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2022 Convention (3 episodes)

In this week's special series, we are bringing you all the action and all of the highlights of the doTERRA 2022 Convention.

Day1: New Products

This episode will cover all exciting new product announcements!

Day 2: MetaPWR Science

This episode covers everything from Ashleigh Di Lello's presentation on bio-emotional healing, to the in-depth look at the science behind MetaPWR, plus the new MetaPWR Education Course.

Day 3: Avoiding Burnout and Using MetaPWR Daily

This episode covers everything from Jenna Kutcher's powerful keynote presentation to Dr. Hill going into even more science behind MetaPWR. Don't forget about the new MetaPWR Education Course to learn everything you want to know.

These episodes are sponsored by the Lifelong Vitality Pack, learn more about how you can get a free, exclusive copy of the Essential Oils for Beginners audiobook by purchasing the Lifelong Vitality Pack.

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