Compensation Plan FAQ

A: Commissions are processed and paid between the 15th and 20th of the following month. For example, your July commissions are calculated and paid out between 15th and 20th of August.
A: Your detailed genealogy updates in practically real time. You can check volume for bonuses here at any time. Your qualification module updates several times a day, at the bottom of the module there is always a note indicating the time of the last update.
A: The graphic tree shows things as they could be and what your team has set up, but does not show things as they actually are. This is a planning tool that allows you to see quickly what LRPs could process for during the month. To ensure your rank and power of 3 are in place, use the detailed genealogy or the qualifications module which gives you a detailed and filtered view for power of 3.
A: Yes, you can earn Power of 3 multiple times depending on the width of your structure. Here are some key things to know when working towards your additional Power of 3 bonuses. You must first complete an entire 1500 to start the second (e.g. you can’t earn two $250 bonuses, but you could earn a $1500 and a $250). Nothing from your first set of power of 3 counts towards the other including your own order (team volume and people with qualified LRPs need to achieved for each set individually).
A: No. Each of your qualifying legs for rank must be under a separate frontline organization. Even if you have enrollership of both, they still need to be separate legs from your frontline.
A: Each pool is a little different, but all pools have the opportunity to earn extra shares. In the Leadership Perfomance Pool a qualifying Silver, Gold or Platinum leader can earn additional shares by working with a personally enrolled builder to reach the rank of Elite for the first time. Similarly, Diamonds and Blue Diamonds can earn extra shares in the respective pools by enrolling someone who reaches the rank of Premier for the first time. Presidential Diamonds earn shares in their pool in the month their personally- enrolled builder achieves Silver for the first time. Diamonds, Blue Diamonds and Presidential Diamonds can earn shares in the Diamond Performance Pool as well when they personally enrol someone who reaches the rank of Premier for the first time.
A: The two most common impacts on your Unilevel Organizational Bonus are dynamic compression (based on qualified ranks) and volume from new members. In some months you and your team are focused on bringing new people in; this will increase your volume and your payout in the Fast Start Bonus, but will not increase your Unilevel Organizational Bonus. This is because orders for new members pay out through the Fast Start Bonus only during their first 60 days.

A: Yes. doTERRA’s Unilevel Organizational Bonus is designed to have zero breakage. This is done through dynamic compression. Each order pays out 7 levels in order to the first qualified person in the upline. This means that if there is anyone in the normal 7 levels not qualifying the order will continue looking up until it finds someone to pay. For example, an order might have to look up the tree 3 times to pay the first level. If you are the seventh person in line that would mean you were paid on your tenth level.

A: Yes. Wholesale Customers’ volume and Loyalty Rewards Orders count toward your bonuses just like Wellness Advocates.
A: Yes, you can earn rank, unilevel, and retail commissions without joining the Loyalty Program. Simply process a standard or one-time order equal to the PV needed to qualify you. Fast Start and Power of 3 bonuses require a loyalty order.
A: Yes. A new wellness advocate can earn fast start in their first week, if they begin personally enrolling others right away. In order to qualify for fast start the new member will need to set up their Loyalty Order right away and make sure their template stays above 100 PV and then processes above 100 PV in their second month.
A: No, Fast Start Bonuses are paid out to each of the three enroller levels assuming they are qualified.
A: Yes, doTERRA has a global commission plan that allows you to earn commissions on members of your team in other countries.


Commission earnings are based on the USD exchange rate. Personal earnings may be less. Commissions are paid out according to the Commissionable Volume not the PV. *It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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