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Sampling Tips:

  • Personalize samples to target specific needs or interest. Focus on what you can easily help with.
  • Sample oils that quickly make an impact (e.g. Wild Orange, Deep Blue®, Lavender, Peppermint).
  • Provide instructions for usage on back of Healthy Can Be Simple guide.
  • Ask permission to follow up and set up a follow-up call within 48 hours to inquire about their experience.

Support Their Experience


  • Invite to learn more at a class (follow instructions and scripting ideas here).
  • Consider offering a sample as an incentive to attend a class.

Negative Experience/
No Result

  • Invite to try a different sample.
  • Be patient and invested in helping them find a solution to help them build their own belief in the product so they will want to learn more at a presentation.

Didn't Try

  • Invite to try.
  • Ask for permission to follow up in a couple days.

Share Your Story

Be prepared to share by being in touch with your own story about why essential oils are important to you.

Take the time to write out and remember the answers to the following questions:

What wasn’t working for you? How long had it been going on? What problems were created as a result?


What had you tried, what kind of results were you getting, and what did that cost you?


What led you to doTERRA? What was different about these solutions?


What kind of results did you start experiencing? How have the products and/or opportunity changed your life?


What is life like for you now?


Begin sharing conversations by asking powerful questions just like the ones above. The goal is to make a difference. Be patient as you listen. Then share your story and solutions when the time is right. Since you will have the basics of your story memorized, you are freed up to really listen to their needs and customize in a way that is relevant to them.

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