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Placements Chat

Placements now offers a chat system for the convenience of doTERRA members in the United States! We can help with the following and more.

  • Questions about submitting different placement requests
  • Status updates on pending requests
  • How to process simple, in-policy requests like sponsorship changes, first enroller changes, and such

If you are a Silver rank or above and you want to know when a member’s 14-day move period is up or confirm whether doTERRA has received your or another member’s email, you’ll need to contact your Account Manager, as we cannot assist you with these through the Placements Chat. If you are a Consultant-Premier rank you can contact the Business Advancement team at (801) 370-2140.

Placements Email Adresses

Please note: Emails sent to the Placements team must be from your primary email on file. Otherwise, we won’t be able to process the request.

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