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US Founders Club 2.0—How to Earn Points

Points will be awarded for your personal achievements and the achievements of your personal enrollees.

Personal achievements that earn you points include new personal enrollments, getting those new enrollees on the Loyalty Reward Program (LRP), and your own rank advancements. Achievements by your personally enrolled leaders that earn you points include rank advancements, earning the $250 Power of 3 for the first time, and earning the Empowerment Bonus for the first time. Continue reading below to learn more details about how to earn points.

Personal Enrollments

For personal enrollments in the US that are new and join LRP, points are awarded as follows for 100+ PV orders:

Achievement Enrollment (Month 1) LRP (Month 2) LRP (Month 3) Total
Personal Enrollment 1 1 1 3

These points must be earned in a consecutive three-month period. However, if month two is skipped, you can still get points in month three.

Personal Rank Advancement

For personal rank advancement, points will be awarded as follows:

Rank Advancement First Time Second Time Third Time Total
Elite 20 20 20 60
Premier 25 25 25 75
Silver 30 30 30 90
Gold 35 35 35 105
Platinum 40 40 40 120
Diamond 50 50 50 150
Blue Diamond 55 55 55 165
Presidential Diamond 60 60 60 180

When you advance in rank, you’ll be awarded points as follows for up to three months for each rank. For example, if you achieve Elite for the first time in June and hit Elite in July and August, you’ll earn 20 points for each of those months. However, if you remain Elite in September, you will not receive points for that month.

Points for the second and third times achieving a new rank or requalified that has not been reached since October 31, 2019 do not need to be in consecutive months to qualify for the points. For example, if you achieve Elite for the first time in June but do not achieve Elite in July, you can still earn points for achieving Elite in August or September.

Here’s one more example. Let’s say you achieve Elite for the first time in June and July, but you hit Premier in August. In August, you’ll receive points for your third time hitting Elite and for your first time hitting Premier.

So say you reached Silver in August 2019 but were unable to reach it again until June 2020. Instead of the full 30 points, you’d be awarded 15 points for the first, second, and third months when you re-hit Silver.

*If you advance through one or more ranks in less than three months, all three months’ worth of points for each rank advancement will be awarded when your highest rank is achieved three times. This principle also applies to personally enrolled leaders’ rank advancements.

Leader Rank Advancement

When your personally enrolled leader in the US advances in rank and maintains the rank for up to three months, you’ll be awarded points as follows. Please note that points will be awarded to whoever holds enrollership of the account when commissions are calculated.

Personally Enrolled
Leader Rank Advancement
First Time Second Time Third Time Total
Elite* 4 4 4 12
Premier 10 10 10 30
Silver 25 25 25 75
Gold 30 30 30 90
Platinum 33 33 33 99
Diamond 35 35 35 105

*Volume for rank must be unique. Ranks based on stacked volume won’t add points. For example, if Aaron enrolls five people and stacks them all in a line, and then the person at the bottom reaches Elite and causes the other four to reach Elite as well for the first time, Aaron would only receive points for the one at the bottom of the stacked accounts.

Another example is Aaron enrolls Julie. He then enrolls Mark and designates Julie as Mark’s Sponsor. Aaron goes on to enroll Jennifer and designates Mark as Jennifer’s Sponsor. Finally, Aaron enrolls Dave, and Dave’s Sponsor is Jennifer. In July, Dave hits Elite. Dave’s volume causes Jennifer, Mark, and Julie to hit Elite as well. However, Aaron only gets four points for Dave achieving Elite.

Leader Achievements

For every one of your personally enrolled leaders in the US who achieves the $250 Power of 3 bonus for the first time or qualifies for the Empowerment Bonus for the first time, points will be awarded as follows:

Personally Enrolled
Leader Achievement
First Time Second time Third Time Total
Power of 3 ($250) 3 3 3 9
Empowerment Bonus 1 1 1 3

*The Power of 3 and Empowerment Bonus must be earned for the first time after May 15, 2020, to count.

Minimum and Maximum Point Requirements by Category

In order to qualify for one of the 200 spots in the US Founders Club 2.0, you must achieve a certain number of points from most categories. Additionally, there are some categories with a maximum number of points you can achieve.

