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Discover Solutions: Petal Diffuser

Petal Diffuser®

Your favorite Petal Diffuser has a brand-new look and features! The Petal is small and convenient among diffusers. Its far-reaching mist helps deliver all the aromatic benefits of an essential oil into the air around you quickly and safely.

Usage Tips:

  • Keep Petal next to your bedside to diffuse calming oils in the evening before bed or energizing oils first thing in the morning as you get ready for the day. 
  • Use Petal in your kitchen to diffuse purifying oils, which clear the air of unwanted odors. 
  • Diffuse uplifting or encouraging oils using Petal where your kids and family spend time working on tasks and interacting with each other. 
  • Utilize the Petal Diffuser as not only a way of aromatically enjoying your essential oils, but also as a nightlight for you or your children.
  • Lift your mood by diffusing citrus essential oils, like Grapefruit or Bergamot.
  • Create a calm and inviting atmosphere by diffusing Sandalwood or Roman Chamomile.

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What's new about the same small, user-friendly Petal diffuser that you know and love? It’s still just as easy to use as ever, but now has a softer button “click,” locking lid, and new water well color.

Additionally, the Petal has a new run time! The Petal can now run for two or six hours continuously, and it can run for twelve hours intermittently (five minutes on, five minutes off). 

The Petal now goes completely dark, perfect for nighttime diffusing. The small indicator light on this diffuser turns off completely only 4-5 seconds after the last button push. (The optional soft, LED light still remains.)

The ultra-fine, yet substantial, relaxing mist that Petal diffuses can cover up to 330 square feet. The simple, three-piece design is stable, light, and convenient to use. Diffusing essential oils is one of the most effective ways to experience them aromatically, and the Petal diffuser will help you do just that.

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