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Episode 42: Daily Stress Management

In this episode, Lison Guerrette will discuss how she practices daily stress management. She'll talk about what the common causes of stress might be, what you can do to relieve stress every day, and which essential oils can help to reduce stress.


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Welcome to Online Oasis. My name is Lison Guerrette. So it's my pleasure today to talk to you about daily stress management—how to cope in our daily lives. So to talk to you about all the wonderful tools that we have to cope with everyday stressors that we can have. 

Common Daily Stressors

So what are the common causes of our daily life stress that we can have? 

So there are things that happen that are unpredictable. There are schedules that are so busy with the kids, and I have two of my own and I have a wonderful husband too, but you know every day like school we have homework and we have the piano lessons and we have everything. So we have a busy schedule most of us. 

Another thing that can enter stress in our daily life could be a lack of sleep. So you all know that when we miss sleep we feel less able to cope with our stress and so that's why it is so important to have good daily practices that help us improve our sleep quality. So we'll talk about that. 

Also, it is very important to be well surrounded to have a sense of community. So when we feel alone or isolated this can enter stress feelings that we can have. So make sure that you have the community around you, that you reach out to people, and you're in a wonderful community—the doTERRA community—that's wonderful, but you can volunteer also, you can join some groups that bring you joy and helps you to feel less isolated. So to have a very good network—social network—will help you manage your daily stress. 

Coping with Stress

So now let's talk about how to relieve the daily stressors that we can have every day. First of all, I want you to remember one thing from this—consistency is key. So make sure you do things daily and sometimes even often during the day. So it's not something you're going to do maybe once a month. You have to do it with consistency. It's so important. 


So first thing I want to talk to you about is exercise. Exercise is such a wonderful key and to help you deal and cope with stress every day. So make sure you move every day. Start where you are! Some people you can go for an outdoor walk for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure to use doTERRA Motivate® first before going out or Peppermint to support you in the way that you decide to move a little bit. Some people you are used to more, so you can go to the gym you can go and join a class and then you're gonna add with community as well. 

I love to dance with the kids and laugh with them. So we this use citrus oils and we put music on very loud and we dance and we laugh. We make fun of ourselves. This is so good after a stressful day. This is so useful. 

Make sure to take your LLV (doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®) every day too. This is such a powerhouse. It's your basis. It's going to be really helpful especially with I think of the omega 3s that are so good for our wellness. So make sure you take your LLV everyday. Anybody out there that are taking them daily and know how wonderful they are, I know I've been taking them for two years now and I would wouldn't pass a day without them. 

Also I want to make a small talk about people that maybe you're feeling too tired right now. It's too difficult for you to go outside and move. Start Where You Are. You can put a chair. Outside and just enjoying the sun for maybe 10 to 15 minutes. And when you're be able to go for a walk or something, go for there. So just to let you know that we're thinking about you and that you can then you can do things also where you are. So there's no comparison there. Just start where you are. 


Self-care is the second thing I want to talk to you to do every day. So self-care—what is it? It’s to take care of yourself in a way that belongs to you. 

I know that for me I love everyday, morning and night, to enjoy my Verage® skin care routine, and I will add Immortelle. This skin care will not only help out my skin for sure, but I will enjoy the aromatic benefits from Immortelle, for example, that are so soothing and calming and are helping me even to go to sleep at night. So don't think it's a small thing to do in this routine. It's wonderful. It's a very strong daily practice that you can practice at home. 

And enjoy some DIY! Let's do like, for example, a weekly home spa, and you can go on the blog you'll find many recipes for facemask and a routine for your bath, for example, so make sure you do that—a home spa or anything that makes your heart joyful daily. 

Daily hair care—that's something I want to share with you that I like so much to do every day is to add one drop of Ylang Ylang in my hair, and then I'm gonna have a glow in my hair, but at the same time, I'm a portable diffuser of this wonderful soothing and calming essential oil that it helps me for my mind, for all the thoughts that can come and go. So it's wonderful to put and add to your hair care also. 


The third thing I want to talk to you, we've talked about it earlier on, is to sleep. So what do I do every day to have a nice good sleep? That's so important; it's crucial. 

So I like, for example, to use this softgel that we have. And lately, I've been using one softgel of Copaiba and one softgel of doTERRA Serenity®—one of each—maybe 30 minutes before I go to bed. Also, it is very important to make sure, like I said, that you have consistency and you have a nice daily routine. For example, for me, I like to go and take a bath. So I could use maybe one cup of Epsom salt in my hot bath, and then I add maybe six drops of Lavender in my bath to relax. And then it's so easier to go to sleep and I have a good rest. 

I like also something very fun to do at home that you can use to recycle your bottles is to add maybe 20 drops of Serenity, or any oils that you like, so 20 drops of Serenity I would use and then I add water and I add to spray. So I'm going to spray my bed with this wonderful blend. Make sure you shake well before you use. 

Also, something maybe a bit different that we don't think about all the time is to get a nice herbal tea, and Roman Chamomile is wonderful, so you could add a teaspoon in the cup and then you had one drop of Roman Chamomile and add water, maybe 85 degrees (enough to make sure that you keep it the right temperature). So I'll add one drop of Roman Chamomile and one teaspoon of raw honey in water and you just enjoy before going to sleep. It's so good. 

Other Essential Oils to Help with Coping with Daily Stress

So in addition to those daily practices that I spoke, let me share with you some of the oils I love the most using every day. So for example, in the morning, I love to diffuse citrus oils. So for example, this morning I was using Tangerine. But I love Grapefruit; I love Lemon; Citrus Bliss® would be wonderful. So it helps us to wake in the morning to start our day with a good sense of humor and smiling. You know, it's very important the way you start your day. 

And then something I like to use maybe for some situation where I need to have a public speech, this can be very stressful, so what I like to do is one drop of Copaiba under the tongue, and then I'm using my Rose essential oil on my neck and on my heart. And like this, I smell so good, and I feel my heart wide open ready to serve and talk with my heart to people. So these are powerful tools for those situations. 

After a stressful day, what I love to do is use my doTERRA Balance®, my doTERRA Forgive®, or Frankincense also, it depends.  Each day I like to pick a new one, and what I do is, for example, I'm going to take my Balance, I'm going to use the one drop in the palm of my hand. Then you do like that, and you take the time to breathe. Breathing is so important. So sometimes we have big stressful days, and we want to be available for the kids. We want to be calmer. We want to be like right there in the moment. So it's a really good practice to take five good breathing in the palm of your hands with Balance, with Forgive, with Frankincense. It is so good to take the time to breathe and to just arrive at home. 

And then, like I said, at night, I like to use my Serenity softgel, diffuse oils like Serenity, like Balance, and like Lavender also. These are powerful tools. And also, the new Adaptiv™ blend that we have. They are so beautiful. So I have diffused that two nights already. It is brand new for me. So I slept so well with Adaptiv in the diffuser. 

But if ever I'm on the go and I'm rushing and I'm going somewhere, I always make sure to keep in my purse now I'm going to keep Adaptiv for sure. But I love to have also Neroli and doTERRA Peace® as well, I like to vary. So if ever something comes out and I need some tools to help me relax, I'm just gonna roll it right here and take the time to breathe. We said that breathing is so important. 

So these are wonderful tools, like I said, for my everyday life. Make sure you have them on hand—that they are easy to catch, to grab them, and make sure that you develop your own routine. Make sure to make it your own, to go to the oils that are the most effective for you and to be empowered by them. Thanks. Have a nice day!

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