Rising Leader Promotion 

Building a business with doTERRA has never been more appealing! Whatever your current circumstances, longer term business goals, or personal dreams, this promotion can support you in taking your business to the next level.

Top Promotion Features

  • Get up to 50% higher Primary Bonus*
  • Basic requirements: rank and enrolments
  • Helps you achieve and maintain rank
  • New limited time Europe exclusive promotion!

* Calculated on a qualification model, ranks Premier to Platinum, September 2021 – August 2022.

This limited time promotion provides you with a monthly Minimum Fixed Primary Bonus (MFPB) in the months when you have personally advanced a rank compared to your Base Rank. It’s a great opportunity to meet your goals and boost your income.

  Minimum Fixed Primary Bonus Requirements
Qualified Premier €600 + Fast Start Premier Rank + 1 enrolment of minimum 100 PV
Qualified Silver €1200 + Fast Start Silver Rank + 1 enrolment of minimum 100 PV
Qualified Gold €2400 + Fast Start Gold Rank + 2 enrolment of minimum 100 PV
Qualified Platinum €4000 + Fast Start Platinum Rank + 2 enrolment of minimum 100 PV

GBP Equivalent Bonus Amounts: Premier - £515; Silver - £1030; Gold - £2065; Platinum - £3440

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