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Meet the Original US Founders

Founders Club was designed to inspire a generation of leadership to rise up. As a Founder 2.0, you’re building on a solid foundation established by the original US Founders. See what started them on their journey in the beginning and what inspires them today.

Daniel and Cristina Benitez

Cristina and Daniel Benitez decided years ago that they would never be deterred from their teams by obstacles of any size. Their success has been a result of their decision to move forward despite the difficulties. When Daniel and Cristina committed to doTERRA, there was no physical product yet. They were simply sold on the opportunity and a few samples of what was to come. When Daniel and Cristina needed materials in Spanish, they did the translation themselves. When they needed tools or resources for their team, Daniel and Cristina would just create it themselves. Cristina and Daniel are a testament to the fact that we choose who we become.

Andy and Natalie Goddard

Natalie and Andy have a clear vision of their purpose: to provide healing in every home. Their lives have been blessed physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially because of doTERRA, and they thrive on helping others achieve the same success. Their motivation and vision has always been to serve and aid others. Through hard work, dedication, and an unyielding energy, they have built (and continue to build!) a large organization that is achieving that vision together.

Danny and Nicole Larson

Persistence is key for Nicole and Danny Larson. It is what brought them together, kept them on the path to become a doTERRA Founder, and enabled them to build a successful doTERRA business. Nicole and Danny started by simply passing out small samples to neighboring families struggling with health concerns. The feedback was positive, and even before doTERRA had product ready to sell, they had a list of people waiting to join. They never planned on starting a business, but through hard and dedication, they were able to establish and grow a thriving doTERRA team built on the foundation of sharing the oils.

Burke and Natalie Rigby

Natalie was introduced to doTERRA in a school parking lot. After the oils helped her daughter, she was hooked. At first, Natalie and Burke were skeptical about being involved in the business side of a network marketing company. However, after attending the very first Leadership Retreat, they knew that doTERRA was destined for greatness. For Natalie and Burke, the key factor has always been and will always be doTERRA’s products.

Boyd and Sandy Truman

Boyd and Sandy started out in doTERRA as product users. However, as they started to use the oils daily, they could not stop telling everyone they knew about them. They were not professional network marketers, but their enthusiasm about the products was irresistible. Soon they had all their friends and family hooked. Their rank advancement strategy was always to stay one leg ahead of the rank that we were working on at that moment. They had to decide together that they were both completely committed. They embraced the concept of TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves Miracles, and did what it took to make their leaders successful.

Roger and Teresa Harding

Teresa Harding was one of the first doTERRA Wellness Advocates. After a very powerful experience with the oils, she realized that the power of these great gifts could not be contained. As she shared the oils, Teresa focused on the needs of each individual person. Teresa quickly realized that many of these same individuals would be blessed by the financial benefits that doTERRA has to offer. She is thrilled and thankful for the opportunity she and Roger have to work together to empower their leaders to build successful businesses.

Peter and Susie Bagwell

During their time as Wellness Advocates, Peter and Susie Bagwell have learned what it takes to build a successful team. They believe in taking a step back from their personal goals to support their team. When someone shares their goals with Susie and Peter, they work to support them. By focusing on supporting their team, Susie and Peter have found they can also achieve their own goals in the process. Peter and Susie have worked hard to make their team a well-oiled machine. They work as a team, play off each other’s strengths, and know how to communicate and bring people together.

Chris and Kareena Bracken

Despite the demanding schedule that accompanies being a mom, Kareena saw value in the opportunity doTERRA presented. She wanted to pursue the business, but didn’t want it interfering with her family. Chris was very supportive. He helped her stay on course as she worked toward her goals. Although it can be difficult, Kareena believes it is possible to balance a career and family. Kareena knows that like anything else, finding balance takes practice. Kareena is able to find stability because she is continually focused on the little things. She and Chris have found that the little things make all the difference in their doTERRA business.

Greg and Marti Christensen

When Marti Christensen saw the Diamonds walk across stage at the Gala during doTERRA’s first annual Convention, she went home and immediately enrolled. Her first goal was to hit US Founder. She knew there were only a few spots left, and she had to move fast. Although the quick growth and great success were rewarding, the unorganized, weak structure brought a new challenge. Marti was forced to learn the hard way the importance of structuring if you want to succeed at building a doTERRA business, so she began refocusing her business with many of the same people that she had started with.  She and Greg have focused on strengthening her business structure and created a thriving doTERRA business that is set up for long-term growth.

Jerry and Laura Jacobs

When Jerry and Laura finally figured out that doTERRA was the essential oil company they had been waiting for, they signed up immediately. Without knowing how they would make it work, they set a goal to be US Founders. Then, they started to plan. Jerry took advantage of a rare quiet moment and started writing down the names from his phone and email group of anyone he knew who would be quickly receptive to doTERRA. He knew the three people he wanted as his frontline leaders, and then wrote names in columns under each of their names according to association. He had maybe a total of 45 names. Finally, it came down to execution: he got on the phone and didn’t stop until he had called every person. They hit the requirements for Founder in a weekend! Laura and Jerry have continued to grow their team and the doTERRA community ever since.

