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Free To Give®

A family spending time together outdoors
A family spending time together outdoors

You Can Be Financially Free

At doTERRA, we know you want to be financially secure. You want to feel confident and enjoy peace of mind about your finances. To have that, you need to be debt-free. The problem is bills keep piling up—between rent, car payments, credit card bills, and everything else on your plate, it can seem like there’s always a burden hanging over your head, causing you to feel trapped and vulnerable.

We believe money should be your servant, not your master. When debt is constantly looming over you, your money isn’t really yours—it can feel like your life isn’t even truly yours, and that’s just wrong.

Free To Give

Free to Give is a doTERRA-sponsored incentive program designed to inspire those involved with doTERRA to pay off debt and live abundantly, becoming free financially in order to be in a better position to give to others.

With the Free to Give program, we’ve helped over 600 people pay off credit card debt, nearly 1,000 pay off student loans and medical bills, more than 900 pay off cars, more than 600 pay off mortgages, and more than 100 become completely debt-free.

How It Works

  1. Sign up for the program here.
  2. Use the program resources to start living its principles.
  3. Earn recognition tokens as you pay off debt.

Today is the day you start working toward a better life. You can stop being a slave to debt and instead start on a path that leads to an abundant life where you’re financial stable and free to give back, sharing your good fortune with those in need. Good luck on your journey toward financial liberation!

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Four Categories

The purpose of the Free to Give program is to help you achieve the financial freedom needed to give to others. Anyone participating in the program receives recognition for paying off debt. We’ve categorized the most common kinds of debt into four categories:

Click the icons to see the incredible participants who’ve completed each program!

Finishers of All Four Categories

Paying off any one of these debt categories is a huge accomplishment. Each person enrolled in the program who achieves financial independence in any of these areas will receive a token to symbolize this achievement. Our goal is those in our doTERRA family can begin the journey to becoming free one category at a time until they’re in a place where they’re free to give.


It helps to have resources when you’re trying to eliminate debt, which we offer as part of the program. Learn more about the book The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity and other resources on our “Free to Give Resources” page.


“doTERRA wants to be known as the company that helps the most people get out of debt."
– Corey Lindley, Founding Executive and CEO

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