Generate and share links for enrolments

Introduce friends to the doTERRA family and help them enrol with products they'll love by sending a link using our Link Generator tool.

What is Link Generator?

By using the Link Generator, you can:

Select products

Recommend your favourites, or pick products you think they'll love

Fast track the process

Simplify the initial setup and the more time consuming parts of the process

Get the credit

You receive the credit as the enroller

Ready to grow your team? Create an enrollment link

Add an enrollment kit

Add a kit designed to introduce people to the benefits of doTERRA products

Add products

Choose any individual items that you think that they'll enjoy

Send them the link

Share the link with your new enrollee and get them started

Common Questions

Where Can I Find the dōTERRA Link Generator?

You can access the Link Generator three different ways, exclusively through shop.doterra:

  1. Select the Link Generator from the ‘My Account’ dropdown menu.
  2. Find it under the ‘Tools’ tab in the bar at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the Link Generator feature on the shop.doterra homepage.

How can the Link Generator help me and my customers?

It makes sharing doTERRA easier and helps ensure you get the credit for a new enrolment.

Can I use Link Generator to share products from my shopping experience?

At this time, Link Generator can only be used to help speed up the enrolment process.

What is the Link Generator?

The Link Generator is a way to create and share a link that is pre-populated with kits, products, and your referral details.

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