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Russell Osguthorpe, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Russell Osguthorpe currently serves as the chief medical officer of doTERRA. He’s establishing a virtual healthcare delivery platform that’s focused on wellness and prevention through integrative, evidence-based medical practices. His work at doTERRA also revolves around directing research on the use of essential oils in healthcare settings. 

Dr. Osguthorpe received his medical degree from McGill University School of Medicine, completed his residency at the Children’s Hospital in Denver, and pediatric infectious diseases fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine. He’s currently a faculty member at the University of Utah in the Department of Pediatrics. 

He and his wife, Mary, have five children and one beautiful granddaughter. 

Nicole Stevens, PhD

Director of Clinical Research

Nicole Stevens has conducted essential oil research for over 20 years. She’s worked in quality control laboratories in the nutraceutical industry, as well as academic research laboratories at the University of Utah and the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Cancer Research Institute. Alongside research, she’s taught courses in chemistry and biochemistry at Brigham Young University–Idaho and UNLV. 

Nicole has been researching doTERRA essential oils since the company was formed in 2008. Currently, she serves as director of clinical research. Her main research revolves around essential oil biochemistry related to human application, among other aspects of essential oil science actively being pursued by the Clinical Research team. 

Nicole earned a bachelor’s degree in technical writing and a master’s in botany—both from Brigham Young University. She completed her doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine. Nicole holds a certified principal investigator (CPI) accreditation with the Association of Clinical Research Professionals and a certified clinical research professional (CCRP) endorsement with the Society of Clinical Research Associates. She’s also a certified phlebotomy technician (CPT) with IV specialization, a certified clinical medical assistant (CCMA), and a certified electrocardiography technician (CET). 

Dr. Prabodh Satyal, PhD

Head of Essential Oil Science

Dr. Prabodh Satyal of Nepal is the head of essential oil science at doTERRA. He’s studied the chemical compositions of more than 50,000 essential oils from various parts of the world, published more than 100 research articles in peer-reviewed journals, and served as an essential oil expert for nearly 17 years. He’s also been invited to several renowned conferences as a guest speaker.  

Dr. Satyal has a special interest in essential oil adulteration detection using marker-based and chemometric analyses, creating the only known mass spectral library of synthetic markers. He’s currently developing the first fully automated adulteration analysis software for GCMS, which will identify the purity percentage, origin, and mixed sources in essential oils. Dr. Satyal is passionate about collaborating with academics, medical professionals, and growers to improve the standard of essential oil research and applications globally.  

Dr. Satyal earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in essential oil research from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. 

Aaron Sorenson, MS

Vice President of Quality

Aaron Sorenson is pursuing a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Miami. He received undergraduate degrees in chemistry and material engineering from the University of Utah and a master’s of science degree from Colorado Technical University. 

Cécile Bascoul, MS, PhD

Director of Product Safety

Dr. Cécile Bascoul has over 15 years of experience in clinical and preclinical research; academic quality and toxicology; and the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical industries.  

Prior to joining doTERRA, Cécile managed preclinical studies and early-stage clinical trials for new topical analgesics at a small pharmaceutical company in Houston, Texas. Her past work also includes various research positions at Pierre Fabre Dermocosmétique, Laboratoires Boiron, and CNRS in France, along with AstraZeneca, Obsidian Research, and Q-Chip in the UK.  

Cécile grew up in France and received her master’s degree in biotechnology from Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Luminy. During her PhD and postdoctoral work at the UK School of Biosciences at Cardiff University, Cécile studied the effects of targeted dietary supplements on degenerative diseases. 

As director of product safety at doTERRA, Cécile’s research is focused on essential oil safety and toxicology, specific constituents, potential contaminants, and natural complex substance ingredients for cosmetic and nutritional use. Cécile establishes long-term relationships with research groups and institutions, focusing on these safety and toxicology interests. She enjoys mentoring junior scientists, helping others achieve their life goals, and working with bright, diverse, and dedicated teams. She’s passionate about lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and delivering high-quality, safe products for customers. 

Cécile loves flowers and believes strongly in giving back. As such, she volunteers as a wildflower guide and for other events. 

Alex DaBell, MS

Director, Nutraceuticals and Innovation

For over 15 years, Alex DaBell has worked with colleagues around the world to develop and design high-quality nutritional products. He enjoys learning about new discoveries in nutrition and brainstorming how those discoveries might make their way into new or existing doTERRA products. 

