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Episode 206: 7 Daily Habits with Essential Oils

In this episode we sit down with Carolyn Anderson to discuss seven daily habits with essential oils that you should be incorporating with your life. She'll tell you some of her favorite habits and the products she uses including Cinnamon, the Lifelong Vitality Pack, and the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate.

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doTERRA: Routines can be powerful tools to support your health and provide structure and certainty day to day. And when you pair the power of routines with essential oils you can see the power of both in your life.

Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA, the podcast where you'll hear exciting, useful, and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field.

Today’s episode is brought to you by the On Guard protective blend. A powerful blend of essential oils, On Guard provides a natural and effective alternative for immune support when used internally. Your body does a lot for you, so why not get your guard up?

Right now, as a podcast exclusive if you buy a bottle of On Guard and enter the promo code PODCAST at checkout, we’ll send you an exclusive audiobook, 100 Uses for Essential Oils. Check out the link in our episode description or visit to learn more. Open to US orders only. Today we're excited to talk to Carolyn Anderson about 7 Daily Habits with essential oils that you should be incorporating into your life.

Carolyn, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Carolyn Anderson: Oh, it's my privilege and pleasure. Thank you for having me.

doTERRA: I am so excited to talk about this topic because I think everyone is looking for more ways to work essential oils into their everyday routines. So, to start off with, what are your favorite daily habits with essential oils specifically?

Carolyn Anderson: Oh boy, there are so many because I truly love and use my oils. Every day I fill up my water container and I add citrus oils to my water. Sometimes Fennel, sometimes Cinnamon, depending on my mood or what my desire.

And not only do I enjoy drinking my water so much than ever before, I now consume so much more water and hydration is so healthy for us. So that's my number one.

Number two is I always put an oil on me in the morning. I love to apply whatever oil I choose, and that depends on maybe my mood or my day or my need. But I will put oil on my wrist and take a few deep breaths. And I feel like that's to do it slow and deeply is so beneficial for me. Peppermint is probably my overall favorite, but I rotate them.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And that sounds wonderful to start off your day. And like you said, use the one that fits with how you're feeling that day. I think that's amazing.

Carolyn Anderson: Yes.

doTERRA: Now, moving on to the dietary supplements. Now we have our oils. We also have our supplements. What are a couple of your favorite daily habits with those supplements?

Carolyn Anderson: Okay. Well, again, so hard to pick a favorite. One thing is, I've learned and studied what the supplements are, what they have in, and what they offer me. I've really incorporated a lot. But if I had to pick two like foundation or basic, it's the Lifelong Vitality which includes whole foods supplements and the omegas. They're just so foundational for good health. And I'm 61 just that energy that knowing that you're doing, you know, I eat very healthy, but this fills in the gaps.

And the other thing I have just fallen in love with is the Yarrow|Pom Capsules because beauty is from the inside out. And I've slowly been looking at the ingredients and have some knowledge and I'm like, "Oh my gosh, I've got to have these." Can I add one more?

doTERRA: I'll allow it.

Carolyn Anderson: Well, every night I take Serenity. The Lavender in there helps calm me down. I get a really good night's sleep when I add the Serenity Softgels to my supplement regimen in the evening.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And what I love that you said, especially about the LLV, is it's there to fill in all of those gaps. You know, we try hard, we try and live healthy, but it still isn't always enough. But we have these supplements here to fill in the gaps to make sure we are living our best life.

Carolyn Anderson: And, yep, I love them.

doTERRA: Now, what about in the home? Because we have, you know, the oils are putting on ourselves, the supplements we're taking. What are some of your daily habits for your home that use essential oils?

Carolyn Anderson: Well, one, I turn on my diffusers every day. I have them in my bedroom, kitchen, living space and office. And I loved to create that clean environment or a calming environment, an atmosphere if I'm going to bed. But my house always smells lovely. I always feel just happier. Everyone likes that clean, good smelling home. And so turning on my diffusers, I definitely keep the oils of the week that I'm diffusing by the diffuser and sometimes even a bottle of water in a nice glass container just to keep it pretty, but to keep it easy so that this is a daily habit, that's not a chore.

I think the there's so many again. But I love after I clean up my kitchen after evening meal. I love taking over the On Guard Concentrate and make into a spray or the Abode cleaner. And I like to really clean off my counters. You know, we set things down on them all day long and at the end of the night. I love that clean. Ready to the next day and that great scent and doing it all naturally is very important to me. I try to avoid things that aren't natural in my home.

doTERRA: Absolutely. And I completely agree with making diffusers as easy as possible, because there are always those moments when you think, oh, I want to shift my atmosphere. I want to have a different feel in this room. But it seems like a lot of work to go fill up your diffuser at the sink and bring it back and find your oils. But if it's all there, you know that you can have that at your fingertips and it's easy and it works.

Carolyn Anderson: Yes. Yeah. I get complimented all the time on the scent in my home, which is funny because I would say multiple scents because don't they all work well together?

doTERRA: Yes, they all layer really well. Carolyn, before we end, I have to know and I know this is going to be such a hard question, but what is your number one top daily habit with those products that you recommend to other people?

Carolyn Anderson: I would say use them. Put them where you're going to use them and use them. That's the daily habit. You just you could hook it on to something like in the morning, maybe when you're making coffee, whether it's turn on the diffuser or take your supplements. But I find, like, if you establish a good, healthy habit and just hook it on to something you're already doing, it's something you get done. And in my home, my oils are in the bathroom and they're up in my bedroom and they're on my office desk and they're in my kitchen and they're by my drinking water filter.

So, they're all right where I'm going to use them. So, the best habit is to use them and put them where they're easily accessible.

doTERRA: I think that is so powerful and you're so right, just keeping them on hand and using them. And that's going to make all the difference.

Carolyn Anderson: Absolutely.

doTERRA: Carolyn, it has been fantastic to talk to you today. Thank you for teaching us a little bit more about how we can incorporate these doTERRA products into our daily routines.

Carolyn Anderson: Oh, you're so welcome. I just love them and I feel like they've changed my life for the better. I feel more healthier and alive. I feel empowered and confident and proactive and give myself more self-care. They've been amazing for my life.

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