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Discover Solutions: Whisper Touch

Whisper® Touch

Blend for Women

Whisper is a rich blend of precious essential oils. Together, the oils found in Whisper create a complex aroma that interacts with each individual’s body chemistry resulting in a uniquely personal scent. Whisper Touch comes prediluted in a roller bottle for convenient application. 

Usage Tips:

  • Roll onto your wrists, neck, and pulse points
  • ​​​​​Apply to passive diffusers or diffuser jewelry
  • Roll a small amount onto the collar of your shirt or a scarf

Whisper Touch Blend

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What Is in doTERRA Whisper Blend?

Whisper is a blend of Patchouli, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Cinnamon Bark, Vetiver, Labdanum, Ylang Ylang, Cocoa seed, and Vanilla Bean Absolute. Each oil in the blend provides an inviting aroma of its own, but when combined, these oils offer a distinct, mesmerizing aroma.

The sweet, musky scent of Patchouli is distinctly recognizable. It’s commonly used in the fragrance industry and blends well with floral and wood oils. In Whisper, Patchouli brings a grounded, balanced foundation to the blend. Like some other citruses, the bergamot fruit tastes sour, but its oil is sweet and aromatic. Like Patchouli, it is also a common ingredient in perfumes. Bergamot oil offers a sweet, gentle tone to Whisper.

The woody aroma of Sandalwood essential oil is coveted around the world. It has been used since antiquity for a variety of purposes including meditation, which it is still used for today. Sandalwood offers a deep richness to the aroma of Whisper.

Rose is arguably the most precious essential oil in the world as it takes an astonishing 10,000 rose blossoms (approximately) to produce just 5 mL of pure Rose essential oil.* Its romantic, captivating fragrance adds a soft, light floral note to Whisper.

Another incredibly precious floral oil in Whisper is Jasmine. The aroma is Jasmine is exquisite and also frequently used in perfumery. Jasmine blossoms are actually too delicate to withstand normal distillation processes and are instead put through a solvent process to extract what is called Jasmine absolute.

Everyone knows and loves the sweet smell of Cinnamon. In Whisper, Cinnamon Bark makes a warm, spicy contribution to the aroma of the Whisper blend.

Vetiver essential oil is grounding—representative of the strong, resilient, deep roots that it is distilled from. Vetiver adds a subtle, earthy note to the scent of Whisper.

Labdanum comes from a sticky, brown resin of Cistus species of rock rose. Labdanum has been collected since ancient times and is even mentioned in the Book of Genesis. It has a fruit yet musky, amber-like aroma.

From the delicate star-shaped flowers of the ylang ylang tree, Ylang Ylang essential oil has a unique scent among florals. Its luxurious aroma is common in perfumes, lotions, soaps, and other products.

The delicious and exotic Cocoa and Vanilla Bean add the finishing touches to the aroma of Whisper. 

Woman holding Whisper Touch

How Do You Use doTERRA Whisper Blend?

Prediluted in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil, Whisper Touch is nearly effortless to apply and lingers on the skin. Simply roll it onto your wrists, neck, and over the heart. The intricate, mosaic-like aroma of Whisper interacts differently to each person’s body chemistry, resulting in a unique, individualized personal fragrance.


You can also apply Whisper Touch in other ways. Roll it onto pulse points like the insides of your elbows or behind the knees, apply it to the collar of your shirt or coat, or even roll it onto a passive diffuser or diffuser jewelry. The enticing scent of Whisper intrigues the senses and has a warm, inviting influence.

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