Alex has a master’s degree in physiology and developmental biology and a bachelor’s in biology, both from Brigham Young University, Provo. Alex is pursuing a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, studying metabolic regulation, biochemistry, nutritional epigenetics, and various aspects of essential oil chemistry on health and wellness. 

Alex, his wife, Lisa, and their four children enjoy going outdoors, playing boardgames, practicing the violin and piano, and trying new recipes. 

Brittany L. Graf, PhD

Managing Scientist of Essential Oil Development

Dr. Brittany L. Graf received her PhD in plant natural products in 2014 from Rutgers University, New Jersey. As the associate director of training for the Global Institute for BioExploration and a Fulbright Fellow, she partnered with universities, nonprofits, and local communities for eight years, exploring the antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of over 350 traditionally used medicinal plants in Bhutan, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Kenya, Namibia, and the US. 

Over the past five years in the personal care and supplements industries, Dr. Graf’s research has focused on agricultural and extraction technologies that enrich bioactive content in natural products and promote environmental sustainability. Her mission at doTERRA is to leverage the amazing Co-Impact Sourcing® framework to develop essential oil–based products that benefit humanity, while also improving the wellness of the planet and agricultural communities. She’s passionate about building team leadership, collaboration, and lasting positive changes on the local level and global scale. 

Scott A. Johnson, ND

Director of Research Substantiation

One of the most prolific natural medicine writers of the twenty-first century, Scott A. Johnson has empowered tens of thousands of people to realize greater natural wellness across more than a dozen books and over 300 articles in online and print publications.  

His research focuses on medicinal essential oils and their clinical application for the leading ailments afflicting modern society. He’s one of the world’s leading experts on essential oils and supercritical essential oils. Scott pioneered evidence-based essential oil therapy, which combines ancient healing practices with modern science to maximize their benefits. Another research focus for him is the safe use of essential oils, and he’s published internationally on the subject. 

His diverse educational background and work experience allow him to present complex health topics to any audience. He’s an acclaimed speaker and has delivered keynote presentations across North America, Europe, and Asia. He travels the globe, carrying his passion for people and natural medicine. 

Eva DeMarchi


Eva DeMarchi joined doTERRA as a perfumer in January 2022. She has over 20 years of experience in perfumery formulation and evaluation, developing exceptional olfaction skills over that time.  

She received an Advanced Perfumery certification from Pratt Institute and is excited to bring her expertise to the doTERRA Research and Development team, assisting in the creation of new essential oil formulas and products. 

Thao Le, BS

Managing Scientist, Personal Care and Household Products

Thao has demonstrated her love of science over two decades of working on personal care and household products. Prior to joining doTERRA, she’s helped create world-class products for Arbonne®, Nu Skin®, Neways®, Dr. Perricone, Pfizer, ProCyte, Pharmacia & Upjohn, and many more at Sorenco Laboratories.

Her key insights into cosmetic formulations started with her analytical chemist experience at Weider Global Nutrition, where she worked for eight years. She’s passionate about making the best products using the safest, most innovative ingredients. The satisfaction of consumers and Wellness Advocates after trying her products drives her to make more great products.

Thao earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Utah.

Noura Ahmed, PhD

Director of Scientific Affairs

Dr. Noura Ahmed is a member of the Essential Oil Science team and director of scientific affairs for doTERRA. Her focus is on natural product drug discovery (medicinal chemistry).

She received her bachelor’s of science degree with honors in biological sciences (botany) and master’s degree in phytochemistry, both from Suez Canal University, Egypt. In 2015, Dr. Ahmed was awarded a PhD in biotechnology science and engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Pharmacology in the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Dr. Ahmed’s research is focused on natural products drug discovery, essential oils, and chemical ecology. She’s published over 70 research articles in peer-reviewed journals on the composition and bioactivity of essential oils from wild plants, drug discovery from nonvolatile plant components, drug discovery using nanotechnology, and lipid analysis using LC-MS/MS. She’s currently working on establishing a network of long-term collaborations and strategic partnerships with academia, the healthcare sector, and other research institutions to build a comprehensive biological activity database for doTERRA single essential oils and proprietary blends.

Damian Rodriguez, DHSc, MS

Health and Exercise Scientist

Dr. Damian Rodriguez has spent most of his life researching nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle behaviors associated with human performance and optimal wellness. Prior to joining doTERRA, Dr. Rodriguez worked in public health and as a strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist for collegiate and professional athletes.

