lavender that you're pairing together on your own or you're pulling out that Peace blend where they've been put together for you, you're going to have great compliments at this level and, and who doesn't need to be on their game emotionally and mentally every day, right? And we couldn't be better prepared for this aspect of life.

Reduce Toxic Load

Now our next level is reduced toxic load and whether you want to go into a full-blown cleanse with doTERRA. And we've had our Healthy from the Inside Out programs that we've done in different ways to put products to work for us, in a program sense, and that's something you could think about doing, you know, a couple of times a year or once a quarter or maybe more aggressively or assertively when you're trying to take yourself to a new level. However, to keep it simple, something as simple as a citrus oil every day in your life. It could not be a better decision for a daily habit and just go with a Lemon or a Grapefruit or a Wild Orange or Tangerine. These are amazing, amazing partners for just consistently helping you break down, just it's a normal day, everyday process of the body to need to break down toxins and get them out, and these are your awesome partners for that.

Informed Self-Care

Now that's the top of our lifestyle, right? But I'm going to go into the next level where most people, again, begin. So, let's come back to where we begin, and that's this informed self-care aspect. And so rather than waiting for life to happen to us, why not get at the helm? And so, we love to recommend a couple oils that just make so much sense as your everyday partners and you're going to overtime maybe like wiggle into the ones that are your favorites. But really, truly hands down across the board, Frankincense and On Guard are your dynamic duo to just support you and just constantly being on your game and creating targeted informed self-care because your Frankincense is going to really have you on a cellular level. Just keeping yourselves happy and really helping you maintain a healthy inflammatory environment. And then you're On Guard, like hello, like got to have shields up every day, right? You're not just going to go out into the world naked and unprotected. We need to go out boosted and we need to go out protected and we need to go out and feel capable of interacting with the world in a really safe way.

Daily Habits

So it's been so great to spend a little time with you and share with you this idea of how to live, again, a life empowered, to have self-directed healthcare, and to really live your own 80/20 plan. And most of all, again, it's not about, “It's a nice idea. It's on a shelf for a rainy day and I'm going to pull it down when I have that intermittent need.” This is about establishing daily habits and bringing in your partners and selecting those few products like we've described and putting them to work for you to accomplish the health and the wellness that you desire every day of your life.

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