Joining doTERRA

Anyone who is new to doTERRA is instantly intrigued by the superior quality and unmatched purity of our products. One of the best ways to discover and receive products is through a doTERRA membership. There are two membership types: Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate. You can read more about membership types below to decide how to start your doTERRA journey. As part of a Europe-wide project, we've developed a new enrolment experience.​

Why should I join the doTERRA family?

Joining doTERRA opens up a world of wellness. There are various ways that doTERRA can help you live the life you imagine. Here are the two membership account types.

Wholesale Customer Benefits

  • Wholesale pricing (25% discount)
  • Option to receive 10–30% of your total purchase back in FREE Product Points
  • Eligibility to receive the FREE Product of the Month
  • No monthly order required


Wellness Advocate Benefits 

  • Wholesale pricing (25% discount)
  • Option to receive 10–30% of your total purchase back in FREE Product Points
  • Eligibility to receive the FREE Product of the Month
  • Ability to earn compensation and bonuses


Once you've chosen your account type, you're ready to sign up.

How to sign up with doTERRA

​Choose Your Enrolment Products

When you begin the enrolment process, you'll start by selecting a pre-curated enrolment kit or products of your choice. If you customise your enrolment with individual products, an enrolment fee and the doTERRA Essentials Book will be automatically included. Whatever you choose, your membership includes 25% savings on purchases throughout the year!

​Creating Your Account

To create your account, simply fill out your details and create a login name and password. If you're creating a dual membership with another person, you can select the "Add a co-applicant" option. By default, you will see "You are signing up as a Wholesale Customer". If this is incorrect, select "Change your account type" via the pop-up. Use the toggle bar to view the differences between signing up as a Wholesale Customer or as a Wellness Advocate.


If you've been referred to doTERRA by an existing member, they can be valuable support as you get started with doTERRA. Search for the Wellness Advocate (your enroller) by entering their ID number. If you would like to add a Sponsor, please select "Advanced sign up" to find them. Don't have a Wellness Advocate? No problem! Just select "I don't know a doTERRA Wellness Advocate". ​

Shipping & Payment

Set up your shipping and payment preferences to suit you. Choose between standard and premium delivery options and whether you want to receive regular updates about your deliveries. With three payment options to pick from, choose what's most convenient for you. You can also make payments using PayPal, a new feature now available in Europe! ​

Final Checks

You're almost there! Be sure to check your enrolment order and personal details. Is your delivery address correct? Have you used the right email address? Once you're sure your details have been entered correctly, create your account and order.

You're all done! Now, you're officially a part of the doTERRA family.


As a Wellness Advocate, how do I process an enrolment using the new enrolment experience?

The new enrolment experience will fully launch to all members in your market in due course. Until then, it can only be accessed when you are logged into your account. During this period, access to the new enrolment experience is limited and determined by market and doTERRA rank.

How to Access the New Enrolment Experience as a Wellness Advocate

If you are a Leader that has access to this new enrolment experience, you can process enrolments as detailed below.

Using mydoterra

From your dashboard, simply click on the “Enrol a Team Member” button.​ Or, hover over “Wellness Advocate Services” and click on “Enrol a Team Member”.

Using Shop.doterra.com

Hover over “My Account” and click on the purple “Enrol a Team Member” button.

Will my membership renew automatically?

Yes. Your renewal fee (15£/15€ VAT exclusive) will automatically be added to the first order you process once the renewal fee is due. Plus, you'll also receive a free 15 ml Peppermint as part of your renewal. ​

Will I receive an enrolment confirmation?

Yes. An enrolment confirmation will be sent to the email address you used to create your account.

Why did doTERRA develop a new enrolment experience?

The improved enrolment process has been developed so that anyone who is new to doTERRA can sign up easily and efficiently, and enjoy a simple journey to become part of our wellness community.

My enrolment experience looks different. Why has this happened?

We are currently launching this new enrolment experience across Europe. Some markets are still using the current experience and will transition to the new one in due course. To find out more about this new enrolment experience, the Virtual Office and your default shopping experience, use the link below. ​

Is there a way to avoid appearing automatically in the 'Find a Wellness Advocate' section of the enrolment process?

When a new member enrolls at doTERRA, they can find a Wellness Advocate during their enrolment process. As a Wellness Advocates, you will automatically appear in the 'Find a Wellness Advocate' section of the enrolment process or you can choose to not appear in the search findings. Simply go to your account settings and untick 'Show in Search'.

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