During his time at doTERRA, Dr. Rodriguez has helped write many essential oil scientific studies, served as scientific editor for other publications, and represented the company as a healthy lifestyle expert. Currently, he’s focusing his efforts on metabolic health and is excited to help doTERRA expand its influence as a global leader in the wellness industry.

Dr. Rodriguez has a doctorate degree in health sciences from A.T. Still University, where he focused his research on obesity. His dissertation examined national trends in obesity and metabolic comorbidities. He also earned a master’s degree in exercise physiology, with an emphasis on athletic performance, a bachelor’s in nutritional science, and numerous professional certifications in exercise and nutrition.

Brian Lawrence, PhD

Dr. Brian M. Lawrence was born in London, England. He served as director of research and development in one multinational company and the senior principal scientist in a second multinational company until he retired in 2003. He then started a consultancy business, which continues to this day. He’s published over 80 original articles and reports and has been the scientific editor and natural products editor of the Perfumer and Flavorist for 30 years. Dr. Lawrence has also published 13 books and 18 book chapters and more than 400 original articles and reviews on topics related to essential oils over the past 50 years.

In 1989, he founded the Journal of Essential Oil Research (JEOR) and was editor-in-chief until January 2010. He remains on the JEOR editorial board.

While pursuing a degree in chemistry, Dr. Lawrence worked in London as a technician and a chromatography lab manager in the pharmaceutical industry. In 1960, he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study chemistry in Chicago, where he also worked at different labs before leaving his university studies to return to the industry. He later obtained his doctorate in pharmacognosy at the state university in Groningen, Netherlands, while working full-time in Canada.

Michael Scott

Director, Quality Control and Analytical Services

Michael Scott started his professional career in 1992 as a quality control microbiologist for Abbott Laboratories. He quickly worked his way into supervisory positions, encompassing the entire facility, and later became a quality engineer to assist with the spinoff of Abbott’s Hospital Products division into Hospira, which was later acquired by Pfizer.

After 12 years, he was lured away by a biotech startup called LabNow, which was ultimately unsuccessful; however, he had many highly successful experiences as a quality executive at prestigious companies like Tissue Genesis, Charles River Laboratories, Integra® Lifesciences, and Charlotte’s Web™ prior to joining doTERRA in March 2021.

Michael has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Texas at Austin and a master’s in quality systems management from the National Graduate School of Business in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

He’s also a 3,000-hour instrument–rated private pilot and lifelong athlete who holds multiple championships in road and track cycling, as well as Brazilian jiujitsu. His free time is spent hiking, backpacking, hunting, and flyfishing, usually with his three dogs in tow.

Ryan Keller

Director, Quality Assurance

Much of Ryan Keller’s career has been in the regulated industries of class II/III medical device in a myriad of roles, including process and manufacturing engineering, research and development, and quality engineering. Ryan has worked on projects involving stent grafts, heart valves, IV infusion therapy, orthopedic spinal implants, and more. Ryan has in-depth experience with quality management systems, including FDA, ISO, NSF, and TGA, among others. He’s responsible for leading internal and external audits to support international regulatory compliance for doTERRA. He’s trained in ASQ CQE, Six Sigma, and lean manufacturing principles and methodologies.

As the director of quality assurance at doTERRA, Ryan enjoys working with a team of bright and dedicated employees. He’s passionate about continuous improvement, helping people live healthy lives, and delivering outstanding products to customers and business partners worldwide.

Ryan graduated from the University of Utah in biomedical engineering and later pursued a master’s in business administration from Brigham Young University.

Dr. William Setzer

Will Setzer was born in Los Angeles, California. He started his academic career at the University of Alabama in Huntsville as assistant professor of organic chemistry in 1985. He served as professor and chair of the Chemistry department until his retirement in 2015.

Though Will has always had a casual interest in plants, ethnobotany, and herbal medicines, his research in natural products started in 1990 after a trip to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in Costa Rica. Along with Costa Rica, Will’s bioprospecting trips have taken him and his students to north Queensland, Australia, and the Bahamas, and he’s formed several fruitful collaborations with groups in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cuba, the Middle East, and South Africa. His research interests are in natural products, essential oils, chemical ecology, and molecular modeling.

Will received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, in 1973, and a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1981 under the direction of Professor Richard S. Glass. He was a postdoctoral associate in the laboratory of Wesley G. Bentrude at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and an Alexander von Humboldt research fellow, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, with Dr. Paul von Ragué Schleyer.

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