Category Minimum Maximum
Personal Rank Advancements** N/A N/A
Personally Enrolled Rank Advancements 300 N/A
Power of 3 9 N/A
Personal Enrollment + LRP 50 300
Empowerment Bonus 3 50

**Must achieve at least Gold rank

US Founders Club 2.0 Maintenance Requirements 

  • The year you hit Founders 2.0, you do not have to hit any maintenance requirements, but we do encourage that you keep your rank up, as the year following you will be required to meet the 8 out of 12 months of Gold or higher to continue being recognized and compensated as a US Founder 2.0
  • To continue being recognized and compensated as a US Founder 2.0, you must maintain at least Gold rank for 8 months in the calendar year through 2023 and 2024. You’ll be allowed a grace period of four months out of every calendar year, meaning you can be at a lower rank than what’s required for four out of the 12 months of the calendar year and still remain a Founder. The four months don’t have to be consecutive.
    • If you hit in 2023, then your Gold 8 out of 12 months requirement will start in 2024. If you hit in 2022 or earlier, then your Gold 8 out of 12 months requirement will continue through 2023 and 2024.
  • For these qualifications, your personally enrolled US leaders will need to continue maintaining 90% of their qualifying volume in the United States.
  • Rank requirements after 2025 will be added at a later time.
  • Any changes to the ongoing maintenance qualifications will be communicated with ample notice.

Other Rules and Requirements

  • Points will begin accruing on May 15, 2020 and end the earlier of 200 people qualifying for US Founders Club 2.0 or August 31, 2023.
  • Qualifying US 2.0 founders will receive 1/200th share in a 2% pool of US volume between $1 billion and $2 billion in annual volume recognized by the company. If there are not 200 qualifying US 2.0 Founders prior to the end date of August 31, 2023, this pool will be split between the number of US 2.0 founders that have qualified by Aug 31, 2023 (1/XXX), with a guaranteed minimum bonus of $2,500.
  • To qualify for a spot in US Founders Club 2.0, points must be earned from achievements made in the United States. For example, to earn points from new enrollees or personally enrolled rank advancements, they must have a US account. At least 90% of your total qualifying volume for your personal enrollee’s rank achievement and bonuses must be in the US. That volume calculation will be at the Executive/Elite level.
  • Points cannot be earned multiple times for the same underlying volume. In other words, if you “stack” multiple personally enrolled members in such a way that one member’s volume increase triggers multiple rank advancements, then points will only be awarded to the Enroller for the rank advancement—where the actual volume increase occurred.
  • If a Wellness Advocate returns to a rank (re-achieve a rank previously hit) they have not hit at least one month since October 31, 2019 (achieved October 2019 or before), they will be awarded half the points that they would normally receive when returning to that rank. This same rule applies to personally enrolled leaders who achieve a rank they have not been paid at since October 31, 2019. **full points will be awarded during the Sprint to the Finish Promotion for personal re-rank
  • If you achieved a new rank in April 2020, you will not receive points in April, but you will qualify to receive points the second and third time you hit that rank.
  • If you returned to a rank in April 2020 that you have not hit since October 31, 2019, you will qualify to receive half points the second and third time you re-hit that rank. **full points will be awarded during the Sprint to the Finish Promotion for personal re-rank
  • Points and ranks are subject to audits.
  • Points are awarded to the person who holds enrollership when the month’s commissions are paid.
  • The Founder status and bonus can’t be transferred, gifted, or sold to another Wellness Advocate or person and doesn’t extend beyond the death of the Founder.
  • When you reach 1,000 points, your account will be reviewed by the doTERRA Compliance department to make sure you’re in good standing with the company before you are recognized as a Founder. If any concerns arise, your account manager or a member of the Compliance department will reach out to you.
  • For North America Latino (NAL) and North America Chinese (NAC) Founders, only new achievements and enrollments starting the month after qualifying as a NAL or NAC Founder (for the third time) will be awarded points. This rule applies to your personal and personally enrolled leaders’ achievements.
  • For Presidential Diamonds who have an additional account (M1), your points are combined from your two accounts. However, the maximum and minimum requirements won’t be doubled and remain the same for both accounts combined. For example, if one account has 300 enrollment points and the other account has 150 enrollment points, you’ll still receive a maximum of 300 total enrollment points.

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