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Why share doTERRA essential oils?

Empower Others

Host a class to introduce your friends and family to doTERRA products and help them find natural solutions.

Earn Rewards

As your contacts make purchases you can earn free product or commission.

Create Income

Create income and build a financial pipeline as you change lives by sharing doTERRA products and its business opportunity.

                    WHO 1 ON 1 CLASS
                    WHO 1 ON 1 CLASS

Have a Sharing Mindset

Share an Experience with doTERRA Bergamot

1. Share an Experience

Are you open to trying something natural?

  • Make your sharing relevant by asking questions to discover their health priorities during ordinary conversation.
  • Share your experience. Share how the products have helped you:
    Well you know how we struggled with…. We've been loving how doTERRA essential oils are helping us with so many different things!
  • Ask permission to share a sample or story. 
    I’m just curious, are you open to trying something natural for that? If I give you a sample, will you give it a try?
  • Get permission to follow-up within 48 hours and get contact info. 
    Would it be all right if I reach out to you in a couple days to see how it worked for you? What's the best number to call or text you? 

doTERRA Invitation to a Class

2. Invite to a Presentation

Are you open to learning more?

  • Invite to a presentation.
  • Personalize your invitations.
  • Ask in one of the following ways, then pause and listen.
    If they previously experienced essential oils: Are you open to learning more about essential oils?
    If new to essential oils: Are you open to natural forms of healthcare? What do you know about essential oils? Would you be open to learning more?
    I’m having a class on or we can meet together ________. What works best for you?
  • Get permission to remind:
    If you’re like me, you appreciate being reminded. How about I give you a quick reminder before the class?
  • Avoid inviting through mass email, texts, or Facebook invites.

Follow Up and Remind them to Come to Your doTERRA Class or Workshop or One on One

3. Remind them to Come

Excited to see you! Come ready to learn.

  • Call or text your invited prospects 48 hours prior to the presentation to remind them to attend. Share your excitement and the value they’ll receive. (This is just a reminder; they’ve already given their commitment to come.)
    I'm so excited to see you! You're going to love learning some great ways to take care of your family naturally. Feel free to bring a friend and get a free gift!
  • Text them 2–4 hours prior to your presentation. Reiterate your excitement. Let them know something.
    Feel free to park in the driveway or along the street. I'm excited for the fun and learning we’ll experience together!  

Share the Business

  • Begin connecting in person, online, or over the phone to nurture your relationship.
  • When the time is right, ask:
    Are you open to additional ways of creating income?
  • Share your vision.
  • Tell them why you thought of them and why you would love to work with them.
  • Invite them to learn more about the doTERRA opportunity.
    Are you open to learning how to create additional income with doTERRA?
    Offer options: What is the best time to connect? Monday or Wednesday? Morning or evening?
  • Schedule your appointment and get a commitment: So I'll see you (date) ________ at (time) ________?
  • Remind 4–24 hours before the presentation. Call or text: I'm excited to connect and explore the possibilities with you!

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