Gordon and Julie Herbert

For Julie, it was the oils; for Gordon, it was the company that inspired him to join doTERRA. The Herbert’s were experts on essential oils when they came into doTERRA, but still found that they had hurdles to overcome while growing their new business. Julie helps her team see their potential by accepting them where they are and continuing to encourage and support them. The Herbert’s have found success in understanding the compensating plan; assessing their team, assigning “team captains”, and pulling everyone together; and staying in contact to provide support and encouragement as everyone works towards their own goals.

James and Roxane Bybee

James and Roxane’s story is one of people who found themselves in a place where they never thought they would be. They were looking for ways to get out of serious debt and were living in a broken down old mobile home. Roxane’s sister, Natalie Goddard, introduced them to essential oils, and they kept saying, “It can’t be network marketing,” because of previous negative experiences. Natalie followed up with them two or three times and eventually they joined. They had some failed first attempts to build their business, until they started having positive experiences with the oils, which turned everything around. They started sharing the oils with their friends and got some checks in the mail. After that, they started getting more serious and focused, and Natalie started to push them to hit Gold. This got things rolling and they really immersed themselves in the business together. Now, they have built a living, thriving, powerful team and organization that continues to grow.

Justin and Kerriann Harrison

Justin and Keriann Harrison, along with their nine boys, are living their dream. After resigning from his position as director of sales at a large international network marketing company, Justin was considering a different career option. He discovered that Dr. Hill and other respected business professionals were going to bring a new standard for essential oils to the world. With the support of his wife, Keriann, Justin committed their future to doTERRA. Although this was a leap of faith, the Harrisons moved forward with confidence. Both Justin and Keriann agree that the sacrifice was worth it. doTERRA has not only provided them financial independence, but it has opened up amazing opportunities for them to serve others.

Rob and Wendy James

With enormous hospital expenses and loss of income, Rob and Wendy were struggling to make ends meet. It was at this time that Rob’s longtime friend, David Stirling, called and invited them to attend a meeting in Utah County. Rob’s mom loaned him money to buy gas to get to the meeting. It turned out to be the first doTERRA meeting, and forever changed their lives. From that initial meeting, they began sharing oils with everyone they knew. Since the company had just launched, Rob and Wendy knew it was important to familiarize people with the company name and products, so they also hosted booths at expos. In the first month with doTERRA, they had earned more money with Fast Start bonuses than they had earned in the previous ten years. They achieved US Founders right after that.

Nolan and Pat Leavitt

Nolan and Pat Leavitt were on the search for a company that leads with a strong, effective product when they were introduced to doTERRA. They attended their first class with trepidation, not knowing what to expect. However, over the course of that class their trepidation developed into excitement, and by the time the class finished they were ready to enroll, anxious for what the future would hold. Today the Leavitt’s cannot describe exactly how passionate they are when it comes to teaching and sharing the oils. They love to share them with anyone who will stand still long enough to listen! A key to their success has been maintaining a high level of honesty and integrity with everyone they meet. They don’t feel they are running in a race in their business development but are striving to build a strong foundation for future generations to come.

Justin and Tahna Lee

Tahna and Justin were introduced to doTERRA by Natalie Goddard, who thought the oils could help improve their overall wellbeing. They decided it was worth a try and purchased some oils, but never intended to share the oils or to build a business. After watching their friends Natalie and Andy achieve success, doTERRA seemed to present an ideal opportunity for freeing up Justin’s time and creating their ideal family culture. Tahna worked hard dedicating 20 to 40 hours a week for almost two years to doTERRA while Justin continued to work. What she lacked in experience she made up for in sheer volume of activity. Building a business was difficult and there were times Tahna wanted to quit, but when the day came that she was able to cover her house payment with a check from doTERRA, she knew it was worth it. They wanted family time and financial freedom. From their experience, Tahna and Justin want others to enjoy the doTERRA opportunity, and to live and maintain a healthy and balanced life.

Terry and Lil Shepherd

Terry and Lil Shepherd are very passionate about doTERRA. Because they are confident that doTERRA has the best Executives, products, Wellness Advocate family, and Business opportunity, their passion and love for what they do grows each day. From personal experience, they have truly discovered the doTERRA products are pure, simple, and easy to share. Because of the business opportunity at doTERRA, the Shepherds have been able to earn more income than they need, which has allowed them the blessing and opportunity to share their abundance with others. Lil has found that by staying focused on the importance of relationships, hearts are touched, trust is built, and needs are identified. It is then that success can truly be experienced.

Dave and Peggy Smith

Dave and Peggy Smith have shared an exciting life together during their years of marriage, but they both believe the best is yet to come. Much of that feeling is due to the financial abundance they enjoy from their doTERRA business. After 25 years, Dave retired from federal law enforcement to work with Peggy to further their doTERRA business. In addition to helping their business partners learn how to manage their time, Peggy and Dave have a goal to help all their business partners achieve financial independence and to empower everyone to make good choices regarding their health. Their doTERRA team has grown throughout the world, and they are proud to be US Founders.

Gina Truman

Gina Truman, the 5th member of the US Founders’ Club, has been with doTERRA since it began in 2008. Family is most important to Gina, and now with a large international doTERRA team, she has gratefully extended her "family” worldwide. Gina’s mission is to help each person discover their true potential and feel worthy to achieve it; she accomplishes this mission through essential oils and as a music publisher, film producer, and author.

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