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United States Founders Club 2.0

Are You the Next Founder?

To commemorate the amazing progress and growth of doTERRA, a new kind of Founders Club is starting—US Founders Club 2.0! Whether you’ve been building your doTERRA business for years or you’re a newcomer, this is a golden opportunity to become a next-generation founder in the US.

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Anyone can be a US Founder 2.0!

This is your opportunity to change the trajectory of your life, while inspiring and blessing the lives of those around you. Now is your time!


Like the original Founders Club, this is a way to reward our incredible Wellness Advocates for their hard work sharing doTERRA with everyone around them. With 200 spots available, anyone who qualifies will receive a 1/200th share in a 2% pool of all US volume between $1 billion and $2 billion in annual net sales.

Founders Club 2.0 will end the sooner of 200 people qualifying for US Founders 2.0 or August 31, 2023.

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US Founders Club 2.0 Dashboard

The current Founder 2.0 Maintenance requirements are available to the Founders 2.0’s on the Dashboard. This updates once a month with the most recent paid rank.


Meet the Original Founders

Founders Club was designed to inspire a generation of leadership to rise up. As a Founder 2.0, you’re building on a solid foundation established by the original US Founders. Click here to meet them! See what started them on their journey in the beginning and what inspires them today.

Original Founders

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