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When you shop online with dōTERRA Europe, you may be asked for additional verification when completing payments.

The most common example is 3D Secure (3DS) where the bank/payment provider will send the cardholder an additional security step to complete the transaction.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure, also known as 3DS, is a form of payment verification introduced by major card brands (such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.) to improve the safety of shopping online.

When placing a dōTERRA order, the cardholder may be prompted to complete an additional security step. This can differ according to the bank/payment provider, but it is often a notification from your banking app or a text message.

Watch the video for a helpful overview!

Using Valid Credit Card Data

When paying online with a credit card, there are common issues, sometimes small details, which impact the success of the payment.

The video in this section provides helpful tips on using and adding a credit card so your order can be processed more smoothly!

Completing Your dōTERRA Order

During the process to finalise your online order, the 3DS verification step will appear for you to complete.

Please watch the video in this section for an example of the verification you can expect and when it is suitable to contact your bank.


General Troubleshooting Steps

Card Information: Check that you have entered card information correctly.

Card Settings: Contact your bank to make sure dōTERRA is authorised as an online merchant for your account and that your bank account is compatible with Euro currency payments.

Devices: Deactivate your pop-up blocker as this can stop the verification. You can also try placing an order on another device; sometimes other software can impact on the 3DS verification process.

Personal & Billing Information: Make sure that all personal and billing information, such as name and address, is consistent with the information stored with your bank.

Special Characters: The dōTERRA system keeps to a globalised set of rules, so it doesn’t accept special characters such as full-stops, accents, umlauts, hyphens, or any punctuation. Please use text only with no special characters. There are no issues using numbers.

Using an App: Check your banking app for any notifications. Some notifications don’t show unless your app is opened before the order is placed.

Card Limits: Check any daily, weekly, monthly, or online shopping limits on payment cards. This can often be done in your banking app. Remember to check any payment cards shared between you and another person.

Ordering for Others: If you have written permission (Policy Manual Section 5 D.) to use another member’s card or place an order for someone else, you must only use the payment information exclusive to the card holder. Do not add the account holder’s details to someone else’s card information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 3D Secure (3DS) mean?

3DS verifications are the most common form of additional security checks to confirm online payments. Banks and other online merchants may refer to it as Additional Verification, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Two-Factor-Authentication or a similar name.


What types of authentication steps can I expect?

Authentication types differ according to the bank, but it is often a notification through your banking app, or a security code sent by text message. However, this can also be a specific PIN, password, fingerprint, or other biometric recognition. Contact your bank to check which steps apply to you.


How might 3DS impact me when purchasing online?

When you place an order online, verification will be required from the credit card holder, not the owner of the dōTERRA account.

Additional verification does not apply to subscription-based online payments e.g. automatic Loyalty Orders (LRP). However, if you want to process a Standard Order, Enrolment Order or One-Time Loyalty Order, then it is classed as an individual online transaction and 3DS may be required.


Will this affect my Loyalty Rewards template/orders?

3DS will be required when editing existing LRP templates, adding new/additional payment cards or when setting up new templates. If you have more than one credit card on your existing template, 3DS will be required each time the card is changed.
When a new card is saved, your bank may give you an authentication request of €0.00/£0.00 in value. This is to confirm no charge is needed, but your approval will still be required.


How will this affect other accounts I pay for?

The cardholder will receive the 3DS verification step, not the owner of the dōTERRA account. Therefore, we recommend the account and cardholders communicate when orders are placed online, to maintain awareness of purchases and ensure a smoother order process. 

In line with Data Protection laws and policies, we require full written and verbal permission from the cardholder and account holder to confirm the usage of cards on different accounts. Member Services can set this up for you. Details on policies are available here.

If you are paying for another member’s order, please do not list the account holder’s name when providing card details. Keep payment details specific to the cardholder.

I did not receive my 3D Secure verification step!

  • Check if you have pop-up blockers activated, as it might be blocking the authentication.
  • Try using another device. Your phone/tablet/PC could be using outdated software.
  • Your bank might be experiencing a system crash. Please call the bank to confirm.
  • Make sure you are using the correct device and phone number, so the verification is not going elsewhere!
  • Please check your phone number is updated with your bank.
  • Your bank may have switched authentication to mobile app only; check your app or contact your bank’s customer service to inquire.
  • Some phone providers block specific messages or companies. You can contact them to ask if this applies.


I’m trying to enrol a new member, but the card keeps declining!

Enrolling a new member is an exciting time, so we understand that payment issues here can be frustrating. Here are a few ideas to try if you’re experiencing issues:

  • Please try to avoid enrolling members on their behalf as this can complicate the 3DS process. Newly enrolled members should complete the enrolment and payment process themselves, with guidance where needed. Uplines cannot pay for their downline until 60 days after enrolment; full terms available here.
  • If after 1–2 attempts the enrolee’s payment card is declined again, turn to the card holder’s bank. They might be blocking the unusual amount or the currency due to unusual purchase behaviour.
  • Try alternative payment methods like PayPal, Wire Transfer or Direct Debit.
  • Contact Member Services who can finalise your payment and discuss options regarding payment permissions.


