Terms & Conditions

Legacy Trip are a European incentive and only apply to European Wellness Advocates in countries where doTERRA Europe is present.

The Legacy Trip was launched in July 2021. The updated Legacy Trip qualification criteria applies from 1 January 2023 onwards and will soon replace the original qualification.

Participants in the July 2022 Albania Legacy Trip will not be able to participate in a second Distillery Experience. They are now qualifying towards their Production Experience.

Once a qualifier has been invited to attend Sourcing Trip, they can only defer once to the next available trip within the same qualification criteria. This is a one-time only policy, the qualifier cannot defer again. Deferrals must be made during the registration period. Deferral requests received after the registration period may be declined.

Guests for Single-Person Trip Winners - During registration, members will be asked if they are interested in buying a package for a co-applicant or immediate family member* to accompany them on the trip. Your response only confirms interest and is not a guarantee that a guest will be allowed to attend. After the registration period has closed, we will contact members to purchase their buy-in package (subject to availability). Please note that whilst we will try to accommodate everyone, this is not always possible due to group sizes. Spaces are released in accordance to rank.

*Immediate family members are: spouse, parent (father or mother), sibling (brother or sister), life-partner (i.e. unmarried couple) or child.

Acceptance of the prize will be required within the designated registration days in order to redeem the prize.

Any upgrade requests and changes to the original booking will be administered and paid for by the winner.

The prize is not transferable, not otherwise redeemable, has no cash value and must be accepted as awarded.

Each dōTERRA Wellness Advocate must be active and in compliance with his or her applicable dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Terms and Conditions (Agreement) and the Policy Manual during the qualification period in order to qualify for and receive the reward.

dōTERRA reserves the right to audit, adjust or deny any volume, compensations, recognition or other rewards earned during or as a result of the sourcing trip, to ensure the spirit of the Sourcing trip is achieved. Wellness Advocates may be immediately disqualified from sourcing trips if dōTERRA determines in its sole discretion a violation has occurred. Violations may include, but not be limited to: modification, fraud, compliance issues, or bonus buying

dōTERRA reserves the right to disqualify any Wellness Advocate at any given time for violation of the Terms & Conditions of the Sourcing trip contest.

doTERRA reserves the right to review, change or cancel Legacy Trip at any time without justification.

doTERRA reserves the right to disqualify any Wellness Advocate suspected of misuse of the incentive, of unethical conduct or who has any unsolved compliance or member protection issues.

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