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Episode 22: How Can I Incorporate Yarrow|Pom Into My Skincare Routine

This episode Michelle Cannon shares why she loves Yarrow|Pom. She'll explain why Yarrow and Pomegranate have been combined in this powerhouse oil and why it is so great for your skin. She will also let you know how you can easily incorporate Yarrow|Pom into your daily skincare routine


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You guys I'm so excited to be here for doTERRA's online summit, and I'm so stoked to be talking about one of my favorite essential oils and what it's done for me personally. My name is Michelle Cannon. I'm a Wellness Advocate at doTERRA, and I love to educate people about how I use the products myself.

Yarrow|Pom, when it got released I first thought, you know this seems awesome, but diving into the research of it, I'm like OK this is really awesome. So I had to kind of firsthand experience it for myself. And now that I've given myself several months of consistent daily use I'm going to share with you all the benefits that I have seen and the miracles that I've seen it perform for me, as well I'm sure as many as you can relate to all of this as I'm sharing with you.

Why Are Yarrow and Pomegranate Combined?

So Yarrow|Pom, you're probably wondering, Yarrow essential oil, Pomegranate seed essential oil, why are they combined? Well, in a nutshell, Yarrow|Pom or Yarrow essential oil works better when paired with Pomegranate seed essential oil. The two of them combined maximize the benefits of Yarrow.

So when we are using this oil, and I'm going to be specifically breaking it down for topical use, when we are using this essential oil to say get that glow that we want to say I'm going to share how exactly you can utilize this essential oil blend to be able to provide you some really really great support for your skin.

How Do I Use Yarrow|Pom Essential Oil in My Routine?

So if you guys are like me, some of you might be some of you might not, the winter months are not fun for my skin. Never have been, until I finally discovered a really good daily and nightly routine can really help my skin to feel supported and rejuvenated. Thanks to Yarrow it's added several benefits to that issue I was experiencing.

So how I use Yarrow|Pom essential oil. First thing in the morning, and I'm going to talk about the face and other places that I like to use this oil as I describe it, in the morning, my simple routine (to make this easy for you so you guys aren't overwhelmed) to make it very easy for you, how I use it is wake up in the morning; wash my face. Now doTERRA does have different facial lines. My preferred one due to my skin is the anti-aging line, and you really can pair this essential oil for topical use with any skin care line or with doTERRA's hydrating body lotion. But as far as the face goes, the anti-aging line is my favorite. Works very well for my skin.

I wash my face as normal in the morning. I do my toner, and then I add on a little squeeze if you guys in the bottle it's got a little squeeze dropper. I add a squeeze into the palms my hand. I want to say maybe it's three drops. You can use less you can use more. But I really like to coat my face, and it's because I just love the absorption of all that moisture. So I apply it all over my face. And, I'm gonna share a little trick with you, if you're a mom and you don't get great sleep, put a little extra underneath your eyes where we have some mom-eyes, tired-eyes, is what I want to call it. And I let that really soak in, and then I apply my anti-aging hydrating cream.

I do that in the morning, and you guys, I'm going to give you a few things that I've seen. One for us girls, I know, boys, you can use this too, but us girls, I will tell you your makeup goes on way better. Way better if you are hydrating your face, and Yarrow|Pom is a great source of hydration.

And once I do that, then I get myself ready for the day, and I repeat that same process at the end of the night. So I wake up, have a very refreshed feeling, glowing face. Same thing at night so when I go to sleep my skin is absorbing the powerful benefits of using Yarrow|Pom essential oil.

What Are the Benefits of Using Yarrow|Pom?

You guys, Yarrow|Pom is full of antioxidants. It supports the skin, it provides a healthy glow, it supports aging, it supports fine lines. And if you're thinking, if you've had children or you know any type of skin something where your skin is seen to not be at its best, you can apply the Yarrow|Pom essential oil directly to the area of concern. And for me I have seen such great results from it due to being consistent. I will tell you, it's the consistency that has made a difference in my skin.

So I'm gonna share a couple more benefits that I have noticed personally. I am a freckly person. If you guys know me, and you know me in the summer, you will see that most of my face is freckles. I'm OK with freckles, but I'm also very aware that my skin is sensitive to sun. I don't tan very easy, and so what I have loved and what I have seen from the Yarrow|Pom essential oil is applying that topically has really seemed to help with some of those dark sunspots. It's helped to rejuvenate and restore those skin cells. And so because of that, my skin feels more smooth, the texture, the color, everything.

So whatever your issue might be with your skin, using Yarrow|Pom essential oil, I guess the best word to say, evens everything out. I don't know if that makes sense to you, but that's the best word I can come up with is it kind of evens everything out to provide your face, your skin, you can put on the outside of your hands during the cold winter months when they might be a little bit more dry than normal. Put it on the outside of your hands, put on the bottoms of your feet before bed with socks on. Really just, using it to absorb into your skin for that moisture.

Being Consistent

So I kind of did a little Q and A with some of my close friends about Yarrow|Pom because I wanted to see, OK well I've seen some great results from it, but I want to hear, I want to hear from you guys. I want to hear what you guys have experienced from those who've been very consistent. And, a lot of the same answers came back. And I wasn't surprised by that. But the one thing that I did kind of collectively hear from everybody is it's the consistent morning and night.

You guys, it's just like anything else we do we want to be consistent when we are trying to change something and if you are unhappy with your skin, and you feel like OK it just needs more moisture, it needs more, you know, help and glow and restorative. Then you've got to be consistent with your routine.

But Yarrow|Pom, you guys, it is very, very simple, and you just put a little dab on your hands, apply it to the area of concern, and make that your daily routine. So that's a little bit about why I love Yarrow|Pom and the benefits I've seen from it. And now, as we kind of dive more into you know extra benefits of this oil, I've been able to experience firsthand what it's done for me.

When In Doubt, Try Yarrow|Pom

So I'm going to encourage you guys: get your Yarrow|Pom if you don't have it. I will tell you I have a little stockpile because I never want to run out of it and I'm sure there's many of you out there who have the same but I never want to run out of this oil simply because of the benefits that I see. I know Emily Wright, so many others of doTERRA's owners, and Wellness Advocates have firsthand experienced the benefits.

So I say when in doubt, try Yarrow. If it's not for you, totally understand, but if you are all dealing with anything that you want to have a little extra support with skin issues or irritations, get yourself some Yarrow|Pom. It's worth the investment, and it will truly help you to feel like you've got that glow again. So thank you guys for having me. I'm so glad I got to be here to share all about Yarrow|Pom and we'll talk to you guys later.

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