Rising Leader Promotion

Building a business with doTERRA has never been more appealing! Whatever your current circumstances, longer term business goals, or personal dreams, this promotion can support you in taking your business to the next level.


Q: When is the Rising Leader promotion taking place?

A: The promotion starts on 1 October 2022 and ends 31 March 2023.

Q: Who can qualify for the RLP?

A: All Wellness Advocates that meet the enrolment criteria and advance from their Base Rank to a rank of Premier, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Q: How do I receive my Minimum Fixed Primary Bonus?

A: After qualifying for the second month, you will automatically receive your commission as your primary bonus.

Q: If I would earn more than the Minimum Fixed Primary Bonus with the regular Compensation Plan, what bonus do I get?

A: In any given month, the higher primary bonus will apply. If the regular monthly primary bonus (calculated through the Compensation Plan) is higher, then that bonus will apply for the respective month.

Q: I have qualified above the base rank and my primary bonus is already higher than the Minimum Fixed Primary Bonus. Will I still be eligible for the Rising Leader promotion?

A: Yes, you will be qualified and stay in the promotion until March 2023, if you have qualified twice out of the three-month period during the promotion. Each month you achieve a higher rank than the Base Rank, doTERRA will pay the highest possible primary bonus, either the Minimum Fixed Primary Bonus in the Rising Leader promotion or the regular primary bonus in the Compensation Plan.

Q: Once I qualify twice out of the three-month period, do I have to qualify a third time or more?

A: No. Once you have qualified, you will receive the Minimum Fixed Primary Bonus and keep receiving it each month that you reach the requirements, until March 2023.

Q: What if I am a qualified Wellness Advocate in Europe, but my volume also comes from other regions?

A: All European Wellness Advocates are eligible, no matter where your volume comes from.

Q: Is the qualification nominal? What happens if there is a placement change such as an account transfer or swap for the respective account during the Rising Leader promotion?

A: Yes, the qualification is nominal. Only the person that qualifies for the promotion can benefit from the Minimum Fixed Primary Bonus. The new account holder can still start to qualify after the account change.

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