The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program serves members by helping them earn Loyalty Points that can be redeemed for free doTERRA products. The longer you participate, the greater the points you can earn, leading to more rewards!
  • No-hassle, automatic shipment of the doTERRA products you use on a monthly basis.
  • Receive up to 30% of the Personal Volume (PV) value of your monthly Loyalty Order (LRP) in Loyalty Points.
  • FREE Product of the Month - to qualify place a single Loyalty Order (LRP) totalling 125 PV or more between 1st and 15th of the month.
  • Freedom to change your Loyalty Order (LRP) up to the day before your monthly ship date.
  • Convenient way to meet monthly PV and bonus qualification requirements.
  • Powerful incentive for new Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers.
  • Earn bonus points from shipping for each order you place online.
  • Access exclusive kits, discounts and other promotions.
Redeem your Loyalty Points for doTERRA products by accessing them on To apply your points, simply select the 'Use Your Rewards Points' option to choose which products you want and how many you'd like to redeem using Loyalty Points.
To learn more about how to make changes on your Loyalty Order (LRP) and process orders, please click here.
To view the full terms and conditions of the Loyalty Rewards Program please see the Terms and Conditions information in this web page.
You'll receive up to 30% of the Personal Volume (PV) value of your monthly Loyalty Order (LRP) in Loyalty Points: Months 1-3, 10%, Months 4-6, 15%, Months 7-9, 20%, Months 10-12, 25%, Months 13+, 30%. For full details see Terms and Conditions.
Yes, you need to maintain a monthly Loyalty Order (LRP) of 1 PV or more, over consecutive months, to qualify for each percentage increase in Loyalty Points; otherwise your LRP percentage will automatically default to 10%.
Yes. You can process standard orders. If you have an active Loyalty Order (LRP) your standard order will be automatically upgraded to a One-Time Loyalty Order. Learn more about One Time Loyalty Orders
Please contact Europe Member Services for help with any issues with your Loyalty Order (LRP).
The top reasons that a Loyalty Order (LRP) did not process are:
  • The processing date is set to a date in the future.
  • There are one or more items on your Loyalty Order (LRP) that are unavailable.
  • There are one or more items that have out-of-date/bad SKU numbers.
  • Your Loyalty Order (LRP) was already processed during the current month.
  • Your Loyalty Order (LRP) attempted to process, but the payment was declined.
If you return your Loyalty Order (LRP), the points you earned will be removed from your account. If you process an exchange, the points earned on your original order will be returned.
While there could be a variety of reasons for missing a Loyalty Order (LRP), you will not always receive notifications about it. For example, you'll get an email alert if a credit card payment fails, but you might not be notified if the missed order isn't payment-related. We advise checking your order information regularly to ensure all details are current, facilitating smooth order processing.
In exceptional circumstances, the restoration of your previous earnings percentage may be possible; however, this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed. Europe Member Services will be able to advise whether a member is eligible for consideration.
Yes you will be able to see their next scheduled ‘run’ date.
If you need assistance correcting a mistake with your percentage, please reach out to Europe Member Services, or if you are ranked Silver and above you can contact your Account Manager for assistance.
You may hear the term 'template'. This is simply the page where you original order is created and updated. A Monthly Loyalty Order is the resulting order that is shipped to you, based on the information stored on the template.
If a Loyalty Order (LRP) template is classed as inactive it will be deleted. A template becomes inactive when the products ordered have not been paid for or processed over a set period of time. Any unused Loyalty Points will also be deleted.
New Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers who purchase one of the three kits listed below as their enrolment order, and subsequently place a 100 PV Loyalty Order the following month*, will be eligible to receive the following benefits:
Natural Solutions Kit
  • 100 Bonus Loyalty Points
  • Starting LRP Percentage of 15%
Essential Oil Collection Kit
  • 200 Bonus Loyalty Points
  • Starting LRP Percentage of 20%
Business Leader Kit
  • 400 Bonus Loyalty Points
  • Starting LRP Percentage of 25%

*Bonus Loyalty Points will be added to the account 60 days following enrolment, if all qualifications are met.

Only first time Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers** who purchase these specific enrolment kits qualify for the Loyalty Rewards Program.

**If a newly enrolled Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer does not enrol with a qualifying Fast Track Kit but wishes to participate in the Fast Track Program, an exception may be made within the first 30 days of enrolment. For further information please contact Member Services.

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