My payment is still unsuccessful, What can I do?

Check our general troubleshooting steps above for solutions to the most common problems. If you’re still experiencing issues, it’s likely you will need to speak to your bank directly as they control the frequency of verification and how different online merchants are handled.

Here are some other options:

  • If the only notification you receive reads “Authentication error”, this is an error from your bank. Please contact them to let them know.
  • Check your 3DS settings with your bank directly. They can advise on how they proceed with verification.
  • 3DS settings can also be set for your card. Ensure your card has 3DS enabled in settings and check which method will be used.
  • If payments are rejected often, we recommend you speak to your bank directly to discuss the reason and find a long-term solution. Member Services can provide you with transaction details e.g., exact times of purchase attempts, decline messages and give recommendations on how to approach your bank.
  • Try using an alternative payment method e.g., PayPal, Wire Transfer, Direct Debit. We accept credit and debit cards, but not pre-paid cards or cards without 3DS enabled.
  • You can call Member Services. to finalise any payments as a short-term solution. If you order over the phone, you are giving your personal permission on the call so we can skip 3DS verification where needed.


How does dōTERRA make sure my payments are secure?

Our user experience is designed to be committed to protecting the safety of your online transactions.

dōTERRA moved to a different payment system in 2021 with stricter card safety guidelines. This means we have fully implemented the most recent 3DS requirements according to payment laws set up by the European Union, effective for all countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

We don’t accept pre-paid cards or payment cards without 3DS enabled, to ensure you can fully verify the orders you place with the most updated security measures.

In line with our policies, we also require full written and verbal permission from cardholders and account holders when paying for orders other than your own. To have this kept on-file, please contact Member Services who will set this up for you.

Why is 3DS needed on some websites, but not on others?

Multiple factors can affect the need for authentication. Some banks require the step for transactions over a certain amount, if payment cards are being added for the first time, at random to check your activity or it’s required by default for specific businesses. Ultimately, it’s up to the customer’s bank to determine when a 3DS challenge is presented.

Why has my saved payment card information been removed from my account?

dōTERRA Europe is committed to secure payment processing, so occasionally if your credit card is declined online, the same card information may be automatically deleted from our system, and may need re-adding to your account and/or LRP template. This is a legislative safety measure and is often done when the credit card limit is exceeded, if online shopping is not enabled on the card or when the transaction is blocked by your bank. We recommend that you regularly check your dōTERRA account to make sure your payment details are correct and up to date.


Market Specific Payment Issues

Whilst there are common payment issues that affect all regions, there are also certain guidelines that are market specific. For example, some banks operate differently across various countries or implement more scam prevention measures.

Please check the table below to see if there are any additional steps we advise for your market:

EASTERN EUROPE (Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia)
  • Online payment trends change regularly across Eastern Europe due to the growing of online businesses. If you are unsure about entering credit card information online, you can use PayPal, or most common online banks which offer 3DS approval for payments.
  • Banks in these countries may block unusual transactions, for example, when you purchase an order in a different currency. Please speak to your bank to confirm authorisation for future dōTERRA transactions or try using another card.
  • 3DS verification is almost exclusive to banking apps, so please ensure your app notifications are enabled and your data is turned on for the bank app if you are not shopping from Wi-Fi.
  • Banks are much stricter in these countries for online shopping so many online merchants may be automatically blocked by your bank. We suggest you contact your bank directly to confirm dōTERRA as recipient.
  • 3DS verification notifications may not appear automatically due to different authentication processes here, so make sure you open your banking app before you complete your online order.
  • Banks and payment apps might store different versions of your name if it’s long. Please double check this information with the card you are using and enter the valid name/billing address.
  • Using payment apps or other trustworthy online banks is a good way to keep your online shopping experience as smooth as possible.
  • Online fraud and pre-paid cards are common in Italy, so dōTERRA will only accept credit/debit cards with 3D Secure authentication enabled. This is so we can verify your payments and keep you as safe as possible. Good payment alternatives include PayPal, or other online bank cards compatible with 3DS authentication.
  • Online payments in these countries may require more strict verification as they double check any online payments which are not local, so be sure to check with your bank that 3DS is enabled on your card.
  • Banks in the Netherlands and Switzerland have strict e-mandate rules, so online sign-up for Direct Debit payments may not be allowed. You may have to set this up in person with your bank to authorise dōTERRA for your account.
  • If you use iDEAL as a payment method, 3DS verification is completed via email with a strict 15-minute time frame, so make sure to check your inbox and Junk/Spam folders for notifications.

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